Loose Curls With A 1-Inch Curling Iron

Loose curls hairstyle

Instead of spending lots of bucks in a beauty parlor to curl your hair rapidly and regularly, you can buy a curling iron and simply learn the process. Not only for saving the money, but it also provides the ultimate satisfaction to you.

Curling hair is the modern trend; from the narrow end till the modern world, it becomes very natural for women to curl their hair regularly. They used various curling styles in their hair matching with their look and aesthetics. And it is important to maintain the style, while odd hairstyles will harm the harmony of your hair and beauty and can give you a grandmother look.

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1-inch Wand Curling Iron for Loose Curls

If you love to have loose curls that hang between ringlets and beachy wave in your hair, a 1-inch wave curling iron will suit you best. It will help you to avoid ringlets. While other times you may use a clamp iron, this time changes the tradition for a better result. With a 1-inch wave curling iron, you shall get the ability to have wavy, loose curls with a longer range of motion for your hair’s shape and size.

For a better understanding, simply follow the process of how to create loose curls with a 1-inch curling iron.

Creating Loose Curls with a 1-inch Curling Iron

Creating loose wavy curl with a 1-inch curling iron is an easy process. Simply take the iron and wrap the hair around it.  When you finished wrapping half of each section, just wait for seconds to give enough time for gathering proper heat. Then switch the direction of wrapping for the rest half of the section. Don’t forget to leave the ends out for a more relaxed and released wave. After finishing each section, spray the hair with thermal heat spray from at least 6-inch away from your hair.

  • Begin with the first section, you can start from the back. Elevate the section to 90 degrees with your two fingers.
  • Take your 1-inch curling iron in front of the hair section. Hold the section, and ups your thumbnail and flat wrap the section around the iron. (don’t twist it around the barrel of the iron at the time of flat wrap). When the wrapping will be completed, hold the section with your fingers and roll the iron near to the scalp. You can stay a bit far from the scalp for back hair. Now, allow the section to heat properly before moving on.
  • Spray the completed part with a quality thermal heat spray.
  • Now keep holding the section and remove the barrel from your hair and turn it from the in front of the section. Place the iron in that place until which you wrapped before. Repeat the wrapping, rolling the iron, heating, and removing the barrel.
  • Stop before at least 4 to 6-inch from the end of your hair.
  • At the end of each section, run your finger through the section to separate the curls for a better loose curl.

Woman curling her hair with a curling iron


A loose wavy curl can give your hair a natural glimpse look that increases your natural beauty more efficiently. Following this procedure will result in such natural lazy loose curl.

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