According to Barrel Size

No matter what type of curling iron you are using the result will always be different depending on your hair type, the barrel size and the material your barrel is made of. The length of your hair is another important thing to consider. If you have longer hair, you may try bigger barrels such as 1.5 or 2-inch barrels while for shorter hair it’s best to use the thinner barrel. Thus, don’t set an unrealistic goal to begin with and you won’t be disappointed.

What is the purpose of so many types and sizes of a barrel?

The companies make many different types of curling iron, especially the barrels with the various materials because people have different types of hair. The different material doesn’t act the same with different hair. Thus, it’s important to know which material is best suited for your hair type. While it is great that there are curling irons for every type of hair now, sometimes people either get confused or purchases curling iron impulsively. So if you got disappointed in the past, don’t blame it on the curling iron right away. You should know your hair type, as well as what, result in you expect before you buy a curling iron to avoid disappointment. Please read our curling iron reviews to find the best curling iron for your needs.

Barrel size and the result:


You need to use different sizes of a curling iron to create curls of various shapes and sizes. If you need tight ringlets, then you should go for thinner barrel while if you want to loose beachy waves, then you need bigger barrels. The size of the barrel defines the size of the curls while the material of the barrel ensures how lasting, smooth or glossy the curls will be.

There are mainly 8 different barrel sizes available in the market and may be categorized as follows:

CategoryBarrel Size
Small barrel curling iron3/8 inch curling iron
5/8 inch curling iron
3/4 inch curling iron
1-inch curling iron
Big barrel curling iron1 1/4 inch curling iron
1 1/2 inch curling iron
1 3/4 inch curling iron
2-inch curling iron

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