According to Hair Type, Length & Style

Why the hair types are so crucial for styling:

Suppose four people lives in four different towns of the Le country of Hairstyle. One lives in the Straight town, one in the Wavy town, one is in the Curly town and the last one in the Mixed town; so, when they decided to meet at the same destination, they had to take different routes!

Yes, different people have different roots!

So, even if two individuals have the same hair style, the route or steps to reach that style may have been different. It’s their hair type that will decide if one will need to wash hair before styling, use conditioner or not or will 2nd-day hair be better.

Some other important factors:

The curling iron, the material of the barrel and size will also be different depending on the hair type, the length of the hair and most importantly, it will also rely on the style you are trying to create. Thus, your mother’s or sister’s best curling iron might not be the ideal one for you.

If you know your hair type, or if you have just found out by following our instruction then wait no more!!! Go ahead and get the best curling iron according to your hair type and flaunt damage free, healthy shiny hairstyles whenever you wish!

The classification of hair:

We can broadly classify hairs into the four following groups given below,

  • Straight, silky, fine/thin
  • Normal, straight to wavy, medium hair
  • Dry, wavy to curly, thick/coarse hair and
  • A combination of two types of hair such as straight at the root but wavy at the bottom and so forth.

If you do not know the type of hair you have or just want to check it for reassurance, you have come to the right place. We will help you identify it in a minute! There is no harm in reassuring since hair type can change too! Click the link and follow the step by step guide to identifying your hair type yourself!

Hair Length

Different women have different hair. The hair might be differentiated by the length of the hair and also according to the type and characteristics of the hair.

For using the perfect product and for taking the required care perfectly, it’s important to know about the type of the hair. Different types require different care.

According to the length of the hair, it can be categorized. The length of the hair varies from person to person. Studying the length of the hair, hair can be classified into the following types-

  • Ear length
  • Chin length
  • Neck length
  • Shoulder length
  • Collar bone length
  • Armpit length
  • Strap length
  • Mid-back length
  • Even longer hair length

Hair Length Chart

Now these are different types of hair by its length. Now let’s know about the types in details.

Ear length hair

Ear length hair

When it comes to women hair, ear length hair is the shortest. Some might have even shorter hair, but this can be commonly said that ear length hair is the shortest of all. This hair length reaches the ear, earlobe and also might meet the top of the ear.

This hair length is very easy to maintain, and one doesn’t need to put any extra effort for the maintenance of this hair.

This hair doesn’t portray the actual girly look. One cannot apply all hair styles on such kind of hair.

Chin length hair

Chin length hair

This hair length has a unique style in it. This hair length goes up to the chin. The classy bob look or the retro look of the 1930’s is chin length hair. This length has its class. It would look the best if given a perfect layer cut. If maintained properly and given the right cut, this hair length will give a lady the old school classy look.
It’s easy to maintain and needs a little effort. It takes six months for hair to reach from ear to chin.

Neck length

Neck length

Hair of such a length can be called mid length hair. This reaches up to the shoulder. The cutting line of this famous hair length is in between the chin and the shoulder. This hair length is the best for wispy shag looks. And if someone has curly hair, this hair length will suit the best.
It takes four months to get the hair long enough to reach the neck from the chin.

Shoulder length

Shoulder length

This is an awesome length which will give you the awesomeness of long hair and won’t make you feel the weight. This hair length doesn’t reach the collar bones. This length is good for ponytails, chignons, and some other hair styles. And if you want to go simple and smart, you would look decent if it just works straight.
This hair gives you the privilege to use many different hair styles and doesn’t give you the feel of extra weight.
Hair goes from neck to shoulder length within 3-4 months.

Collar bone length hair

Collar bone length hair

This length of hair is considered to be long hair. We all know that any length of hair that goes below the shoulder is called long hair. So, collar bone hair is of long hair category. This length gives your hair a bit extra length than the shoulder length. This will let you handle your hair more quickly and give it a perfect hairstyle. This length is awesome for long layers. And if the tips are textured properly, this length would look the best.
Hair reaching from Shoulder to collar bone takes four months.

The arm pit length

This hair length gives your hair a proper completeness. This hair length if handled with proper care will make you the perfect diva of your group. This hair requires some added layers and waves to give you an attractive look. This hair length is great to give you an awe-inspiring look.

The strap length

The strap length

This hair length reaches a few inches below your armpit. This hair length is good for trying many different hair styles. This length gives you the freedom to explore more styles and it’s important to maintain this hair properly because longer hair requires more care and nurturing.

Mid back length

Mid back length

Women always like to play with long hair and it feels the best when it flows with the wind. For such hair, this length is the best. This length gives you the privilege to get beautiful braids. This length also gives you the opportunity to give your different hair styles. This hair length requires more care than others.
From strap length to mid back lengths you got to wait for six months.

Waist length

Waist length

When the hair length reaches the waistline, then this can be called waist length hair. This is the length from where your hair will be called long hair. This length is clearly noticeable.
From mid back, the hair takes eight months to reach the waist.

Even longer hair

Tailbone length is between the hip and the calf length. There is also the classic length. The classic length is from the buttocks to upper thigh. The other lengths are mid-thigh length, the knee, the calf and the ankle length.

Some other lengths will take the following time-

  • Waist to Hip takes nine months
  • Hip to Tailbone takes five months
  • Tailbone to classic takes six months
  • Classic to mid-thigh takes six months
  • Mid-thigh to knee takes ten months
  • Knee to calf takes 12 months
  • Calf to ankle takes 15 months

These are the types of hair according to the length. This is how it can be defined. All these examples cover up all the types of hair by their length.

Love is in the hair! Cheers!!

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