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You stylize your hair in different ways and with different products. Sometimes you curl, straighten, color and so on.
For curling your hair, the main thing that helps you out is the curling iron. There are many curling irons in the market. But there are diversities. Different factors are responsible for the diversity. But here we will discuss different types of curling iron barrel, the materials that make different barrels ideal for various works.
Curling is done mainly by the barrel. The barrel of the iron is the part where hair is placed and curled by the use of heat. These barrels differ in size and shape. But another thing that creates the difference is the material used in the barrel. There are some specific materials which are used in the barrel. The types of barrel regarding the materials used are-

  1. Ceramic barrel
  2. Tourmaline barrel
  3. Titanium barrel
  4. Tourmaline ceramic barrel
  5. 24k gold platted barrel
  6. Ceramic titanium barrel
  7. NanoIonic mineral fused barrel

These are the general categories of curling iron barrels. The materials used in it have different features. Each feature makes the barrel a pro for different purposes. Now let’s have a details idea about the types.

Ceramic Barrel

The ceramic barrel is a commonly used barrel in curling irons. The reason behind its popularity is its excellent usefulness. There was a common problem with the curling irons, and that was the uneven heating of the barrel and the annoying hot spots. For solving this problem the ceramic barrel system works well. This barrel is perfect for proper heat distribution. This distributes equal heat all over the barrel of the iron, and it results in a perfectly curled hair. It also helps the barrel to reach a high heat level. The negative ions moisturize the hair. This makes the curls more healthy and smooth. So we can say that for a smooth and nicely evenly curled hair the ceramic barrel system is simply a pro.

Tourmaline Barrel

The tourmaline barrel system is another well-known barrel of curling irons. There was a common complain among the users of curling irons that the irons made hair dry and damaged the natural health of the hair after use. What is the logic of using a device to stylize hair that will damage the hair instead? To solve this problem the tourmaline barrel worked the best. This tourmaline technology is great to eliminate hot spots and make the hair well curled and frizz free. The tourmaline technology makes the barrel surface smoother and for this, the curls get more smooth and shiny. It locks the moisture of the hair which makes it shiny and healthy. This barrel type emits 6 times more negative ions to lock the luster of the hair and make it smooth.

Titanium Barrel

The titanium barrel has the goodness of both ceramic and tourmaline barrel to a great extend. This titanium barrel is great for even heat distribution and makes the barrel surface smooth. For this, the hair curls smoothly and properly. There remains no chance of snagging or sticking. Like the previous barrels this barrel, the type is also loved by the users all around the globe. It ensures maximum curl retention. It makes the barrel extra hard and durable. Gives a mirror-like smooth surface.

Tourmaline Ceramic Barrel

Both ceramic and tourmaline barrels are great qualities. Both make the curling process easy and effective. But what if these two great technologies were joined as one? From that concept, the tourmaline ceramic barrel was invented. The two great technologies were brought in one single barrel. The ceramic of the barrel emits gentle far-infrared heat when the heat is activated. It penetrates the cuticle and reaches directly to the cortex. Tourmaline reduces heat exposure, styles faster and helps to preserve vital moisture. Tourmaline’s smooth surface keeps hair’s natural luster and makes it shiny. So the goodness of evenly and adequately heated barrel and the greatness of smooth-shiny hair come in one single barrel.

24k gold plated barrel

The 24k barrel helps the iron to get hot and stay hot. This barrel can easily reach a high heat level and can also stay hot consistently. This 24k gold plated barrel is famous for its long life duty. This type of barrel is insanely strong and sustainable. A high heat level or use for a long time won’t damage this barrel.

Ceramic Titanium Barrel

Another technology used in the barrel is the use of both ceramic and titanium in it. The goodness of ceramic and titanium boosts when both are brought together. Ceramic heats up fast reach high heat level, diagnoses heat loss and ensures evenly heated surface. On the other hand, titanium provides the durability of the barrel.

NanoIonic Mineral Fused Barrel

NanoIonic barrels have earned great popularity. This system has made hair styling much easy and fast.

Negatives ions of the barrel micronized the water molecules which makes the styling faster and saves time. This makes the process 50pc faster. Ionic barrels hydrate your hair to make it silky and smooth. Ionic barrel styles hair from the inside out which allows you to stylize your hair quickly without damaging it. This barrel eaves a soft, silky feel. This barrel curls straightens and stylizes hair within a very short time. Get a silky-perfect salon like hair within very short time.

These were the specifications of different types of barrels regarding the materials used in them. Each and every type has its unique qualities. In this section, we have reviewed all the top curling iron according to material.

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