How to Curl a Ponytail

Ponytail curls

Curling a ponytail can be confusing. But, you’re in the right place for a little clarity on ponytail curl techniques.

Ponytails are a simple classic that can look super chic and cool. Curling ponytails can be done in a few different ways and there’s no right or wrong, but maybe there is a look you’re trying to achieve and need a little knowledge? Well keep on reading to learn about different tips on how to curl a ponytail.

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Use heat protection to curl the ponytail

Yes, heat protection will help keep your ponytail in good condition. Use something good to keep it from heat damage.

Professional products are way better than drug store products because what’s in them, better quality = more health. Speak to your hairstylist about a good quality heat protection.  The ends of your hair is the oldest hair you have, it’s been through a lot of history. Particularly with curling your ponytail you will be working more on mid-ends of hair. So, it needs the correct care.

Curl the hair in different directions

Yup the direction of your curl will affect the ponytail curls overall look. Think about the curling technique.

Curl the hair in alternate directions. The curls will clash and stack up once brushed. Meaning, the ponytail will have a fuller look. Curly looks can be created with a wave too, which I talk about in the end of this blog, so if you want a smoother finished look… keep on reading.

Curl the ponytail before you tie it up.

Do I curl up or down? Well, there no right or wrong, but it depends on your look.

Curl your ponytail before you tie the hair up. This way it will look textured and more natural than curling the hair in the ponytail. I’ll talk later on how to curl the ponytail once tied too. But usually for more movement volume and bounce, pre-curling is best.

Brush out ponytail curls

Once you have curled your hair, leave it to cool for 10 minutes before brushing the curls.

Again, this is for a textured natural look curl. If you like more of a perfect ringlet or wave that forms a sleeker together look, I will talk about that in a few paragraphs. Brushed out curls is a more tousled lived-in look; it gives beachy vibes and effortless style. It encourages volume and helps the ponytail pop. I prefer these styles but you may like something smoother looking.

Tie the ponytail curls up

I actually like to do two ponytails to give the look more length. I tie one just above the other. This also gives me the ability to pull out hair and give a lived-in look easier.

If you want to try the two-pony trick, separate the hair across the back of the head with a zig-zag part.  Zig zag parts hide part lines in the hair. Clip away the top. Then tie your bottom pony first, right next to the part. After tie the top pony just above to hide the bottom ponytail. Sometimes you may need a few pins to hide bands. A general rule I work with is ensure there is more hair in the top pony.

How to get my ponytail super tight?

If your more of a neat freak than a textured ponytail curl, maybe you like a really tight pony?

Getting a ponytail real tight can be a nightmare. If that’s a look you like, you may need a bungee instead of a hair band to tie up your ponytail curls. You can make your own hair bungee with two pins and an elastic band. Slip the pins onto the elastic and once you have your ponytail smoothed into place with one hand holding it, stick one pin into the base of the pony and wrap around the ponytail. Once wrapped to hold hair in place, stick the other pin into the pony and voila! No messing ponytail with sleek results.

How to curl a smooth curl in a pony tail

So, you want the ponytail curls to form a ringlet or a wave? Not much texture but sleeker looking?

Curl the hair in the ponytail. This gives you control on the wave/ringlet curl. Once the hair is tied up, choose your heated curler and grab a crocodile clip. Separate small sections away and curl methodically in the same direction. Until the whole pony is curled. This will create a uniformity in the curls that will fold into each other once brushed. Remember, a ringlet has a tighter classic curl on the ends, a wave has a consistent even curl, so curl the hair to reflect your vision.

How to brush my sleek ponytail curls

This look takes a little more hair-manipulation and work but gives a chic smooth ponytail curl.

Grab a soft bristle brush like a mason Pearson brush and thoroughly brush out the curls. Get right in there and make sure every strand is pulled out in the same direction. If your curling technique has been very regimented and even, the curls should form easily after a good brush. If it needs more help to form, teasing with a fine-toothed comb areas that need help creating a ”ridge” will encourage the curl. Then once happy with the form, skim over with a soft bristle brush to smooth over teasing.

Hairspray my ponytail curls

Last but not least, spray your ponytail curls. They need an extra push for hold if you have hair that doesn’t hold a curl.

Something light and flexible is perfect for ponytail curls. There’s nothing worse than an over caked hair style that does not move. Find a flexible hold hairspray to ensure your ponytail will still ”swish” and give it a longer lasting style. Hope I’ve cleared up some questions for you on how to curl a ponytail. Check out the video for a min-tutorial on a textured look.

Remember – have fun creating.

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