How to Curl Hair with Bendy Rollers

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Choose thickness of roller

Your choice in roller effects the curl outcome, so have a good think about the look your trying to achieve with bendy rollers.

Tight curls with bendy rollers? Looser waves? Lots of lengths and choices! Well, here’s a simple rule wider bendy rollers = looser curl. Not just that but the way you wind effects the look, so a gappy wind = a looser curl. A tight wind = Extra spring in the curl, reducing your look of length. So, if you want longer looks on long hair, go for long bendy rollers.

Think about your hair type

So many hair types, surely these effects curling your hair with bendy rollers? – Yup, I see too many videos of attempts at this technique and with a little more knowledge it could turn out so much more beautiful.

If you’re straight, tighter wind. If you have a wave/curl the hair will be pretty flexible and want to hold a bend. If your hair is super thick and heavy, you may want to take smaller sections to give extra bounce. If your fine, you may want to take thicker sections so the curls don’t go too tight! If you suffer from flat hair and want lift you may want to wind the curls elevated for lift. If you like a flatter root you might want to wind from a lower point. Yes, these factors make a big difference to the outcome. So, think about how to curl your hair with bendy rollers!

Use product to help the bendy roller curls it set

Winding hair usually needs a little control and hold, The right product can give shine, detangle, give stronger hold from the bendy rollers and still be bouncy and flexible curls.

Something with a bit of control and hold I find helps the hair adhere to the bendy roller. I like lightweight mousses and foams. I like whippy texture and hold. Also, there’s so many out there now with a conditioning cream infused in them to avoid the crunchy effect you can get with products for hold. Tip- frizzy hair needs more control so don’t be afraid to add a bit extra to unruly hair types.

Start with damp hair before using the bendy rollers

I’ve found you don’t necessarily have to sleep in bendy rollers to create curls, it just needs to go from damp-dry.

If you have fine hair this could be an option in the day but I find overnight is a better result. Hair needs to be DRY when you remove the rods. I like to wash hair and roll it around 80% dry with product. I hear stories of girls waking up STILL wet with thicker hair types so unless you have no plans, go semi-dry. Or all your hard work may be a wasted effort if you’re not dry yet. If your frizzy you may need it wetter to dry more around the rod. So, think about your hair type. And maybe wind earlier for a longer dry time.

Get even tension for the bendy roller sections

Even tension = consistent curls, also control at the root for more lift or drag from the bendy rollers.

Comb out each section of hair thoroughly before you wind. This eliminates snags and bumps in the wind. You will get a smoother consistent result with less frizz. So, readers with frizz, take note – stretch out those fluffy locks and give a smoother result with this simple tip. Winding with a strong tension and an elevated wind will give extra volume! So, wind the bendy rollers with intention. More elevation for body, less elevation for a flatter top with curly ends.

Roll from ends to roots

This is the easiest way to get the ends of the curl locked in on the bendy roller and give a natural classic curl effect.

Rolling from the ends loops the curl under the rest of the hair meaning their locked in and it gives you a great basis for a good tension on the hair. Rolling upwards and finally securing with the ends of the bendy rollers crossing over the roll. It stays in place and is super quick to do!

Leave the bendy rollers in the hair to dry

Leaving the bendy rollers in is a must! Once its dry your good to go but no sooner.

I have mentioned this already but I just want to express how important it is! The hair will not hold the curl well if there’s the slightest bit of damp in the hair, so if you are in doubt maybe get the dryer out and gently blow over each bendy roller curl. Wait until they’ve cooled check their dry and if so you’re good to go.

Dress out the curls once you remove the bendy rollers

I love a good wet to dry set of curls. Bendy rollers can go quite springy and it needs a good dress out after.

Remove your bendy rollers and each time you remove a bendy roller, pull the curls apart. This will help you work through each section methodically, without leaving sections un-dressed. Use your fingers or a wide toothed comb. Brushing can achieve frizz so avoid using hair brushes. If you are over-curled, grab a hairdryer, and on the cold setting blow from above in a downward motion. If you want more volume, keep separating curls to stack volume.

Use a finishing spray on the bendy roller curls

Too often I see videos of people successfully using bendy rollers, but not knowing how to finish the hair. Get your hands in there don’t be scared, break up those curls!

Once happy with the look, go in with a spray for an extra hold! Keeping the curls intact for longer. Try using something with a light hold. Heavy sprays can be weighty and we don’t want to lose extra volume you have put in. Lastly check out the how to use bendy rollers to curls video. It gives a visual of the look these steps achieve! Thanks for reading, and remember to have fun!

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