How to Curl Your Hair with Clip in Hair Extensions

So, you’re ready to style your new set of clip in hair extensions, but need a bit of guidance? Here’s a breakdown of how to curl clip in hair extensions.

Wondering how to curl your hair with clip in hair extensions? Well, you’re in the right place! I’m a hairstylist and a little know how can help you on your way. Today I’m creating wavy hair with a curling iron.

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First of all, curl the clip in extensions before applying them

Yes, the beauty of styling is that they don’t have to be applied to curl. A great kept secret of how to curl clip in extensions is to pre-curl!

Now there isn’t an exact rule for this, but many people find it easier. This is because when your clip in hair extensions are applied, you need to handle them super gentle or you can pull out the extension if you like to put tension in your curls. That’s no good for your hair and scalp, the curling technique or your clip in hair extensions. I like to close them in a drawer at the clips and style.

Choose your tool to curl your clip in hair extensions

Choose a good heated tool, they can make a difference with learning how to curl your hair with clip in extensions. There are so many styles now, think curls waves and texture. Today we chose to create waves with a curling iron.

I chose this for a few reasons – Waves are very fashionable. Wavy hair looks great on clip in extensions because the curl is loose so it’s great for hiding shorter layers, making the blend between your length and the clip in hair extensions more seamless. Also creating waves and kinks with a barrel curling iron is easy and low tension on your clip in hair extensions, unlike irons where you need more tension to create curls.

If your clip in hair extensions are wavy, work with it

A great tip on how to curl clip in extensions. I’m not sure if I’m the only hairdresser that promotes leaving some hair natural, but here’s why.

Clip in hair extensions go through chemical processes to be a marketable product. Rigorous cleaning, sorting and coloring. They need to be looked after, so less heat on clip in hair extensions means a longer life. If you can work with its natural texture, do so. Good hair extensions still need a good care regimen, they have been someone else’s hair prior to your purchase, then they need the correct care to manufacture a product so the hair has probably been through more than your own.

Lower your heat dial and use protection

Unless you have a super straight hair type, lower your heat dial. You want your clip in extensions to last? Well, here’s how.

No one wants to fry their hair, and First things first use the heat protector. It works, there’s plenty of good ones out there, so care for your extensions with heat protection. Second, dial it down. Lower temperature means lower damage risk. I don’t need to spell that out for you we all know by now higher temperatures are damaging to hair.

How to curl your clip in hair extensions with your barrel curling iron

Super-relaxed wind around the barrel

To create waves in the hair, I go for a super-relaxed wind around the barrel.

I leave the roots and ends a little longer, with a bend in the mid-section of the hair. I like a clashing wave – meaning boho beachy texture. That’s just my personal preference, I’m a lover of messy lived in looks. To create a clash, curl in alternate directions when you take sections. Also, to add to my messy effect, I leave random pieces out so give a lived-in look. Seriously not a fan of super polished hair. Obviously if you want a different effect try something you prefer.

Another tip on how to curl your clip in hair extensions

Once curled, spray your clip in hair extensions with a hairspray. I have a rule when curling clip in hair extensions – Spray and walk away! For longer lasting texture leave brushing till the very end.

Your curls are setting in, so unless you have over curled and it needs to calm down, don’t touch it for a bit. The curl forms a stronger hold once cooled in its form. So just leaving it for 10 minutes can give it a longer life. If you have got a bit curl happy, and it needs to calm down, take your hair dryer on a cool setting and blast it down from above the head, helping curls stretch and loosen.

Apply your clip in hair extensions

Theres a technique I use to keep the clips in longer. This helps you curl the clip in hair extensions whilst you wear them.

Section across clipping away in the neck working upwards. Smaller rows-bigger rows as you get to eye level. Above eye level maybe you want some smaller ‘layer pieces’ to blend lengths. The area where you apply the clips I like to backcomb and spray prior to clipping. This creates a strong base to hold your clip in hair extensions in. Great tip on how to curl clip in hair extensions.

Once your clip in hair extensions are applied, style

Now this part of the styling is also only if it is necessary, if they blend with your hair, don’t sweat it!

Again, less is more with heated tools. I like to make sure the join between my natural hair and my clip in hair extensions is hidden. I usually curl part of the top layer of the hair extension with some of my natural hair in it to merge the two lengths. Usually, my extensions are layered too so they blend better, ask your hair stylist to cut them to help you blend them better! Making it easier for you to get your head around how to curl clip in hair extensions.

And finally – My favorite part of how to curl clip in hair extensions.

Comb/brush the curls. Combing the curls on your clip in hair extensions create different effects too.

Combing with a wide toothed comb breaks the curl up gently so you can see a stronger curl form. Brushing creates a ‘fluffy’ effect, so again – its personal preference. I kind of like to go fully brushed out on my hair extensions so I brush my clip in hair extensions. To get ultimate volume and clashy lived in waves. If you have gone really tight with your curls, maybe just use your fingers to break into the curl.

Check out the how to curl your clip in extensions hair styling video

The video gives a better visual for those that learn by watching. You have the write up to understand why, so check out the video to understand how.

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