Travel friendly curling iron

Dress for success

It’s not a coincidence that those who travel a lot and work under pressure wears well. In the fiercely competitive world, it gives their confidence a well-needed boost. You can’t afford to look shabby while meeting with important buyers or attending a seminar. On a romantic trip; you need to look and feel special to impress your beloved. No matter why you travel, make it unforgettable memories by looking flawless in the photographs!

Looking good is important when you travel

Travelling is exciting! Whether it’s for business or fun, we try to look our best when we travel. It’s not a luxury! It’s important because in an unknown foreign place; often how you dress is who you are! This is the reason; even the most careless person tries to pack their best clothes when planning a trip. Thus, it’s also wise to carry a handy, lightweight and travel-friendly curling iron, so your hair looks fabulous too.

Your look is not complete without your hair

For the reasons mentioned above, most of us pack good clothes and shoes when we travel; often, completely forgetting about the hair! But if your hair is a mess, how can you look and feel great? So, simply just plan ahead and carry a lightweight, handy and travel-friendly curling iron.

Experimenting with your hair might be costly

Yes, I’m sure there are hair salons at your destination, but it’s going to cost you both time and money! Remember, everything is super expensive for a tourist and hair salons are more so. You also should not take a chance on an unknown hair stylist even if it’s a bargain as hair styles are not instantly changeable, and you may have to carry a very unflattering look for the whole trip. Carrying one simple thing like a travel-friendly curling iron can give you a salon-posh look even when you are away from home!

How to smartly plan a trip step by step

  • Travel light: There’s no sense in packing your entire wardrobe for a seven-day journey. Hence, don’t carry your big overweight hair styler with 10 different attachments either. Why carry something that you won’t have time to use at all?
  • The weather: Know about the current weather of your destination beforehand. Weather affects hair almost as much as it does to your skin. Take hair care products according to your hair type and the weather too. Take deep conditioner for cold, dry weather if you have frizzy hair or make volumiser for limpy hair, etc.
  • Pack according to the occasion: If you are traveling to attend any particular event, take two dresses that go well with the occasion. Keep an extra dress on hand, just in case.
  • Make sure to keep in your travel kit: Always carry a lightweight, handy, travel-friendly curling iron with you for a polished salon look on the go.
  • Weigh your options wisely: Your regular weighing scale at home can save you money! Know the free weight limit your airlines will allow you to carry and avoid paying hefty charges for overweight luggage. Just to be safe, weigh your luggage before leaving home and stay a little under the free weight limit.
  • Travel Smart: Pack according to the air travel limit even if you travel by road or train. It will be easier to carry your luggage, and you will be flight ready at any time, just in case you need to fly for an emergency.

Some features make a curling iron a travel-friendly one


A travel-friendly curling iron must have a very handy size. This must not be big in size rather a small and handy one. This will fit in any part of the luggage and can be handled easily. This won’t require extra space for being carried.

An important feature of being a travel-friendly curling iron is that the iron must come with a very light weight. What’s the need of a small iron with a massive weight? No one would like to carry an annoyingly heavy curling iron while traveling. For this, a light weighted curling iron is preferred. If the weight doesn’t exceed 2 pounds, then that would work the best.

Power System

While choosing a travel-friendly curling iron one should not forget about the cord. The cord of the iron plays an important role while deciding if it is travel-friendly or not. Iron with long tangle free cord would work the best while traveling. Because one might have to curl hair in an uncomfortable and inconvenient position. But that shouldn’t stop the curling. And it will work the best if the iron is cordless. There are cordless irons available in the market. These irons will cut the hassle of charging the iron and plugging the iron and then finding a suitable position to curl the hair. This will help just to turn on the iron and go curling.

While everything is perfect, the voltage issue might interrupt the curling. We know that the voltage of electricity varies from place to place or country to country. So if one’s iron is suitable for using in a certain voltage, then it won’t work in another voltage. For this, a dual voltage iron is preferred. This system will help one to use the iron in changed voltage level. Suppose voltage in a particular city of USA is 110v but while traveling in the UK, the voltage comes out to be of 220v then that’s going to raise an issue. This will surely interrupt the curling. For this irons with a range of voltage will work the best and fit in the changed voltage.

The best travel-friendly Curling Iron should have the following features,

  • Dual voltage support: Plug and play worldwide without hassle.
  • Small and Lightweight: Shouldn’t waste space or be too heavy.
  • Powerful: Lightweight doesn’t mean weaker! The travel-friendly curling irons are in fact hotter to give you a quicker result.
  • Safety gloves: Saves your hands from burning when you work in a hurry.
  • Tangle free swivel wire: Detangling wastes time and energy.
  • Heat resistant carries case/pouch: In case you have to leave as soon as you have used the curling iron, this pouch will cover the hot part from touching things that may burn.
  • Warranty: Traveling through different weather condition can damage poorly designed electronics. If a company gives you the international warranty on a travel-friendly hair curling iron, it means they have given their best to satisfy you and stood beside their product.

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