Aspyn Rosy

Hello there! I am Aspyn Rosy. I feel comfortable to introduce myself as a hair expert. I am a native of California. My family resides in Florida.

Rosy OfficialDuring my early years, I used to be a confused school girl. I was confused with my aim in life. The hectic days at school and the sleepless nights made me more confused. I was searching for a purpose. From my childhood, I was obsessed with hairstyle magazines. I tried many on my hair. Soon I became famous within my family as a good hairstylist.

I close friend of mine one day suggested me to join a local salon as a hairstylist. I applied for the post, and I was surprised to get selected.

While working in that salon after finishing school, I realized that my skills were increasing, and I fell in love with what I was doing. This job gave me a good amount of money and fame in the locality as a skilled hair expert. People came to me for solutions to their hair problems and seeking for a hairstyle that would suit them.

By that time, I started reading books on hair care and watched numerous videos on hair care and hair stylizing. I have done many courses on hair care and hair stylizing.

Today I am a full-time hair expert. Now I am working as a freelancer hair expert. I am involved with many beauty parlors. My job is to look at the hair type and texture of the customers, find out the problems and weaknesses they have and suggest them a perfect beauty product for solving the problem. Moreover, as I had natural aesthetic faculties about different new haircuts and styles, I am working as a hairstyle consultant too. My job is to look at the person, analyzing her hair type and referring a haircut that would fit her personality and look the best.

Through my career in the beauty industry, I have got many friends, supporters, and mentors. Now I am working in my salon in my locality. And under the deep observation of one of my mentors, I am now working on creating my very own formulas of remedy for damaged hair and different hair problems. Being driven by curiosity I started working on it but soon a big dream evolved from my heart to make this a successful project. And every day I’m working on my dream. All these formulas will be available at my salon. Moreover, I write blogs on hair care tips, solutions, and ideas. Blogging has become my addiction.

So here is my present career. A hair expert, hairstyle consultant, a startup business entrepreneur and a researcher on hair care formulas. A simple hobby of childhood has now become my career path. The real journey will begin that day when I will establish my salon all over the country, and the real success will come that day when I will be known all over the globe. Some might say I dream too big, but big dreams keep me alive.

In this blog, I have reviewed some curling irons and tried to make your purchasing decision easier. Stay with my curling iron team.

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