Helen of Troy 1503 Spring Curling Iron Review

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Everyone wants to look beautiful. It makes feel good, feel special and also boosts confidence. For looking beautiful and outstanding, women have always tried many different ways. For looking a special woman adorns herself with precious ornaments, wears finely crafted dresses and puts on world-famous makeup and what not.

But God has hidden divine beauty within ourselves. The masterfully designed human body itself is beautiful. Beauty is hidden in different organs of our body, different parts of us. It needs a diligent mind to grasp the beauty and some extra care to flourish it.

Same goes for hair. Every woman has awesome looking hair. But without proper care, by doing the same old style, again and again, hair begins to look dull. But there is yet a lot to do. For breaking the care of boredom, women apply in many different ways. They straighten it, curl it, color it, change the style and length and so on. When it’s time to curl hair, a curling iron seems to be a must needed thing.

Here we will give a complete review about a curling iron and hope this will help you out. The product is Helen of Troy 1503 Spring Curling Iron, White, 1/2 Inch Barrel.

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  1. ½ inch barrel: This curling iron comes with a ½ inch barrel size. We know the smaller the barrel size is, the tighter the curls will be. As this iron has a ½ inch barrel the curls are tight and defined. This barrel size is not good for creating loose curls. For full curls and defined waves, this barrel will work like a pro. For tight kinky curls, structured spirals this barrel size will work the best.
  2. High and low heat setting: Different types of curls and different hair types require different heat settings. For curling nice hair, the barrel needs not to be as hot as it needs to be while curling thick and coarse hair. Moreover, for kinky curls, the heat level must be so much high. All these factors require different heat settings. This product has both high and low heat setting which will help to set different heat level for curling.
  3. Cool tip: While curling at high heat, there might be a chance to burn the hand of getting hurt. This iron’s barrel tip is cool. So there remains no chance of burning and hurting hands or any part of the body. Curling is safe now.
  4. Long life: This iron has been specially made for long life service. This iron has been tested for long life, high performance, and durability. So if you are thinking of using an iron for a long time, this iron will satisfy you. It’s always great to use things with durability. This is a relief.
  5. Good for all length and texture: While buying an iron most of us worry if this iron will suit the hair type and the length or not. It is a standard issue. But this iron has been tested to be good for any hair type and duration. If you have short hair, now this same iron will work for you when your hair grows long. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what type of hair you have regarding the texture. No matter what hair type you have this will curl your hair with same and proper care.
  6. Dimension and weight: This iron has a size of 10.1 x 1.3 x 2.9 inches. And this whole product weights 7.7 ounces.
  7. Ergonomic handle: It is one of the best features of this iron. While curling your hair comfort is a supreme issue. The beauty of the ergonomic handle is that this handle gives an excellent grip. Moreover, while curling, you can quickly move your hand in any direction and to any degree. It won’t hamper your curling anyway. This handle can quickly adjust itself with the rotation and movement of the hand.

These were the features of this curling iron. We can see a couple of great features among these. But nothing on the earth comes with all good sides. Everything has some negative sides too. Like this, there are some negatives sides of this product. So let’s have an idea about the negative sides.

The Cons-

  • Slow heating: By many of the users, this iron has repeatedly been accused of a slow heat problem. While curling hair with iron a very important condition is fast heat. For managing hair properly and getting the work done within a short time, the iron needs to get hot in no time. But this iron cannot satisfy you with fast heat up.
  • Heavy Weight: This iron weights 7.7 ounces which are very heavy compared to other curling irons. You got to use your iron for a long time and curling requires moving it in different directions with ease. But being a massive iron curling will get tiring and will hurt your hand at a point. While traveling it wouldn’t be a very good idea to carry this. This iron doesn’t turn out to be a travel-friendly one.
  • Confusing switch: The high and low heat switch of this iron is seriously confusing. You might have to struggle while selecting the right button. The button you have turned on might turn out to be the wrong one. A clear indication will be appreciated.
  • Low heat: From many of my clients, I have repeatedly come to know that this iron doesn’t reach a satisfactory high heat. It causes struggles while curling your hair. Curling iron’s specialty is its high and fast heating facility.

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Summary of Helen of Troy 1503 Spring Curling Iron
  • Overall Rating by Author - 5.5/10


This product portrays some useful features. But if compared to the cons, these features are nothing special. While using this iron you won’t get some basic facilities. There is no meaning of having some good facilities while being deprived of the necessary requirements. So, by analyzing all the aspects, we can sum up to the idea that buying this product wouldn’t be, a wise decision.

Rather we would suggest you buy another product which has all the features of this product, and you will also get some other great features. The product is- Helen of Troy 1538 spring curling iron.

Handle your hair with care. Love your hair.

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