How to Curl Hair Extensions without Heat

First things first dealing with hair extensions is completely different to dealing with natural hair. Here’s some heatless waves and curl techniques I’ve researched and what I would recommend as a hairstylist/extensionist/blogger.

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Do not go to bed with wet hair extensions

Creating heatless curls online are aimed at people with natural hair. Not heatless curl hair extensions. This guide can be done on both because I’ve specifically researched techniques for people with extensions.

Make sure your bonds are dry and detangled using your hair extension brush. This is because wet hair can matte quite easily at the root of an attached extension. I have seen some disasters from people who did not follow the hairdresser’s advice. Then had to chop their beloved locks off.  DRY ATTACHMENTS. That goes for micro rings, bonded, nano bonds, tapes, weaves, and anything you cannot remove from your hair and put back in.

How to create heatless waves with clip in hair extensions – take them out for bed

Creating heatless curls on clip in hair extensions needs to be removed before bed. In fact, they always need to be removed then, so do not be tempted to sleep in them.

The clips put pressure on your follicles. They are designed to be temporary, so if you want something daily, my advice is going to a good hair extensionist. Heatless curls on clip in hair extensions can be so fun. You will need to curl them separate to your own hair if you’re setting overnight. I recommend doing it in the morning on a day that you’re around the house, they will look more natural if curled when applied.

How to create heatless waves with hair extensions

What you need is slack on your root in a downward motion, kind of like when you wear a low braid with extensions for bed (recommended always)

If you pull your hair tight in different directions to the way your hair extensions lay, you risk pulling hair out from the root. This is why we do not advise high tight pony tails when hair is first applied. Heatless waves require time and tension, too much of both in the wrong way and you can end up with bald patches, so, don’t just copy viral videos because what you might think is good for your hair is actually not.

Damp the length with a LITTLE water for heatless waves with hair extensions

Heatless waves can take quite some time to dry. Heatless curls with hair extensions will need extra drying time, because usually there’s a lot of hair.

I like to use a product like a soft spray gel to mist it too. This is for a gentle hold on the look your trying to create. That way once it’s done you shouldn’t need to continue repeating curling techniques. Sets last way longer than heated tools, so rest assured once its dry it’ll keep.

Try the rag braid method for loose no heat waves in hair extensions

This is one I recommend for sleeping in. The rag braid method is simple and gives beachy waves effect, a look a lot of heatless wave techniques struggle to execute.

Braiding one strand in a scarf or rags starting from the low hairline keeping bonds facing down. I like roots and ends a little straighter for these looks. It creates a ripple wave and the thicker your scarf the bigger your bends. Keep it a bit loose, super tight can create zigzag bends that aren’t natural looking. You’ll see in the video. Braid away doubling over your rag and using it as two strands of your braid. Leave some ends out and I like to criss-cross a hair tie to avoid creating hard dents in the hair. Then… wait until dry. If you wear these to bed, I recommend it as something you don’t do regular. Other than that, low braids can achieve a similar effect and less bulk.

Twist the hair extensions back on themselves to create no heat waves

This is a kinkier no heat wave effect. This also can be worn to bed, they are more easily squished than the rag braid so it may not be a consistent wave. But inconsistent = natural.

This is a little quirky and creates kinks and waves, if you like natural beachy looks, I suggest this technique. The twists double back on themselves, they wrap and create a two-strand twist look. Tie them low and use a soft hair tie to keep the roots and ends flat. Then, either wear a head scarf tied over them or if there longer twists, bundle them low. Another tip is to fold them at different lengths, so you stagger the kinks, giving a more natural effect.

Use the heatless curl sock method in a low bundle on hair extensions

With the sock method, you roll your hair into a bundle with a sock and tie it up. The hair wound around the sock forms a loose heatless curl. Nice.

Now you will have to wind from the ends, don’t pull hair out from the head keep it low. Your bundle should sit below your hair line a little loose. I advise this look done in the day, not at night. The bundles are bulky and if you move in your sleep you could change to direction of the attachments.

Wait for your hair extension no heat waves to be super dry

Don’t rush heatless curls on hair extensions. They need to be dry to work, or all the hard effort might be a flop.

They work by drying in that form, so if your heatless curls are even slightly damp, your hair extensions will not curl. The look will drop out and all the energy invested in how to curl hair extensions without heat is lost. Wait. If in doubt you may have to get the dryer out. That isn’t technically heatless but better than a direct heated tool. If your strapped for time you may need the extra help of your blow-dryer.

Wait in general for heatless wave in hair extensions to settle

When you first remove the scarf/ bands/socks hair extensions can have weird kinks and bends. Give It time.

Your hair will shrink and become a softer version of your look. If the heatless look is too crazy after waiting, try drying downwards with a hairdryer and just fingers to ”shrink” kinks. Just a gentle heat and speed will be enough to take the edge off the look. Remember extended hair = extended care. I have stressed a lot that you need to think about your bonds, hair disasters can happen if you’re not careful. But I hope I’ve given you some good safe ideas on how to achieve different looks on your hair.

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