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Every human being in this world has its very own beauty. God has created everyone beautiful. It’s our inner sight that can grasp the actual inner beauty. But between men and women, women have always been the symbol of beauty. The diva-like look of a well-adorned woman has always been praised throughout the history of the human race.

To adorn themselves women have always tried out different and innovative things and ways, wearing precious dresses, expensive ornaments and what not. But every woman is blessed with a natural ornament intrinsically. And that is her hair. For making this more beautiful and more gorgeous women curl the hair straighten the hair, color the hair and what not. And when it comes to hair styling the perfect stylizing product is the basic thing to start with.

Here we are going to give you a complete idea about a famous styling iron in the arena of hairstyling products. It’s the T3 body water styling iron 1.75 inches.

Property NameDescription
Barrel Size1.75 inch
MaterialTourmaline and ceramic

Best Suited Hair Type
Any type
Best Suited Hair LengthLong Hair

Best Suited Hair Style
Large and loose wavy hair style
SpecialtiesSingle pass technology, hollow barrel, ergonomic handle.

Let’s know about the features of this product.

T3 body waver styling iron 1.75 inch

Picture: T3 body wave styling iron 1.75 inch

Hollow barrel

Since the very early days of styling irons, a big problem has been the uneven heating on the barrel and the problem of heat spots. It has always annoyed the users of irons. When the heat doesn’t spread over the barrel and heat spots are generated styling gets tough, and it also damages the hair. For solving this problem, this product comes with hollow barrel technology. It is a system for which heat spreads all over the barrel evenly and also consistently from the outside of the barrel.

T3 tourmaline single pass radial technology

The tourmaline single pass technology is one of the unique features of this product. When regular irons have a single central heat plate in them which is ineffective in heating the barrel correctly, this iron has a ring of ceramic heaters along the wall of the barrel. For this, the barrel bets hot fast, and the heat remains locked. It is done by the ring of MCH ceramic heaters. The tourmaline barrel locks the cuticle and provides consistent heat for smooth curls. For this, the problem of heat spots and uneven heat over the barrel is solved.

T3 BodyWaver Styling Iron – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Ergonomic Handle

Everyone likes to get work done effortlessly. For getting the curling done very easily, this iron has ergonomic handle technology and for having a salon-like smooth wave, perfect volume and shiny hair like a pro and also effortlessly this handle is the best way. Move the handle as you like it and have great styles. It is the beauty of this product.

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Five heat setting

Different hairstyles and hair types require heat to different settings. For getting a smooth and perfect curl, you will surely need to change the heat and set the perfect level. For this, the five heat settings will help you out. Select any of the heat settings according to your needs and go for a safe and smooth curling. IT is the goodness of the heat settings.

High and fast heat

When you are in a hurry and need to stylize the hair as quickly as possible and when you need a high heat level to control your thick unruly hair, would you ever like to sit for the perfect heat and compromise with the heat level? You would never like that. This iron heats fast and most importantly reaches an insanely high heat like 410F. What else would you want!

Cool tip

When the barrel is too hot, there might be chances to hurt the hands. And for hurting hands, a vital point is the tip of the barrel. This iron has a cool tip that lessens the risk to a significant level.

Long swivel cord

While using the iron, you would need to move the iron in different directions and degrees. Moreover, the power supply point might be far from you. For this, a long tangle-free swivel cord will work the best. It will solve both problems. And this iron comes with a 9ft long tangle-free swivel cord. It will make your curling process more smooth and effortless.


When you are in a hurry and forget to turn the iron off this might result in a significant loss. This might cause massive accidents. And will also damage the iron. For avoiding such problems this iron has an auto-off technology.


It’s always good to have extra security for a particular period. Regarding electronic devices, a warranty can fulfill this demand. This product has a warranty facility for two long years. So if any problem occurs with this product, the company will take care of it.

1.75 barrel with tourmaline and ceramic

This iron has a barrel of 1.75inches and tourmaline, and ceramic has been used as the material. This awesomely manufactured barrel is great for big and voluminous waves. While the big barrel makes big waves the tourmaline and ceramic system make curves more shiny and healthy. The possibility of damaging hair and drying the hair is solved by making hair more shiny and moist after the curling is done. It is the beauty of this barrel.


This iron has an ionic technology in the barrel. The greatness of the ionic system is in locking the cuticle and creating shiny and smooth curls.

Good for all hair length and texture

Generally, different irons are suitable for various hair types and lengths. Particular work the best for a particular hair type. But while using this iron there is no need to bother with the type and length duration of your hair. No matter if you have short hair or long hair, fine hair of thick hair this iron will work like a pro for your hair. Thus one single iron can be nicely used by multiple users.

This iron has earned a frame for creating the most sought-after runway and exotic red carpet styles. For a

polished blowout looks, big loose waves with smooth finishing and for shiny frizz-free definition, this iron has gained fame over the globe.


Every good product might have some negative sides. Same goes for this one. Many of my clients have shown up to me with some complaints about this product.

These complaints are about, peeling off of the white coating on the barrel, the iron broke within four months even without dropping it. It’s too bulky and burnt hand, can’t curl properly, not suitable for some hair types, damaged hair, and broke the hair, etc. So these were the cons so far.

Summary of T3 body waver styling iron
  • Overall Rating by Author - 9.3/10

Final Verdict

It was the review of this product. Concerning all these aspects of this product, it can be said that it would be a good idea to buy this product. This product will work well to fulfill your needs. So give it a try.

Love your hair, love yourself.

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T3 BodyWaver Styling Iron – Check Current Prices On Amazon

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