Best Clipless Curling Iron 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Clipless curling iron

Curls give you an entirely singular look. Be that a beach silk smooth wave curl or twist. Therefore, owning a curling iron is a must to do it at home. It also saves money and time.

Curling irons create waves or curls in hair by using a variety of different techniques. A clipless curling iron is the one that has no clamp and is more convenient to use because the user wraps up the hair around the rod. Most clipless curling irons have 1 inch or less than an inch barrel. To avoid heat burn, clipless curling irons come with a glove.

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Why Clipless Curling Iron

A clipless curling iron works differently than regular curling iron. Many users prefer clipless iron over regular curling iron because these do not cause damage to the hair as hair cannot be caught in clamps and broken by pulling clamped hair down the iron. Clamps sometimes leave crease lines on the hair, so the user does not have to worry about it in the case of clipless irons. Clamp-free irons often provide a higher temperature that leaves users with voluminous, long-lasting and tuck-free curls.

One thing that is to be remembered is that Clipless curling iron needs careful application. Otherwise, it may not bring the expected result for the user. But these are not hard to use. Just a little time and attention in understanding the instrument and its heat sensitivity will be enough. The heat aspects of clipless curling iron if not carefully handled, can cause burns in ears or face and also electrical malfunction.

Features to Consider Before Buying

Several things require attention while purchasing clipless curling iron. Hair instruments should be purchased after considering the pros and cons. The following aspects of clipless curling irons should be considered before buying:

Barrel sizeLength of hairType of curls
Bigger size barrel (bigger than 25 mm)Longer hairLoose curls
Smaller size barrel (smaller than 25 mm)Shorter hairTight ringlets
Medium size barrelSoft curls


The iron should be on adjustable heat settings. Because everyone has different hair types (thick, fine, straight, curly) and certain kinds of hair can take the strain of more heat in comparison to others.

For example, if high heat curls thin/sensitive hair, then there is a good chance that it will hamper the hair and also can cause hair fall.

Jose Eber 25mm Pro Series Clipless Curling Iron- Giraffe Print by Jose Eber

Barrel Material

The material of the barrel is crucial because it comes in direct contact with the hair. Most curling irons are told to be Titanium coated, but in this case, the users should be aware and meticulous because if the coating is not perfect, then it will wear off with time. There are two types of clipless curling irons widely available everywhere with the following types of barrels:

Titanium Barrel:

  • Heats up quickly and uniformly
  • Consistent all over and less time-consuming

Ceramic/ Tourmaline Barrel:

  • According to researchers, it creates negative ions that seal the cuticle of the hair
  • It provides even heat distribution that goes through the hair and preserves its natural oils and moisture.
  • It makes hair looking shinier
  • A healthy option for hair


If the curling iron is to be used regularly, then Titanium or Ceramic barreled irons are more suitable as they are comparatively healthy for hair.

  • Titanium Barrel: These curling irons fall into medium to high price range. They hold a medium position regarding durability.
  • Ceramic/ Tourmaline Barrel: These are expensive as well as durable. These clipless curling irons possess the latest technology to provide healthier options for hair.
  • Metal/ Chrome Barrel: These are a cheaper comparison to other curling irons. In this case, the barrel has metal or chrome or gold coating that eventually wears off with use and time.

Heat control

Heat control is the key to using any hair curling iron. If the user can get a hold of that, then she is good to go.

Our Top Picks

Jose Eber 25mm Pro Series Clipless

Jose Eber 25mm Pro Series Clipless Curling Iron- Giraffe Print by Jose Eber

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This one particular model Jose Eber 25mm Pro Series Clipless curling iron with Giraffe Print is quite useful. Some of its properties:

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Can create distinctively attractive curls and natural-looking static-free waves
  • Lightweight and has Aluminum coated barrels
  • Available in latest ceramic technologies
  • Multiple heats setting options and flexible power cord
  • Quick heat up features and temperature consistency
  • Does not wrinkle hair after curling
  • Comes with a smooth revolving handle that is convenient to use
  • Dual voltage
  • The curls stay as long as two days without even spraying
  • Less friction and resistance during curling
  • Comes with a heat restraining glove

Sultra the Bombshell

Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, 1 Inch

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One of the most sought after clipless curling irons. Its distinctive features and the addition of the latest technology won over the heart of the users within very little time.

  • Innovative ThermaTru Ceramic Technologies
  • Protects hair cuticles and locks in moisture to shields hair from excessive heat
  • Even and constant heat up to 3600 F without crease line
  • Mends hair by its Japanese Kyocera Technology
  • Dual voltage & an automatic shut off mechanism
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Heat resistant
  • Saves lots of time in heating up
  • Comes with a heat resistant glove and iron pad


To compare the above two clipless curling irons the essence of the whole discussion is- Jose Eber 25mm Pro Series provides nourishing treatments for hair alongside unique and natural curling while Sultra the Bombshell provides latest technological support with heat consistency.

For personal and professional use and a safe, reliable and affordable hair curling tool, any one of the above two will save the user money, effort and not to mention time.

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