Why Does Butane Cartridge Curling Iron Serve Travelers The Best?

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In the globalized world, people are very conscious about their look, even they are in a rush. Butane technology operated the curling iron is one of the most technologically advanced inventions. It is a soldering type of iron. It gives you the freedom of styling at any time and any place. Mainly it is discovered keeping the travelers in mind. Those, who move frequently overseas or travel within the country, are the main target of this product.

Why is it important for travelers?

Each invention is for a particular reason or a particular group of people. As mentioned above, butane cartridge curling iron is the best thing a traveler can have due to its numerous advantages. For more details, let`s know about it.

What is butane cartridge carling iron?

Well, it is like other curling irons, except for some other qualities, like it is powered by an alternative power system. Unlike other electric soldering irons, butane technology-supported curling irons are not limited by cords and a specific range of heat. It contains a gas cartridge inside it. Here, butane gas remains in a small self-contained tank. It possesses a broader range of heat than other electric irons. To use it, just insert a cartridge into the handle of the curling iron.

How does it work?

The internal system of this iron varies from model to model slightly. But, each of them has a small tank. So, you can refill the iron easily. The fuel directly contacts the parts that you’ll be soldering. Thus, the metal is heated quickly within 10 seconds. Thus, you can curl your hair. Before using, insert a cartridge into the handle of the curling iron. A cartridge lasts for 4-6 months. You need not worry about the longevity of the cartridge.

Who are the beneficiaries?

It is mainly for travelers, who need quick, but the long-lasting hairstyle. So, it goes with modern lives. It does not require a plug to get started. Rather, it works until the cartridge is filled up with butane gas.

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What is the uniqueness of this iron?

As it is made for a particular purpose to facilitate the specific section of people, it has to ensure some unique characteristics.


It must be space minimizing and manageable, as the travelers tend to buy small irons in most of the cases.

Light in nature

It is very light for making it carriage-worthy. The barrel size is about 1-inch approximately, starting from 5/8 inch. Those, who have thicker hair, must go for the 1-inch barrel.


It`s one of the most credible characteristics is that it is not run by electricity. What will happen if you have to curl your hair instantly and there is no electricity? Just don`t get tensed, as butane operated curling iron is there for you. In total, it is easy to use. So, it is all time safe for travelers.

Credible internal Mechanism

Its internal mechanism is very advanced. It is easy to refuel, wastes less energy and easy to adjust.


Although it is small in size, the temperature it provides is just like other electronic irons. So, still, you can get the perfect curls.

Noteworthy drawbacks

  1. You have to be very cautious about taking it on any journey and have to ensure enough protection.
  2. You can`t carry any extra butane cartridges in carry-on or checked baggage.
  3. It is very limited in terms of the size of the barrels.

How to refill the cartridge?

The whole process must be done in a place, where there is no flame or spark. To refill, at first, remove the plastic cap from the cartridge. Wrap the brass coupling with a paper towel. Pull the wrapped brass coupling from the top of the cartridge. There is also a check valve, designed to prevent leaking. So, you have to remove this also with a screwdriver or drill. Take a can of butane gas, with a preferable tip. Place the tip into the brass coupling and push the can towards the cartridge. When the cartridge appears full, pull the can of butane away. The butane will stop flowing. Now place the check valve and plastic cap properly.

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