Bed Head High Roller Curling Wand Iron Review

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Bed Head being an ancient brand has loads of fantastic curling irons that have achieved cordial acceptance of the audiences. However, there has been a lethal truth that there is always something evil hidden behind the good. Bed Head brand is not apart from this truth.

Therefore, this brand has some products also that went wrong and could not get customers’ acceptance and love like all other Bed Head products. The Bed Head High Roller Curling Wand Iron is one of them. This product was launched with the same expectations but later it turned out to be a kind of disaster. Low performance, backdated features and safety issues have made this curling iron a complete slacker.

Bed Head High Roller Curling Wand Iron, Blue Handle, 1-1/4 Inch
  • Loose Curls or Tousled
  • Clamp Free Wrap & Go Design
  • 30 second heat up, with Instant Heat Recovery
  • High Heat up to 400 F
  • Bonus: Heat Protective Glove Included

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Negative Aspects

Ratings Of Bed Head High Roller Curling Wand Iron

Technical Stances

  • Substandard Multiple Heat Settings
  • Scarcity of Some Fundamental Techno Aspects
  • Absence of Heat Rheostat

This curling iron promises a multiple heat setting technology that can adjust the temperature according to users’ needs. This techno aspect is very important and the most basic one as it is related to safety issues of users’ hairs. Most of the users have reported that this product does not meet up its promise in this aspect, as the multiple heat setting technology does not work properly. As a result, the temperature cannot be adjusted or maintained. This deficiency hinders the product to create beautiful curls.

In this era of modern technology, even curling irons do not lag. Curling irons have been experienced to use some high technology features that have made the styling process easy and fun. Different curling irons are now using effective techno aspects such as auto-rotation, even heat technology and many more. However, it would imprudent to expect something within this cheap price rate still it has scopes to serve the basic aspects.

Heat Rheostat technology is a fundamental feature that is mandatory. Heat rheostat enables the users to adjust the heat. However, Bed Head High Roller Curling Wand Iron lacks this technology. This is a major drawback indeed.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Bleak in Technological Aspects, 2.5/5

Bed Head High Roller Curling Wand Iron, Blue Handle, 1-1/4 Inch

Mechanical Aspects

  • Low-Temperature Range
  • Sticky Barrels

Bed Head High Roller Curling Wand Iron promises a temperature range of up to 400F but eventually while using the product buyers experience a temperature range, which is lower than 400F. It is not beyond our concern that a higher temperature range ensures the quality and durability of curls. Temperature range and durability, quality of curls are proportional to each other. To ensure quality curls higher temperature range is necessary. However, with this lower temperature, it appears to be impossible to curl your hairs according to your desire.

However, the barrels are made of Tourmaline Ceramic material but something went devastatingly wrong with the barrels. The hairs do not slide away after styling manual effort is needed.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Depressive in Mechanical Aspects, 2.5/5

Functional Stances

  • Depreciate Curls
  • Less Durability of Curls
  • Limits the Styling

Fine curls demand a fine temperature. You can avoid all other aspects but when you avoid temperature aspect, you may avoid the chances of getting perfect curls. The secret key behind all the luscious curls that you have fantasized about is temperature. As the Bed Head High Roller Curling Wand Iron does not ensure a moderate temperature, it is impossible to hope for good curls with this curling iron.

Again comes the same temperature issue. The low-temperature range cannot afford longer lasting curls. To hold the curls for a longer time, it is necessary to ensure higher temperatures. With the temperature, that Bed Head High Roller Curling Wand Iron ensures your curls might hardly stay for an hour or so. It is pathetic.

This curling iron has a 1.25″ barrel that usually creates bigger curls. However, due to the lower temperature range and some other techno aspects, this curling fails to cover different styles of curls. You can only achieve some loose and beachy waves this curling iron. Again, this curling gadget cannot be applied on medium length or short hairs, as big curls need long or extra-long hairs to carry the curls.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Below Average, 2/5

Safety Stances

  • Absence of Clamp
  • Absence of Digital Temperature Clock

Clamp holds the hair and ensures perfect styling with guaranteed safety. However, Bed Head High Roller Curling Wand Iron does not have any clamp that can lead your styling to burn your hand.

The digital temperature clock is very much important to read the temperature and adjust it according to users’ need. However, this product lacks this feature too. Thus, it creates risks pf burning hair and hair damage.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Unsatisfactory, 2.5/5


Hair Care stances

  • Uneven Heat

Despite having the Tourmaline Ceramic technology due to the defective heat settings, this product produces uneven heat throughout the barrels. This uneven heat creates split ends and damaged hairs.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Not up to Scratch, 3/5


According to the features and work efficiency, this product is surely overpriced.

Laudable Aspects

This curling iron has a dual or world voltage. Customers can use this product from every country of this world.

Tourmaline Ceramic Technology is the top-rated technology. This technology makes hair super silky, soft and beautiful.

This curling heats up very fast. It heats up in 30 seconds and makes it super-fast to style your hairs.

Bed Head High Roller Curling Wand Iron
Bed Head High Roller Curling Wand Iron

Product Name: Bed Head High Roller Curling Wand Iron

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  • Technical Stances
  • Mechanical Aspects
  • Functional Stances
  • Safety Stances
  • Hair Care stances


This product earns an average of 2.5 out of 5. This rating clearly shows that this product does not justify your purchase your buy. Rather the buyers can go for Curlipops Curling Wand for Tousled Curls and Waves, 1-1/4" that comes in a cheaper rate along with stronger features.

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