Braun Independent Cordless Styler (C20) Review

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It is hard to keep your hair always ready, or you need to move somewhere, but you are not ready yet. Those days are gone and become ghost days. Now you can style anywhere anytime with Braun cordless curling iron that comes with small size allows you to take anywhere in your purse. It heats up like rapid-fire and helps to look you superb within a few minutes.

If the girls need to go out after work but the hair looks lavish, plans after the gym but hair seem lifeless, or late for work, and you don’t have that time to get ready for home what would you do? Just use Braun cordless curling iron to look beautiful and give shiny curls in your hair. It doesn’t need an electrical adapter or battery or any cord. It’s a super techno gear which you should keep.

Braun Independent Cordless Styler (C20)
  • Versatile 7/8inch barrel creates definite curls, waves and body
  • Ultra fast heat-up time for convenient, quick styling
  • No electric outlet or cord to limit where, when or how you style your hair
  • Flame less technology produces and maintains optimal styling temperature
  • Its ultra-compact design fits easily in your purs

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Braun Independent Cordless Styler (C20) Features

7/8 inch Barrel

The Braun cordless curling iron barrel is around 7/8 inches in size. The barrel has a surfaced finish to make it easier to hold the hair around the clamp-less barrel. The actual large size barrel won’t chip off over time, and it will make your hair smoother as you curl.

High-Quality Ceramic Materials

This curling iron is made of high quality traditional ceramic materials, and this classic ceramic material provides the kind of consistent heat necessary to avoid hotspots. It also helps to slides smoothly across hair for a sleek appearance.

Quick Heat Up

It takes only 60 seconds all-out to heat up, and it powers to its maximum. As it comes with quick heat up, it becomes a success to provide suitable styling to the users. Some people need a lot of heat to get their hair to stay, and this curling wand gets the real heat when you need it within a minute.

Power Indicator

Braun cordless curling iron has an energy level indicator that will alarm you when the power cell is going to end up so that you can collect the backup on time.

Travel And Travel Forget Power Cable

No more using power adapters or batteries! This curling iron is one of them for traveling. No jumbling or mess due to cords, batteries, and plugs. If you are traveling abroad, you don’t need to worry about plugs and power outlets. Instead of this power system, Braun cordless curling iron brings with energy cell butane cartridge. You can use it anywhere any way you like just do your style without any annoyance.

Easy Using Manual

It is very simple to operate this curling tool. All you need to do is to click it on and wait for a minute so that it heats up. Style your hair in the way you like and click it off.

Long Battery Life

Braun cordless curling iron is powered by energy cell butane cartridge and it lasts nearly for 11 weeks. I didn’t believe it when I bought it but after using it, I realized they are damn accurate. Even my one stays for more than 12 weeks. Battery life circulation as it is one of the long lasted hair curling iron with high profiled energy cell which lets you move every day everywhere without changing any batteries.

Wander and Wonder

Braun cordless curling irons can be carried in your pouch. It provides a heat resistant pouch so that you can place the hot iron safely. Put the hot iron in the heat resistant pouch and throw it back into your bag. Now you are ready to go anywhere.

Curl Or Straight

Interestingly it not only curls nicely but also straighten too, though straightening is not the purpose to serve but as great it looks more impressive it serves.

Brush Included

Braun cordless curling iron comes with a brush for easy and more styling this styler boosts your hairs shine and volume.

Extra Features

Braun is a reputable and recognized brand. It is popular for producing the best styling tools. It manufactures high-quality cordless curling tongs. The product features include:

  • It allows gentle and smooth styling due to its large size.
  • It provides a heat resistant pouch so that you can place the hot iron safely when you are outside.
  • The design features a cordless styler that boosts shine and volume.
  • Reduces the loss of color during styling 50%, giving a significantly brighter color
  • Operates in temperatures proven to protect the health of hair (135 degrees Celsius-185 degree Celsius) and stage 5 degree Celsius
  • The packet of 6 energy cells is also available that last for the entire year.
  • The cartridges used for curling irons are C205, C20, and GCC90.

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Summary of Braun Independent Cordless Styler (C20)
  • Overall Rating by Author - 8.8/10

Final Verdict

Career oriented women’s first choice is Braun Independent Cordless Styler (C20) which is a must have gear. It is hassle free, easy to use; affordable price is one of the best cordless curling iron in the market. It always helps you to look self-reliant and most adept. Always keep this styling toy right in your purse.

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