Beachwaver Pro Vs S1 Reviews – Comparison Guide

Beachwaver Pro Vs S1 Curling Iron Reviews
Celebrity hairstyle Sarah Potempa has formulated two astounding products the Beachwaver S1 Curling Iron and the Beachwaver Pro1 Curling Iron. From Loose waves to Spiral Curls, from Hombre curls to Blow Outs and what not. These two products are capable of covering them all. However, both the products have excelled in the hair curling aspect but there are some differences between these two gadgets. Beachwaver Pro 1 is the latest or we shall say the updated version of Beachwaver S1. Beachwaver Pro is designed with some rationalized features and aptitudes. Again, having the same barrel diameter, they were supposed to create some similar curls but some modernized features (temperature, barrel material) have enabled Beachwaver Pro1 to make some extra varieties of curls. It also has some specific updated instructions inscribed in its body for better safety and hair care. Certain inimitable features of Beachwaver Pro 1 have enabled it to become the first choice for the red carpet like glam hairdos.

Differences between Beachwaver Pro and S1:

Despite being originated from the same Beahwaver family, there are some critical specs, which differentiate these products. Some indispensable attributes (functional, technical, safety, hair care) have been modernized in the Beachwaver Pro1 curling iron. Let us just put a glance over the critical properties of Beachwaver S1 and Beachwaver Pro 1:

Mechanical Aspects:

Barrel Material:

Barrel material is one of the most crucial features of any hair-curling brand as it determines the curls’ quality and safety. A hair-friendly materialized barrel can protect your strands from being damaged. Moreover, it can add extra texture to your waves. Several barrel materials are prevailing in the market and they are:

Beachwaver S1: Ceramic Barrel Material

Beachwaver S1 Ceramic Barrel
It has the classic barrel material, Ceramic. It is the most decent material among all the barrel materials and it offers loads of benefits, which makes it a cut above the cheaper aluminum alternatives. Ceramic barrels glide through without meaning so much damage, breakage, tugging, and snags. Ceramic has a good status of diffusing the heat evenly. Thus, the strands are perfectly curled without being burnt or damaged. Ceramic is an inorganic and nonmetallic material that disperses negative ions. The negative ions come in touch with the cuticles, make the hair smooth, and protect from being damaged. The negative ion and evenly heat diffusing technology are key features of Ceramic barrels. According to the material quality, barrels are best for thin and medium-thick and semi or curly hairs. However, the ceramic barrels are not as efficient as the Tourmaline barrels but it is the best at a moderate price rate.

Beachwaver Pro1: Tourmaline Ceramic Barrel Material

Beachwaver Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Barrel
Barrels of Beachwaver Pro 1 is made of Tourmaline Ceramic. It is an advanced state of mere ceramic or Tourmaline material. The Tourmaline Ceramic technology can be considered as the present gold standard. This infused Tourmaline technology has replaced the core ceramic material. This semi-precious metal crush is a crystal-born silicate material that spawns 20 times more moisture-locking ions that aid in the hair smoothing process. Tourmaline Ceramic barrels produce extra negative ions (6 times more than the Ceramic Barrels) to counterattack the positive ions located into dull, dry and frizzy hairs. These ions are locked into the hairs’ natural oils and that is how it protects the delicate strands from constant heating or high heating. Tourmaline Ceramic barrels create infrared heat that generates silky, shiny, smooth hairs and eliminates static stubborn straight strands. These barrels are suited for every types and length of hair. These barrels aid winding up the follicle upon interaction and lessen heat mutilation to sensitive curls, predominantly essential for a daily basis using curling irons. Tourmaline Ceramic barrels are extremely smooth-bodied, when you pass them off your hairs it adds more TLC and vanishes fizziness leaving behind a textured and smooth touch.

In short, the Beachwaver Pro 1 curling iron has the latest and irreplaceable barrel material technology.

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Temperature is the key feature to create those super looking red carpet-worthy curls. Temperature adjustment is the most fundamental property of any curling iron as it determines the curls’ quality, texture along with the time limit of the curls. Heat charges the negative ions and makes them be exposed to the follicles. The negatively charged ions keep the curls stay perfect. However, temperature between 250- 410 is considered as the ideal temperature range but today it is believed that the higher the temperature, the better your curls are. Nevertheless, the temperature somehow still depends on hair types, length, and quality.

Ideal Temperature according to different hair types:

Hair TypesSuggested Temperature Range
Natural hair290 F- 400 F
Color-treated hair290 F- 350 F
Double processed or blonde hair310 F- 430 F
Coarse or curly hair330 F- 450 F
Stubborn straight hair330 F- 450 F
Thin hair or Medium-Thick Hair290 F- 400 F
Thick Hair310 F- 430 F
Beachwaver S1: Temperature Range

Beachwaver S1 model has an adjustable range of 290 F- 410 F that is average temperature. With this temperature, you may achieve comparatively loose waves and the stay limit of the curls might be estimated around 10 to 12 hours. According to the table, you cannot cover all the hair types with this temperature range. You can use this Beachwaver S1 Curling iron only for Thin or medium-thick, natural and color-treated hair.


Beachwaver Pro 1: Temperature Range

Beachwaver ensures the temperature range between 310 F- 450 F. This temperature range is capable of covering all types of hair. Whether you have, color-treated hair or natural, thin or thick it can justify to all. This temperature is an ultimate choice for tighter curls like the spiral ones. Curls made from this temperature are likely to stay for a longer time. Moreover, this temperature promises a good hair day even after the second day. If you restrain from washing your hairs, the curls may stay the same for 36 to 48 hours.

Barrel Diameter:

Another essential property of any curling iron is the barrel diameter. Yes, the barrel diameter. Usually, you may find products of 4 to 7 cm barrels. The barrel diameter sizes resolve the curling style you will get and again different barrel diameter works on different hair lengths.

Suggested Barrel Diameter for different hair length:

  • Up to 4 cm: Short Hair
  • up to 5 cm: Medium length hair
  • up to 6 cm: Long Hair
  • Up to 7 cm: extra-long hair
Beachwaver S1: Barrel Diameter

Beachwaver S1 Barrel Diameter
Beachwaver S1 has 5.5 cm heat-protective ceramic barrel rods. This diameter enables the user to apply it effectively on medium and long hairs. However, it is less effective on short hairs and you cannot apply it on extra-long hairs

Beachwaver Pro 1: Barrel Diameter

Beachwaver Pro Barrel Diameter
Beachwaver Pro 1 ensures an extra-large barrel diameter of 6.5 cm. This extra-long diameter works perfectly for every hair length. Even you can apply it on short hairs also as it has Tourmaline Ceramic technology that creates fine, textured curls on every type of hair.

Observation: According to the above discussion, it is clear that both the curling irons ensure quite same features but Beachwaver Pro 1 excelled the Mechanical aspects with its advanced features.

Technical Aspects:

Auto-Rotating Technology: Dual Rotation

Autorotation is a technology that refers to the idea of barrels’ automatic rotation with a single press of a switch. It is an automated process. Auto-Rotating Technology is the state of the art technology; it is the newest addition to the curling iron trades. Automatic rotation can be divided into two categories:

Mono Rotation:

This kind of rotation is a one-way rotating system. It can rotate in a particular dimension at a time. Maximum rotating curling irons possess mono rotation technology. While using mono rotating curling irons, you need to put extra effort with your hair regarding the left or right side determination.

Dual Rotation:

This kind of rotating technology rotates in both the left and right directions. Beachwaver Curling Irons have ensured the dual rotating technology. The barrels rotate both in left and right directions. This dual rotation system prevents hairs from being burnt. Even this definite rotation system minimizes the risk of hand burning. Thus, it has become so easy to curl both the right and left parts of your hair. Both the Beachwaver Pro 1 and Beachwaver S1 have the dual rotation technology. There are directions inscribed in the bodies of these products. In that case, Beachwaver Pro 1 leads this category again as the rotation directions are inscribed as Right and Left options. Also, the Beachwaver S1 has just two arrow signs to determine the rotation directions. It is easy to use the Beachwaver Pro 1 due to the vivid left and Right directions inscribed in it. Often the arrow buttons of Beachwaver S1 appear to be a bit confusing and create hindrance while using.

Reset Technology:

Due to the dual rotation, these Beachwaver Products demand a reset system so that after rotating to a particular direction it can change its direction again. Generally, there are two different technologies are used in these two models and they are:

Home Technology:

Home technology is used in Beachwaver S1 Curling iron. If you are done with curling the right side of your hair and you are up to do the left side, you may simply press the Home button inscribed in the iron body and your gadget will be reset. Then you can press the arrow directed to the left side. That is all. You are all set to have an outstanding curl on your left side too. The Home Technology is the latest technology and it makes the gadget super easy to use.

Memory Technology:

Memory Technology is used in Beachwaver Pro 1 curling iron. This technology is quite outdated than Home technology. In-Memory Technology, you have to press the power button to reset the barrels. Instead of resetting the barrels, it restarts the gadgets. It is a major drawback of the Beachwaver Pro 1 Curling Iron.

Observation: In this aspect, Beachwaver Pro 1 stands out the Dual Rotation direction criteria and the Beachwaver S1 stands out the Reset technology Criteria.

External Appearances:

External Appearances Of Beachwaver Pro and S1 Curling iron

  • Classy Color
  • Standard Clamp Size
  • Lavishing Body

Beachwaver products are designed as striking looking as the curls they produce. Beachwaver products are the sum of high definition material, classy color, and high-tech layouts. They are extremely elegant to look at. Both the Beachwaver Pro1 and Beachwaver S1 look so dazzling that they may make it difficult to keep your eyes off them. The well-inscribed body, right-sized clamp, exquisite led temperature display and most importantly the stunning barrels have made this gadget look so breathtaking. You may hardly find any curling iron with competitive design as your Beachwaver. This gadget is running with the beauty and the work efficiency hand in hand. Both the Beachwaver Pro 1 and Beachwaver S1 come with three beautiful colors: White, Pink and Black. This spectacular outlook of these products has kicked their brand value to an extent.

Observation: Both the products are equally well designed.

Safety Aspects:

Any curling without ensuring the basic safety aspects can no way achieve buyers’ acceptance. Can you imagine buying a product that is damaging or burning your hairs and hand or creating serious accidents being exploded or keeping you in contact with electrical shock? Obviously no. Both the Beachwaver S1 and Brachwaver Pro 1 have certified some ultimate safety factors and they are:

Accurate Sized Clamp:

These two Products have small-sized clamps of around 1.5 to 2.5 cm. The user is to put the strands into the clamp and start rotating the barrels. These clamps help to hold the strands perfectly and ensure a decent rotation. Users need not hold the strands with their hands this minimizes the risk of hand burning. Again, as the strands remain into the curling process hairs are likely to be more protected. The Beachwaver Pro 1 has a silver clamp and the Beachwaver S1 has a black plastic clamp.

Auto Shut Off:

The products have 30 minutes auto shut-off technology. If the user forgets to shut the gadget off, the gadget will automatically shut off after 30 minutes. This auto shut-off technology reduces the risks of products’ exploration or internal burning or any kind of other accidents.

Digital Temperature clock:

Beachwaver S1 and Beachwaver Pro 1 have digital temperature clock display that indicates the temperature of the main body. The digital temperature clock minimizes the risks of hair burning as one can determine the temperature shown on the display and adjust it according to their needs. For protecting hairs from high heat, this feature I mandatory.

Observation: Both the products have equally amazing safety standpoints.

Operating Gratification:

An operator affable product always holds its value high as the operators find them super easy to use. All the Beachwaver Products along with the Beachwaver Pro 1 and Beachwaver S1 curling irons flaunt a line of magnificent features that have made the products way more comfortable.

Swivel Cord:

Beachwaver S1 and Beachwaver Pro 360 swivel cord
Both the Beachwaver S1 and Beachwaver Pro 1 Promise 360 swivel cord. You can rotate the products in 360 angles while plugged in. Again, the cords are not tangled and made it easy to work with the products. The Beachwaver Pro 1 approaches a swivel cord of 9 ft. and the Beachwaver S1 approaches one with 8ft length. In that case, the bigger length is better. The bigger the length would be, the lesser the risks of being tangled will appear. Therefore, Beachwaver Pro 1 has advanced swivel cord length of 9ft and made it easier to use than the Beachwaver S1.

Rotating Button:

Beachwaver Pro And Beachwaver S1 Rotating Button
As previously demonstrated, the Beachwaver Pro 1 has a specific (right/ left) inscribed rotating direction details. The Beachwaver S1 has arrow buttons instead of the specific direction. Thus, Beachwaver Pro 1 is easy to use while determining the barrel rotation directions.

Time Precluding:

Both the Beachwaver products heat up literally in 30 seconds. Super-fast heating technology along with the auto-rotation technology prevents time-consuming. Just a minute or so with the products and you are set to flaunt your luscious curls.

Observation: Beachwaver Pro 1 confirming a range of radical features is way more time saving than the Beachwaver S1.

Hair Care Aspects:

Haircare is an eminent feature of any curling iron. A curling iron must have the capability of taking proper care of your hair and protect them as well. Haircare efficiency depends on two things:

  • Barrel Material
  • Temperature range

These two features finalize if the product is hair caring or not. According to the previous description, we are aware of the fact that the Beachwaver Pro 1 has the latest barrel material (Ceramic Tourmaline infused with Gold) and an ideal temperature range(310- 450). Tourmaline Ceramic barrels and the temperature range are ideal for proper hair care as they turn your dull frizzy strands into shiny and smooth desiring curls. The Beachwaver S1 has an average barrel material (Ceramic) and temperature range (290- 410). These features give average hair care but the Ceramic barrels protect your strands from being burnt.

Observation: Beachwaver Pro 1 settles on greater hair care aspects than the Beachwaver S1.

Attachment Point of View:

Beachwaver brand offers the buyers some attachment to decorate the marvelous curls.

Attachment with Beachwaver S1:

Beachwaver S1 comes with two attachments and they are:

Half Ups:

These beautiful half ups help to turn your Beachwaver made authentic curls into a party-ready hairdo.

Blowout Rollers:

A pair of splendid blow out rollers with the Beachwaver S1 ensures a parlor like Blowout on your own.

Attachment with Beachwaver Pro 1:

Darby Clips:

Beachwaver Pro 1 serves its buyers with a pair of Darby clips that hold your curls gorgeously.

Blowout Hair Brush:

Blowout hairbrush helps to keep your blowout curls neat.

Price and Durability:

Beachwaver products are genuinely a bit pricey for their high definition properties. The Beachwaver Pro 1 is more expensive than the Beachwaver S1. Nevertheless, Beachwaver Pro 1 also promises loads of new and latest options and so it is worth the extra charge.

Both the products serve a one-year warranty but to enjoy the warranty facilities you must buy the products from an authorized retailer. Again, the warranty does not valid for any intently done misuse or breakage.

Comparison Chart between Beachwaver Pro 1 and Beachwaver S1:

PropertiesStandardBeachwaver Pro 1Beachwaver S1.
Barrel Diameter4 to 7 cm6.5 cm5.5 cm
Material TechnologyCeramic, Ceramic Tourmaline, TourmalineCeramic TourmalineCeramic
Clamp Size1 to 3 cm2 cm1.5 cm
RotationDual and autoDual and autoDual and auto
Heat DistributionEven and protectiveEven and protectiveEven
Rotation SwitchSpecific Right/ Left DirectionsRight / Left buttonArrow Button
Swivel Cord lengthUp to 9 ft.9ft8ft
Heat Range250- 450310- 450290- 410
TechnologyHome TechnologyMemory TechnologyHome Technology

Best For:

Beachwaver Pro 1 and Beachwaver S1 are applicable for different hair types. Three major features determine the applicable hair types for any product. Also, they are:

According to these three features, let us see which product is best for which hair types.

Beachwaver S1 Best for Thin, Medium-thick, semi curly and curly hairs

Beachwaver S1 is a masterpiece of creating loose and old Hollywood waves. The 1-inch Barrels create semi sized authentic curls on medium and long hairs. Extra-long hairs cannot hold the short curls made by this barrel length. Again, Beachwaver S1 is not good with Shorthairs, as the curls made by this product look ineffective on short hairs. The average temperature appears to be ineffective with the stubborn straight strands but good for semi curly or curly hairs to do a simple touch up. The barrel material adds extra volume to medium thick and thin hairs but the thick ones look unkempt.

Feasible curls by Beachwaver S1:

Feasible Curls By Beachwaver S1
Beachy waves, Old Hollywood Curls, Loose Beachy waves

Beachwaver Pro 1: Best for all types of hair

Beachwaver Pro 1 with the idyllic temperature and barrel material has been the best in the Beachwaver family. Not only it produces the maximum heat but it also certifies heat-protective barrel materials. So that the hairs face less damage, even they are nourished. Though you can apply Beachwaver Pro 1 in all types of hairs the barrel length sometimes, seems to act inappropriately on extra-long hairs. However, the materials and the temperature have made it able to go well with all types of hairs. In short, Beachwaver Pro 1 is okay with extra-long hairs but it is not the best for them. With the higher heat facilities, you can make tighter curls even the spiral curls too. The Beachwaver Pro 1 is immensely used to create red carpet ready glam waves.

Feasible curls by Beachwaver Pro 1:

Feasible Curls By Beachwaver Pro
Glam Waves, Tight Curls, Full-time Beachy waves, kinky curls

Observation: Beachwaver S1 is applicable for some definite hair types but Beachwaver Pro 1 is applicable for every type of hair

Comparison in Graphics:

Beachwaver Pro And Beachwaver S1 Comparison In Graphics
Following this chart, if we make an average of points we will get an average of 4.5 for the Beachwaver Pro 1 and 4 for Beachwaver S1.

Why should you Choose Beachwaver Pro 1 over Beachwaver S1?

Beahwaver ModelBeachwaver S1 Curling IronBeachwaver Pro 1 Curling Iron
Suggested Hair LengthMedium and Long HairShort, Medium and Long Hair
Suggested Hair ThicknessThin and Medium-Thick HairThick, Medium and Thin Hair
Suggested Hair TypeStraight and semi curly hairStraight, Semi Curly and Curly hair
Suggested HairstyleBeachy waves, Old Hollywood Curls, Loose Beachy wavesGlam Waves, Tight Curls, Full-time Beachy waves, kinky curls

This table shows us despite having the same barrel length of 1inch; Beachwaver Pro 1 is applicable for almost all hair types. They both work quite similarly but Beachwaver Pro 1 has excelled all the major efficiencies over the Beachwaver S1 ensuring some rationalized features. Some advanced features that the Beachwaver S1 lacks have made it replaceable to Beachwaver Pro 1 as it certified the missing features along with some advanced ones.

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