Helen of Troy Gold Series 1-1/4” Spring Curling Iron Review

Curling hair with helen of troy

Helen of Troy is a brand that is mostly known for its extraordinary collection of curling irons. This brand flaunts a collection of some professional curling gadgets that have added new dimensions in the hairstyling process. These curling irons have received warm acceptance and praise from the users because of their work efficiencies and performance.

However, it is a fact of the matter that among all the products the Gold Series 1-1/4 Spring Curling Iron has lifted the dignity of this iron to the highest peak. This curling iron was launched in the year 1980 and from that time being it is been serving millions of users along with some professional hairstylists and renowned celebrities. Enormous features, high performance and an extreme level of sustainability along with the hair care benefits have enabled this curling iron to uphold its brand value at its best.

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Derogatory Assessment of Gold Series 1-1/4” Spring Curling Iron

In this era of modernization, it is extremely foolish to pick a product without creating a valid assessment of a certain product, as there are thousands of options are available out there. Before buying any product, buyers must ensure some available features that are mandatory according to their hair need and their desire for curls’ type.

For example, if you have damage prone hairs, you are certainly not supposed to buy chrome, gold plated, or a high temperature ranging curling iron, right. It all depends on your demands and every individual’s hair demands are different from each other. Now, let me show you the pejorative estimation on Gold Series 1-1/4 Spring Curling Iron by pursuing sectional ratings and comment.

Chart Of Helen Of Troy Gold Series 1-1/4” Spring Curling Iron

Mechanical Outlooks

Posh Gold Plated Barrel

The gold plated barrel acts like a pro in adapting temperature and remaining hot for the longest time being. These barrels can tolerate the highest heat for a constant without being damaged. Thus, they are extremely sustainable and longer-lasting. If you are not in the mood of switching to another curling iron for a long time being, you must go for gold plated barrels. Gold has some hair health beneficial particles as well. Therefore, using this barrel you can keep your hair nourished.

However, as the gold plated barrels get very hot, first time users may face hair burning out of the experience. Again, gold plated barrels are good at adapting temperature thus they remain very hot. This unnecessary hot creates hair damage and dehydrates hairs. Let us see how a gold plated barrel ensures all in one hair beneficial:

  • Even Heating – Gold heats up fast and it heats up evenly, you will not find any kind of cold spots throughout the barrels. Thus, Gold makes sure perfection in your curls. Again, Gold is also known for fast and evenly heating. This super-fast heating hybrid metal should be the first choice if you do not intend to waste your time in heating the barrels and if you want tight-ringed curls.
  • Efficacy – This precious material works great if you talk about beautiful curls and their durability. Gold plated barrels ensure the highest temperature. This barrel material can make the barrels very hot and as we know, high temperature creates more good-looking curls and holds them for a long time. Therefore, its work efficacy is unbeatable.
  • Ultimate Hair Protectant – Gold plated barrel disperses negative ions that fight back against positive ions the main culprit behind frizzy, damaged and unmanageable hairs. Thus, it helps the hairs being healthy, silky and damage-free. Again, the negative ions seal moisture by locking the essential oils into hair follicles. The moisture keeps hair hydrated and so constant and high heating cannot harm the hair health. Again, the negative ions make hairs shiny, tangle-free and add volume to them. This barrel is so smooth that it glides easily without any snagging and tagging.
  • Durability – Among all other materials, gold does not corrode at all. Besides, this gemstone is as strong as steel that is why there is no option for breakage. Once you buy this gold plated barrel curling iron, it may serve you for the rest of your lifetime.

High Heat Range (up to 430°F)

Gold Series 1-1/4 Spring Curling Iron possesses the highest heat range among the prevailing curling irons in the market out there. This high range of temperature ensures perfect and long-lasting curls. As we know the relation between curls’ perfection, durability and temperature is proportional so the higher the temperature would be the luscious the curls would appear. This curling iron with this high temperature is ideal for people who want the real tight, spiral curls. Again, if you are on the go and opting for faster results, this high temperature will surely help you out by donning faster styling.

Idyllic Barrel Size

This brand lets the users go beyond the limitations of hairstyling. You just need to determine the size of your curls, wrap your hairs around the barrel and can have magnificent curls in a glimpse of your eye. This 1.5 inches gold barrel creates longer curls but users can use it for making short or medium curls as well. As this curling iron features a massive temperature range, shorter curls can be achieved with it. High-temperature range can create tight curls with this size of barrels. Therefore, this baby is a pro in producing bigger curls but it is okay with shorter curls as well.

Overall Verdict

According to the price range, this curling iron features some extraordinary mechanical aspects such as the exclusive barrel material, high heat range and most importantly the tapered barrel. These features are good enough to make your purchase.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Splendid, 5/5

Technical Outlooks

Positive Traits

  • 10 Multiple Heat Settings
  • Pulse Heat Technology
  • Heat Rheostat Technology
  • Dual Voltage

As this curling gadget heats up fast and gets very fast, thus, sometimes it risks the hair burning but this curling iron has every solution. It has 10 multiple heat settings that let the users settle the heat down according to their needs. If the barrels get very hot users can utilize the heat settings and control it, as they want. Again not every type of curls demands the same temperature. If you are up to create soft loose waves, you cannot go with the highest temperature. You will need a temperature range of around 250°F to 350°F. Again, if you wish to have tight old Hollywood curls, you will need a temperature somewhere near to 380°F to 430°F. Therefore, this multiple heat setting will low to set the temperature and create your types of curls without fearing hair damage and all.

Pulse Technology is a milestone in curling iron features. This technology ensures a constant and radiant heat throughout the barrels no matter what the barrel material is. That means it lessens the risks of hair damage. Again even heat is important and highly beneficial for hair health. Evenly heated barrels refrains the hairs from being damaged even in contact with constant heating. That is not all with this technology. This technology also heats the barrels very fast. In this high tech world who has so much time for spending hours on hairstyling. Pulse technology is an effective one I must say.

Another latest technology is heat rheostat technology. This technology offers a sensor chipset that is set in the gadget. This chipset determines the flow of excessive that may harm the hairs and minimizes the temperature by stopping the flow. This technology has taken your styling with this curling iron a step further. It ensures the ultimate comfort, as you do not have to worry about hair burning and damaging.

Dual voltage is such a technology that allows using the curling iron from every part of the world. This curling iron supports dual voltage so people from every country can use this product.

Negative Traits

  • Absence of Some High Tech Features

In today’s world, even curling irons are using rocket science and many other high tech features. Gold Series 1-1/4 Spring Curling Iron relatively lacks some high techno aspects such as the auto rotation, single pass, and gyroscopic technology. With these techno aspects, this curling iron may have banged the curling iron trade market.

Overall Verdict

However, this curling iron lacks some high tech features but within the price range, the features that it flaunts are more than enough. The entire technical feature is good to go with the person who has a moderate budget.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Above Average, 4/5

Functional Outlooks

Different kinds of curls with Helen of troy

  • Generates Every Type of Curls

This curling iron is one machine in creating curls. The tapered barrel lets the users create curls of every type. Whether it is spiral curls or loose waves this barrel with the high-temperature range along with the heat settings also creates all types of curls. When you need, S-shaped waves you may take the temperature its lower point and when you need tight curls, you may set the temperature higher.

Overall Verdict

This gadget is a high performing professionally like a tool in creating curls. It is functionally so well off that it serves the customers with every type of curls.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Outstanding, 5/5

Design Outlooks

  • Exclusive Material
  • Dazzling Colors
  • Lucid Details

This curling iron uses exclusive materials. One of the most precious metals gold is used for barrels. This gemstone makes the barrel looks appealing. Again, this curling irons some high functioning materials such as black chrome, magnificent resins, glossy, sleek and matte metals. These extravagant materials give it an elegant look and enhance products’ durability.

This curling iron leaves the boring process of hairstyling behind and adds fun with its vibrant colors. You can have sheer pink, basic pink and white colors. These bold and dazzling colors make your styling process way more entertaining. These bright colors are something in which you may surely take pride.

Gold Series 1-1/4 Spring Curling Iron has the classiest external appearance with sophisticated design and lucid detailing. All the necessary instructions are inscribed in the body of the curling iron that helps the users to understand the operational system.

Overall Verdict

As the beautiful curls, it generates so it appears. This baby looks extremely elegant with lovely colors and a classy design. It is a pure treat to your eyesight.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Gorgeous, 4.5/5

Safety Outlooks

Positive Traits

  • Even-Heat
  • Multiple Temperature Setting
  • Swivel Cord

Gold plated barrels ensure even heat system. Users will witness the same temperature throughout the barrel surface. Uneven heat can damage the hairs and leave them split ends. This even heat system refrains hairs from being damaged by ensuring an adequate heat.

The Multiple Temperature Setting Technology allows users to maintain the heat. As the gold plated barrel gets very hot, sometimes it risks both hair and hand burning. However, this feature helps to minimize the temperature according to users’ needs and demands. Thus, it lessens the risk of hand and hair burning.

All the Helen of Troy products along with Gold Series 1-1/4 Spring Curling Iron come with a swivel cord that is a mascot in safety issues. This tangle-free cord keeps the user away from the plug point. Thus, it prevents direct contact with electricity.

Negative Traits

  • Absence of Auto Shut off Technology

Auto shut off is a technology that automatically shuts the machine off after a certain period. This auto shut off technology avoids an unwanted accident such as an explosion.

Overall Verdict

This product gives a good safety but the absence of auto shut off technology is a great mess. To ensure an all in all protection auto shut off is mandatory.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Average, 3.5/5

Hair Care Outlooks

  • Locks Moisture
  • Smart Heat

Gold plated barrel discharges negative ions that lock the essential hair oils in those hair follicles that are how the moisture is sealed. It lets the hairs remain hydrated, makes them extra soft, and smooth. Again, these negative ions keep the hairs away from being damaged due to over or constant heating.

Smart heat or even heat technology ensures the same heat throughout the barrels and prevents hair damaged or split ends. This smart heat feature also adds volume to hairs.

Overall Verdict

This curling iron with its exclusive barrel material and temperature has ensured proper hair care. So, girls with damaged hairs this curling is meant for you.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Outstanding, 4/5

Price and Warranty

As per the features, this product is more than affordable. In such a moderate price range, this product is nothing but a benediction. All the Helen of Troy products peruses on the year of warranty.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Affordable, 4/5

Suggested Hair Length: Long, Medium, Shoulder Length, Straight and Semi Curly Hair

Achievable Curls: Almost every type of curls and waves

This tapered curling iron is the latest edition to Helen of Troy family. This tapered barrel provides the size range of .75″ to 1.25″ and creates almost every type of curls and waves. You just need to determine your curl and set your hairs to the needed size and you are ready to have magnificent curls. However, this curling iron is recommended for bigger curls. Users will need long or shoulder-length hairs to hold the bigger curls. However, this curling iron does not add any volume to hairs so both thick and thin hairs are appropriate for this curling iron.

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Helen Of Troy Gold Series 1-1/4” Spring Curling Iron
Helen Of Troy Gold Series 1-1/4” Spring Curling Iron

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  • Mechanical Outlooks
  • Technical Outlooks
  • Functional Outlooks
  • Design Outlooks
  • Safety Outlooks
  • Hair Care Outlooks
  • Price And Warranty


This graphic chart shows us the average rating of Gold Series 1-1/4 Spring Curling Iron that is 4.3. Some outstanding features and barrel material that ensure ultimate hair care and beautiful glam curls have made this curling iron earn this respective average of rating. In such a moderate price, it is obviously a wise decision to grab the gadget. Again, with all the unique features, it has slain all its competition and nothing can replace it at all.

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