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Looking for a professional quality curling iron that wouldn’t cut deep into your pocket?

Then you have come to the right place because the Babyliss PRO curling irons provide professional quality curling results but don’t cost you a huge amount of cash like other salon-grade curling tools.

The curling irons from Babyliss Pro are moderately priced considering the fact that they incorporate innovative and modern technologies, uses Nano titanium, Porcelain ceramic and other contemporary coatings and provides multiple heat settings for versatility.

Moreover, Babyliss manufactures a wide range of curling irons for its various customers, and among such a huge variety of curling irons, we were able to determine the best hair curling iron for thin/fine hair, thick hair and for traveling only after extensive research and reviews from various sources. We have suggested different curling tool in each category because different hair type and texture requires different care and results and the same tool won’t do justice to every hair types out there.

Keep on reading as we unfold the best of Babyliss PRO Curling irons and their various features to help you choose yours.

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Short Summary of Babyliss PRO Curling Irons

Before discussing in details, we will give you a very quick glimpse of the Babyliss curling irons that we have recommended so that you can have a brief idea about the tools:

Curling Iron NamesBest ForMaterialHeat SettingsAvailable Sizes
BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Curling IronFine/thin HairsPorcelain CeramicHigh and Low (30 heat settings)
  • ½ inch (12.7mm)
  • ¾ inch (19mm)
  • 1-inch (25mm)
  • 1 ¼ inch (32mm)
BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling IronThick HairsNano TitaniumHigh and Low (50 heat settings)
  • ¾ inch (19mm)
  • 1-inch (25mm)
  • 1 ¼ inch (32mm)
  • 1 ½ inch (38mm)
BaByliss Pro™ Ceramic Tools™ Spring Curling IronTravelCeramicHigh and Low (25 heat settings)
  • 5/8 inches (16mm)
  • ¾ inch (19mm)
  • 1-inch (25mm)
  • 1 ¼ inch (32mm)
  • 1 ½ inch (38mm)

Quick Overview of Babyliss PRO

Babyliss Pro logo

The “Babyliss PRO” brand was found in the in the late ’60s by renowned hairstylist Lelievre who was the first ever hair expert to build a curling tong for different hairstyles. From then Babyliss has never stopped introducing new technologies and new ways in the hair care industry to make styling easy and fun. Aside from manufacturing tools for professionals, Babyliss also offers several styling products to the general people so that they can enjoy salon-quality result in the comfort of their own space.

In the year 1995, BaByliss was acquired by the Conair Corporation and continued being one of the leading manufacturers of high-end hair tools.

The market competitors of Babyliss PRO

Babyliss PRO is not the only brand manufacturing curling irons; there are also several other brands like Hot Tools, Sultra, Conair, Remington and BIO IONIC, which imposes a fierce competition to Babyliss to grab the top position.

Features of Babyliss PRO curling irons

A fine combination of extraordinary features and advanced technologies and components are what makes the Babyliss PRO curling irons a truly world-class, professional grade hair styling tools. These tools ensure unmatchable performance along with exceptional styling versatility. Below we have discussed in detail about some of the most prominent features of Babyliss PRO curling irons that helped these styling tools to remain a fan-favorite all over the globe for the past couple of years:

Incredible built quality

Built quality of Babyliss Pro curling irons

By constructing each of its curling irons with different precious materials and utmost precision, Babyliss PRO not only ensured long-lasting durability and even distribution of heat but also made sure that the curling tools offer versatility and practicability.

Such incredible built quality also ensures that each of the Babyliss PRO curling irons is capable of providing unparalleled curls and waves in all types and lengths of hairs, and holds for at least 14 hours of time in your hairs.

Incorporates different advanced heating technologies for different types of hairs

Babyliss PRO is well-known for continuously adapting new technologies in its hair styling tools and the curling iron range is no different. Babyliss used the following technologies to makes its curler’s range more versatile and at the same time to provide its customers the freedom to choose according to their requirements.

Infrared emission

Infrared energy penetrates each hair strands to transfer a high amount of heat to style them inside out while keeping the moisture level of the hairs intact and rejuvenating the scalp. As this infrared mechanism transfers high heat, it is not suitable to use on thin/fine hair locks.

Ionic technology

The built-in ionic generator of the Babyliss PRO curling irons releases plenty of negative ions in the hairs to control frizz as well as seal in the natural moisture and nourishment of the tresses to make them soft, shiny and smooth. Ionic technology is suitable for both fine and thick hair locks.

Comes with an array of different barrel coatings to choose from

Every hair type is different and so is their styling requirements; a material that works wonders on fine/thin hairs won’t do justice while you try to use it on thick tresses. Keeping in mind about such scenarios, Babyliss PRO offers curling irons made from different materials so that everyone finds a curling tool according to their hair type.

The materials that Babyliss PRO uses to construct its barrels are:


Ceramic coated barrels releases a few negative ions to the hairs for ionic saturation and spreads the not-so-high amount of heat evenly to all the hair during the curling. Ceramic coated barrels are best for thin/fine hairs.

Porcelain Ceramic

The new material porcelain ceramic assures exceptional heat distribution and releases more ions and infrared energy to the hairs compared to standard ceramic. Porcelain ceramic is also suggested to use on fine/thin tresses.

Nano Titanium

Nano titanium, a mixture of pure titanium with mineral particles, is another latest coatings adapted by Babyliss that not only heat up super quickly with a high temperature but at the same make seals in moisture and nourishes your hairs. Experts advise using Nano titanium on thick hair locks.

Available with both spring barrel and marcel barrel

Spring barrel & marcel barrel of Babyliss Pro curling irons

Babyliss PRO released curling irons for both home use and professional use and that’s why most of the Babyliss curling iron models come with both spring and marcel barrels to provide its users a choice. The spring barrel has a spring mechanism on the clasp that helps to hold the hairs tightly to the barrel surface for effortless curling experience.

Similarly, a marcel iron also comes with a clasp that has to be controlled manually by the user for a perfect styling session. Marcel barrels require experience to handle and hence are advised for professional use only.

Offers maximum 50 different heat settings

Keeping in mind about different types of hairs and their distinct requirements, Babyliss incorporated a wide range of heat setting to its curling irons so that the users have the opportunity to choose the best heat setting according to their hair type.

Provides up to 450°Farenhite of heat

Babyliss hair tools are known for their exceptional heat production capabilities and staying true to their reputation, Babyliss made sure that their curling iron also produces an extremely high amount of heat. Some of the models of their curling range can achieve up to 450°Farenhite for a quicker curling process.

Used Sol-gel technology for barrel’s strength and durability

Babyliss used a revolutionary Sol-gel technology in the construction process of all its barrels to ensure that the barrels are 37% stronger and 22% smoother compared to the barrels of its competitors and are able to provide the customers with immense strength and durability.

Babyliss offers a wide variety of curling irons to provide freedom of choice to its customers

Babyliss didn’t limit its user’s choice to only one or two curling irons. To provide its customer the opportunity to choose from an extensive range of curling tools, they introduced different series of curling irons, like the Rapido Curling irons, the Ceramic Tools™ curling irons, the Nano Titanium™ curling irons and the Porcelain Ceramic™ curling irons, so that the customers can enjoy the opportunity to choose according to their hair types and hair concerns.

Each model comes with a huge range of sizes and shapes for versatile styling

A barrel perfect for curling short hairs won’t do justice to your long hairs; similarly, a rod that can create luscious big, bouncy curls can never style your tresses with tight ringlets. To deal with this issue, Babyliss made sure that each of its curling iron models comes with several different sized and shaped barrels to style both short and long tresses with versatile curls and waves.

Maximum 8-foot long, tangle-free swivel cord for effortless handling and moving

Swivel cord of Babyliss Pro curling iron

Long cords ensure that you don’t have to sit by the plug point while using the curling iron; this gives you privilege to move around easily or stand far away from the plug point during your curling sessions. Knowing this fact, Babyliss added a maximum 8-foot long cord to each of its curling iron to deliver you with a high amount of conveniences. Moreover, the swivel end ensures that the cords remain tangle-free even after storing.

The soft, non-slip handles ensure a secure and comfortable grip

All the models of Babyliss PRO curling irons feature an ergonomically designed, soft rubber handle that not only provides firm, non-slip grip but also ensures that it is super comfortable and safe to hold during the styling session.

Different curls and waves can be achieved in a very short amount of time

One of the main objectives of Babyliss PRO curling irons is to provide its users with professional grade curls at the shortest possible amount of time and that’s why it incorporated different technologies as well as temperature setting which can cut down styling time by several notches to produce perfect curls almost immediately. For example, if it required 60 minutes to curl all your hairs previously, with a Babyliss curling iron, you can create the same amount of curls in just 35-40 minutes. Isn’t it amazing?

Babyliss PRO provides maximum Limited 3-year warranty for the curling irons

To make sure phenomenal customer service and long-lasting service of its curling tools, Babyliss PRO offers a maximum of 3-year Limited warranty period for all its curling iron models during which they will repair or replace the tool if any part gets defective or damaged.

All the curling irons come with an instruction manual for better information about the product

Instruction manual of Babyliss Pro curling iron

Babyliss made sure that all the users of all its curling irons are well aware of all the information and details of their curling tools by adding a fully instructed user manual with all its curling iron pieces so that the user doesn’t face any difficulties while operating them.

Besides its wide variety of curling irons, Babyliss also offers Steamtech Curl Machines

The curling iron is not the only tool that Babyliss offers to its customers to curl their hairs, the MiraCurl curl machines are another range of curlers from this brand that uses Steamtech technology to curl your fine tresses perfectly with different types of curling styles.

Few Negative Aspects of Babyliss PRO Curling irons

Aside from its extraordinary performance and latest technologies, the Babyliss PRO Curling irons also possess quite a few negative features as well. Keep on reading to know about these aspects so that you don’t feel cheated after buying any of the curling irons from Babyliss:

  • All the models don’t come with dual voltage feature: Dual Voltage makes any styling tool truly international; a curling iron with dual voltage feature can be used in any part of the world without any difficulties but to users’ dismay not all the models of Babyliss PRO Curling irons come with the dual voltage feature. The “BaByliss Pro™ Ceramic Tools™ Spring Curling Iron” is the only range that comes with the dual voltage feature making it suitable for worldwide use.
  • Babyliss didn’t incorporate a cool tip in all of its models: All the Babyliss PRO curling iron features high-temperature settings; which means that the tools are capable of getting extremely hot and without a cool tip, the possibility of accidents is super high. Even after knowing this fact, Babyliss didn’t insert a cool tip in all of the curling iron ranges it offers to the customers. Only the “BaByliss PRO Rapido Zip Curl Curling Iron” includes a long cool tip to ensure maximum safety of its users.
  • The curling irons don’t come with auto shut-off option for better safety: The auto shut-off feature provides a higher amount of safety to the tools; but causing severe users dissatisfaction, none of the Babyliss PRO curling machines comes with an auto shut-down feature to deliver a sense of safety to its customers.
  • No LCD display for easy temperature monitoring: Unlike many of its market competitors, none of the Babyliss curling irons features an LCD display that allows the users to see and monitor the temperature rather easily.
  • Babyliss PRO doesn’t offer any tourmaline constructed barrel: Even though Babyliss PRO used an array of different materials and coatings in its different barrels, to everyone’s surprise, and dissatisfaction, none of the barrels comes with tourmaline coatings which are a great material to spread a high amount of heat evenly to each hair strands for uniform curls.
  • The Turbo Heat button is not included in all the iron models: Babyliss came up with the idea of incorporating a Turbo Heat button to one of its hair curler range to instantly boost the heating process. Pressing this button will immediately raise the temperature to the highest for a quick styling process. But, this button is not added in all curling iron models for a quicker curling regime.
  • None of the models come with a 2-inch wide barrel: Babyliss offers a wide variety of sizes for every model of its curling irons to meet each and every customer demand. But, none of its curling tools has the 2-inch sized barrel that is used to create the most voluminous waves and curls in long hairs.
  • The price range of Babyliss PRO curling irons is a bit higher than its market competitors: Even though Babyliss PRO provides some extraordinary features and performances, compared to its other market competitors like Revlon and Conair, it charges a bit higher price which rarely acts a disadvantage.

The Recommended Babyliss PRO curling irons

We have mentioned earlier that Babyliss PRO offers a variety of curling irons to its customers and among such varieties, we have chosen a few to be the best keeping in mind about different hair types, hair lengths, and their special requirements.

Read below to find out our best pick of the Babyliss PRO hair curling irons:

Our suggested Babyliss PRO curling iron for fine/thin hairs

BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Curling Iron

BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Curling Iron

Ceramic coatings are excellent for fine/thin hairs but Porcelain Ceramic constructed barrels are even better to style your fine, delicate hair locks. The porcelain ceramic coating combined with the infrared emission produces a gentle heat that is spread evenly and penetrates each hair shafts to curl hairs inside out without burning them or causing any unwanted hot spots. The ionic technology of this tool also contributes to keeping your precious locks nourished, silky and smooth with lustrous curls and waves. To add more, a porcelain ceramic curling iron will leave your fine, unmanageable tresses healthy and revitalized.

Moreover, BaByliss made sure that users of any length fine hair finds a size of this Porcelain Ceramic curler, and therefore, they introduced a whole lot of sizes ranging from½ inch (12.7mm), ¾ inch (19mm), 1-inch (25mm) and 1.25 inch (32mm) that can be used to create tight ringlets, bouncy big curls and lust-worthy waves on both long and short fine tresses.

Let’s compare this BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Curling Iron with some of its market competitors to understand why we have chosen this curling tool over other tools for delicate fine tresses.

PropertiesBaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Curling IronBIO IONIC Curl Expert Pro Curling IronRemington Pro 1¼” Clipped Curling Iron, CI9132U
TechnologyIonic technology And Infrared emission
Ionic technologyThermaluxe Technology
MaterialsPercaline ceramicCeramicCeramic
Heat SettingsLow and High (30 heat settings)Low and High (8 heat settings)Low and High (10 heat settings)
Available sizes4 different sizes1 size1 size
Suitable for short hair: Barrels of 1-inch or lessYesYesNo
Suitable for long hair: Barrels of more than 1-inchYesNoYes
Price rangeLess than $50 DollarsMore than $100 DollarsLess than $50 Dollars

Additional Pros

  • This tool is available in both spring and marcel barrels
  • Comes with separate on/off switch for added convenience
  • The soft, ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable and non-slip grip
  • The 8-ft. long swivel cord ensures freedom of movement as well as tangle-free storage
  • Babyliss offers a Limited 3-year warranty for this curling tool

BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Curling Iron – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Our suggested Babyliss PRO curling iron for thick hairs

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

Keeping in mind about the special needs and requirements of thick hair locks, Babyliss PRO introduced the Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron alongside its other models that can curl thick hairs with ease and much precision. The Nano titanium barrel, which is an exceptional conductor of heat, heats up super quickly with a high temperature that not only curls thick tresses perfectly but also reduces styling time by several notches to quicken up the styling process.

But even after releasing high heat to the hairs, this BaByliss PRO curling iron retains itself from burning them because of the infrared technology it adopts; while emitting high heat energy, this technology also locks in hair’s natural nourishment and revitalizes the scalp and prevents them from damaging from heat.

To add more, this Nano Titanium spring curling iron is also available with a marcel barrel which makes it the perfect tool for professional use also.

One more aspect of this tool that’s worth mentioning is that it comes with a variety of barrel sizes starting from ¾ inch (19mm), 1-inch (25mm) and 1.25 inches (32mm) and 1 ½ inch (38mm) and different shapes to create every type of curls and waves in both long and short thick hairs without any difficulties.

Below we have compared this Babyliss Nano Titanium curling iron with some of its close competitors to justify our decision:

PropertiesBaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling IronPro Beauty Tools Professional Gold 1" Extra Long Barrel Curling Iron WandHot Tools Pink Titanium Curling Iron
TechnologyInfrared EmissionAdvanced heat technologyPulse Technology®
MaterialsNano Titanium24K GoldTitanium
Heat SettingsHigh and Low (50 heat settings)High and Low (Multiple heat settings)High and Low (Multiple heat settings)
Available sizes4 different sizes1 size1 size
Suitable for short hair: Barrels of 1-inch or lessYesYesNo
Suitable for long hair: Barrels of more than 1-inchYesNoYes
Price rangeLess than $50 DollarsLess than $50 DollarsMore than $100 Dollars

Additional Pros

  • Includes a Turbo Heat button to boost up heat instantly
  • The dial switch makes it effortless to change between heat settings
  • The Sol-Gel makes the barrel 37% stronger and 22% smoother compared to any other standard barrels
  • Temperature reaches up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to curl thick tresses perfectly
  • The 8-foot long cord is swivel and is tangle-free for ease of use

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Our suggested Babyliss PRO travel-friendly curling iron

BaByliss Pro™ Ceramic Tools™ Spring Curling Iron

BaByliss Pro™ Ceramic Tools™ Spring Curling Iron

This BaByliss curling iron ended up being the best “travel-friendly” model because of its lightweight and dual voltage feature, aside from its other amazing features, which makes it the perfect tool to carry with you even when you travel outside the US.

This professional caliber curling tool incorporates a pure ceramic constructed barrel combined with ionic technology and infrared emission that spreads heat evenly to each hair strands and promises to keep your tresses healthy and shiny even after curling them.

Moreover, like many other Babyliss curling iron machines, this Ceramic Tools™ Curling Iron also have a wide variety of size from 5/8 inches to 1 ½ inch to choose from according to your hair length and styling preferences.

We have compiled and compared between some of the best travel-friendly hair curling irons available in the market for your better understanding of our decision:

PropertiesBaByliss Pro™ Ceramic Tools™ Spring Curling IronPHOEBE 1 inch fashion curling ironOuiast 1 Inch Curling Iron
TechnologyIonic Technology And Infrared EmissionPTC Heating ElementDual PTC heater
MaterialsCeramicTourmaline CeramicCeramic
Heat SettingsHigh and Low (25 heat settings)High and Low (multiple heat settings)High and Low (multiple heat settings)
Dual VoltageYesYesYes
Available Sizes5 different sizes3 different sizes1 size
Weight: Preferably not more than 1 pound1 pound1.3 pound1.2 pound

Additional Pros

  • Sleek, smooth finish for an attractive look
  • The soft, ergonomic handle is non-slip and provides a comfortable grip
  • This tool comes with 3 years Limited International warranty

BaByliss Pro™ Ceramic Tools™ Spring Curling Iron – Check Current Prices On Amazon

The reasons we didn’t suggest

BaByliss PRO Rapido Zip Curl Curling Iron

With Sol-Gel technology and Nano titanium barrel, this Rapido Zip Curl curling iron also provides extraordinary curls and waves. But because of the following minor glitches, we didn’t suggest this tool:

  • At 1.2 pounds, this Rapido curling iron is a bit heavier than other BaByliss PRO curlers and might cause hand uncomfortableness of the users due to the weight.
  • Unlike other curlers of BaByliss PRO, this Rapido Zip Curl comes only in three barrel sizes which limit the choice of its customers.

BaByliss PRO® Nano Titanium MiraCurl® 3-in-1 Professional Curl Machine

This curl machine is slightly different from a regular curler, but this doesn’t mean that it can create any less curls and waves than other Babyliss curling irons. This machine uses steam rather than any other heating technologies to curl hair perfectly and hence it is a great curler for fine/thin hairs. But we didn’t suggest this product for thin hairs as:

  • The price tag of this MiraCurl® 3-in-1 Professional Curl Machine is quite high and not everyone has the means to buy such an expensive curling tool.
  • This curling machine is very heavy in weight and might cause severe inconvenience to the users.

How to use Babyliss PRO curling irons?

Using a curling iron is quite simple, but if you are a first time user then it’s better than you get some ideas and advises before using one. In this part, we have tried to explain step by step about how to use a Babyliss PRO curling iron to create the curls and waves that you have always wanted:

  • Step 1: Read the instruction manual, provided by Babyliss, thoroughly to understand how the machine works, the safety precautions you must keep in mind while using the tool and also how to use the barrel to create different types of curls. The user manual also suggests how to store the iron so that it would last for an extended period of time.
  • Step 2: It’s always advisable to check all the parts and the cord carefully before plugging in the machine; this checking is for your safety. Very rarely, you might receive a defective machine and this close examination will help you to find any irregularity present in the machine before you plug it in and cause any accidents.
  • Step 3: After the examination, plug in the curling iron and turn it on to let the barrel gain heat. As Babyliss PRO Curling tools feature a fast-heat mechanism, you actually don’t have to wait for a long to let the machine gain heat.
  • Step 4: Once the barrel accumulates the heat level of your choice, start using the iron to create different curls and waves of your choice in your hairs. But while doing so, be very careful as Babyliss curling tools retain high heat for perfect curling which might burn your skin if you do not use the iron with utmost attention.
  • Step 5: When you are done with your curling, let the iron cool completely before storing it.

Final Words

Babyliss PRO never fails to provide its customers with new technology and improved components in its styler tools and the curling irons are no different; all the irons provide extraordinary curls and waves, and we are sure that you won’t be disappointed after buying one  Babyliss PRO curling iron for your own use.

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