3 Best 2 Inch Curling Irons 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

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What to expect from a 2-inch curling iron:

It is the biggest barrel of all. It is best to create volume with it and some gentle wave is achievable on super long to long hair. If you have medium hair, it is best to take a thin section to create large ringlets or spirals. You can’t get kinky corkscrew curls with this barrel.

  • It can create a gentle, relaxed wave
  • May add a soft bend in or out at the end of the hair for a more polished look
  • Can build volume and body for fine hair

expect from a 2-inch curling iron

Best suited for:

The 2-inch curling iron is best suited for extra-long or long hair. You will get loose relaxed fairytale waves or may create volume and body for medium hair. Don’t expect tight curls or ringlets with this barrel size.

Not suitable for:

Short-haired people should avoid this size. It will not give them any benefit other than volume. However, on short hair, too much volume may look unnatural and cheap.

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Best 2-inch curling iron for Straight, silky, fine/thin hair:

Hot Tools - Super tool 2 inch

This type of hair is hard to curl without heat but it is also extra sensitive and easily gets damaged. Thus, Hot Tools -Supertool 2″ Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control is the best choice for Straight, silky, fine/thin hair type.

Detail explanation:

The 24 k gold barrel heats up evenly eliminating hot spots and makes the curls shiny and glossy. Start curling as closely as possible to the roots for lasting curls and set the hair with setting spray too. This curling iron gets hot in 60 seconds and stays hot due to its patented technology. The multi-heat settings of the Hot Tools -Supertool 2″ Curling Iron lets you control the heat for your particular needs. Always read the manual for direction about your specific hair type and use the recommended heat. You may start with the lowest setting and then gradually increase it but you should not go more than 200° Fahrenheit. Silky fine hairs are prone to get damaged, so you need to be extra careful. If there’s no instruction, you may call the helpline of the curling iron. Spring clamps don’t let your silky hair slip away while long tangle-free swivel cord, extra-long cool tip, and comfortable grip help you handle the curling iron better. This fantastic curling iron is available in 8 different sizes to cater to all your styling needs. The key features of the 2-inch curling iron are listed below,

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  • Patented Pulse Technology™ for ‘Gets Hot. Stays Hot’ performance
  • 24K gold – plated smooth barrel for shiny and glossy curls
  • Due to the extra sleek surface of the barrel, hair doesn’t get torn by sticking or snagging
  • 85 watts for fast heat up to 430 F or (220 C)
  • Variable heat settings with built-in rheostat control up to 430 degrees
  • Saves the last heat setting in its memory
  • Soft-Grip™ textured handle
  • Powerful spring clamp, as well as two replacement spring clamps, included
  • A heavy-duty long-life heating element
  • Foldaway safety stand
  • Extra-long cool tip to avoid burning fingertips
  • 8-ft. heavy-duty tangle-proof swivel cord for convenience
  • Solid-state circuitry ensuring safety
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds approx.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Unbeatable Price: $31.86

Hot Tools -Supertool 2″ Curling Iron – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Best 2-inch curling iron for Normal straight to wavy medium hair

MODEL 2111The 2″ CeramicTi® Tourmaline Spring Iron MODEL 2111′ is the best 2-inch curling iron for regular straight to wavy medium hair.

Detail explanation:

Ceramic releases far-infrared heat is preserving the natural moisture of the hair while Tourmaline emits negative ions to lock the hair cuticle to make your hair smoother and shinier. It will give you lasting waves while keeping your hair healthy and hydrated. Regular straight to wavy hair is neither thick nor thin. For this medium thickness, it is the perfect hair type to try out different styles. However, it doesn’t mean you can be careless. To form lasting curls medium hair needs more heat, but repeated exposure to harsh heat will make your hair dull and lifeless. Thus, to save your hair from becoming dry, rough and frizzy, we suggest the combination of Ceramic and tourmaline. The key features of the 2″ CeramicTi® Tourmaline Spring Iron MODEL 2111 is listed below,

  • Ceramic and tourmaline combination: Ceramic provides far-infrared heat retaining the natural moisture of the hair while Tourmaline emits negative ions to make hair shinier and smoother
  • Patented Pulse Technology is for Getting hot & staying hot performance
  • Rheostat heat control up to 430F to get lasting curls
  • Comfortable soft-grip handles with Extra-long cool tip for efficient handling
  • 8ft swivel cord for tangle-free operation for convenience
  • Includes two extra easy-to-replace springs just in case the spring gets loose or broke
  • Weight: not too heavy, 1.5 pounds approx.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service
  • Reasonable Price: $34.25

‘2″ CeramicTi Tourmaline Spring Iron MODEL 2111 – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Best 2-inch curling iron for thick, coarse, dry and curly hair:

Gold 'N Hot 24K Gold Coated Professional Spring IronGold ‘N Hot 24K Gold Coated Professional Spring Iron is the best 2-inch curling iron for thick, coarse dry and curly hair.

Detail explanation:

There is another 24K gold curling iron available in the market, but the reason we have selected Gold N’ Hot is stated in its name! The surface of the barrel is made of 24K gold for even heat distribution, and it gets really hot almost instantly which is what you need to tame down coarse, thick and curly hair. It doesn’t mean you can’t go small if you require to. It has a multi-temperature regulator or shortly MTR, with variable temperatures ranging from 200° to 500° Fahrenheit or 94° to 260° Celsius approximately. To tame the thick, coarse and curly hair, you need some powerful tool. Thus, we selected this curling iron which has a legacy of 25 years behind it. Since its launch more than 25 years ago, Gold ‘N Hot immediately became popular to the salon experts. It still is the no.1 selling brand in the specialized ethnic beauty markets. It simply delivers what you expect, and that is bouncy, shiny and smooth curls in minutes. If your hair is too dry, then you may use hydrating serums but don’t use anything that makes your hair heavy or greasy. The key features of the Gold ‘N Hot 24K Gold Coated Professional Spring Iron are as follows,

  • Super-hot: The range of temperature control starts from 200°F to 500°F or 94°C to 260°C,
  • The 24K gold barrel heats up instantly and evenly without hot spot damage
  • The curls don’t stick or snag and are smooth and glossy like the barrel itself
  • Weight: super light, 1.2 pounds
  • The temperature knob is mounted halfway down the cord, and not on the curling iron itself, so it’s less likely to change accidentally the heat setting while handling the curling iron, brilliantly designed
  • The clamp glides smoothly and doesn’t grip the hair too tightly to rip hair off
  • Cool tip to conveniently handle the curling iron without burning your fingertips
  • Built-in safety stand
  • 8 -feet swivel cord
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds, Lightweight
  • Warranty: Please contact the seller directly for warranty information for this product
  • Price: $23.95 + $8.69 shipping

Gold ‘N Hot 24K Coated Professional Spring Iron – Check Current Prices On Amazon

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