Hairstyles With A 2-Inch Curling Iron

Long curly hair

A 2-inch curling iron can make your hair so stylish. It is a jumbo iron machine, used to fake a blowout or to give a slight taste of curling hair. It is helpful for those who maintain long and medium length hair and want to have a natural look. There is no specific rule of styles and with a 2-inch curling, iron one can have many styles, motivated by one`s personality.

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Types of hairstyle with a 2-inch curling iron

  1. Loose and bumped curling: 2-inch curling iron is good for loose and bumped curling, where the curls are visibly not so deep. This kind of style only gives a bounce to all over the hair.
  2. Simple wavy hair: This style is done more beautifully by a 2-inch curling iron. It does nothing but creates long waves across the whole hair. It is very suitable for middle-aged woman, attending parties or any professional programs.
  3. Loose curls: 2-inch curling iron is basically for loose curls. It is very stylish.
  4. Simply round the ends of hair: This style is very popular with the teenagers and young girls because it gives them a natural, but stylish look. In this style, hair remains straight but gets a slightly curly look at the bottom. Teenagers can carry it easily.
  5. For excellent touch-up: Those, who want to remain very natural, can go for a 2-inch curling iron for an excellent touch-up. This is nothing, but a thorough touch up of the hair to give a perfect look.
  6. Loose side ponytail: Corporate women tend to have a ponytail to maintain the busy day. For a loose side ponytail, a 2-inch curling iron is very much effective. It gives a corporate, but a stylish look at the same time.
  7. Voluminous curl: If you have very long hair and you want volumes in your whole hair, a 2-inch curling iron is for you. It creates beautiful volumes in your hair.


Before curling hair, or having a new hairstyle, everyone needs to know about their hair at first. Those, who have straight hair, a 2-inch curling iron is an ideal thing for them to have a slightly curly taste. Those, who have curly or wavy hair, can change their styles or can add extra vibe to their hair by using it.

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