Drybar Curling Iron Reviews & Buying Guide

Should You Buy The Curling Iron or The Wand From The Drybar?

Drybar 3 Day Bender Vs Drybar Party Wrap Curling Wand
ImagesDrybar 3-day bender curling iron
Drybar 3-day bender curling iron
Drybar The Wrap Party Curling Wand
Drybar The Wrap Party Curling Wand
FeaturesDescription: Drybar 3-day bender is a Curling iron with the patented rotating barrel that wraps the hair around it itself while the gripping clamp securely hold the hair while curlingDescription: Drybar Party Wrap has a non-slip reverse tapered barrel but the barrel doesn’t rotate and not having a clamp makes it a little more difficult to handle for a novice
SuitabilitySuitable for all hair typesSuitable for all hair types
Best for
  • For every level of users

  • Amateurs with no prior experience using a curling iron can use it with minimum effort

  • It’s more user-friendly than the clamp-less non-rotating wand
  • For the intermediate to expert level

  • The people who are experienced in curling hair can handle it

  • Has a no-slip barrel but not self rotating and has no clamp to securely hold the hair
ColorDrybar’s signature Buttercup yellowDrybar’s signature Buttercup yellow
  • Ultra Lightweight

  • Ergonomic and easy to handle

  • 1.2 lbs.
  • Ergonomic and easy to handle

  • Light but weighs a little more than the curling iron

  • 1.6 lbs.
SizeAvailable in 1 inch and 1.25 inch barrelReverse tapered thus variable size in one barrel
  • Digital temperature control

  • Reaches upto 440°F/226°C
  • Digital temperature control

  • Reaches upto 450°F/232°C

Alli Webb is an experienced hairstylist who wanted people to have fun when they get their hair done so they feel excited to come to her salon and not feel bored

Motivated with this thought she decorated her salon like a bar, thus the name Drybar got popular very quickly amongst the fun-loving people.

Besides the enjoyable environment, her focus was to create voluminous blowouts.

However, unsatisfied with the available products in the market to create her ideal blowouts, Ali Webb designed a vast range of hair products and appliances to achieve her target

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She co-founded and launched Drybar hair appliances together with her brother, Michael Landau and her husband Cameron Webb in 2013

Michael’s wife, Sarah Landau has also joined the Drybar making it an all-around family business and they maintain the same homely environment to date.

However, they believe their family is not limited to themselves but every single employee and customer is a part of their ever-growing family.

Below we have analyzed the Drybar curling irons considering from the following categories such as hair care, design, mechanical, technical and economic viewpoints along with the safety and other noticeable features too

Analytical Assessment: Why should you buy Drybar curling irons?

Drybar curling irons are not cheap but people who give utmost priority to the health of their hair will delightfully invest to keep their crowning glory safe

It is built using advanced damage-free nano-ionic technology and healthy Far Infra-red heat

People also got hooked onto the Drybar curling irons quickly because it is the most user-friendly curling iron too! The amateurs with little to no experience in using a curling iron can curl their hair using this like a pro

As an experienced hairstylist, Ali Webb understood that not everyone can handle a curling iron like a professional

Thus she designed this curling iron with a rotating barrel that with a little twist wraps hair on to itself and a clamp to firmly hold the section so the curls are uniform and long-lasting

People who don’t have a lot of experience in curling hair themselves either damage their hair by overexposing to the excess heat or get tacky result due to not enough heat

Drybar is built to show temperature digitally so you don’t have to guess how hot it is and will get a uniform result with minimum effort

The Design of The Drybar Curling Irons:

Design Sence Of Drybar Curling Irons

  • The bubbly lively buttercup yellow is the signature color of their products including the curling irons
  • The barrel is infused with a mix of 32 natural minerals that when heated releases beneficial negative ions to deeply condition the hair, making it stronger and healthier
  • FAR infra-red healthy heat works fast and seals the cuticles to eliminate frizz and make the curls long-lasting and shinier in minutes
  • The Drybar curling irons has a 360° rotating barrel and a swivel cord so you won’t get tangled as well as a clamp to assist you to hold the hair while curling
  • The rotating barrel helps to wrap hair saving you time and energy and giving you a salon posh look conveniently at your home
  • Designed with dual ceramic heaters to heat up fast and can reach up to 440°F/226°C to make the thickest and longest hair to hold the shape
  • It has user-friendly digital temperature control to accurately control the heat for all types of hair
  • The Drybar curling irons are designed with high torque DC motor to make these powerful yet lightweight so your hands don’t get tired even if you have a lot of thick hair to curl
  • In case you forgotten to turn it off in a hurry it is designed to shut down after 30 minutes automatically thus help avoid accidents

Mechanical Viewpoints:

  • These hair dryers are built to last a long time
  • It’s suitable and gentle for frequent users and easy to handle all by yourself
  • The digital temperature reading tells you how hot your curling iron is so you can measure the time it takes to curl each section of your hair at a certain temperature and have a top to a bottom salon perfect uniform curls every single time
  • Drybar curling irons are suffused with a blend of 32 organic material releasing negative ions to style your hair safely and make the curls healthier and shinier too
  • FAR infrared heat works faster and gives you lasting curls without frying your hair

Technical viewpoints

Technical Sence Of Drybar Curling Irons

  • Nano-ionic and healthy FAR infra-red technology is used to build these curling irons blend of 32 different minerals infused in the barrel discharges healthy negative ions when heated. These negative ions break down the water molecules of your wet hair into even more tinier bits these little water droplets can easily penetrate the hair shaft through the cuticle and make the hair shaft supple and deeply conditioned Far infrared heat works from inside out molding your hair into desirable curls as well as seals of the cuticles eliminating frizz making your hair shinier and healthier at the same time
  • It eliminates overdrying and makes your curls glossy and long-lasting without making them stiff, rough and dry to touch
  • Ergonomic handle keeps your hand comfortable while you are curling your hair or handling one client after another
  • No need to twist your wrist! The clamp keeps the hair in place while by twisting the rotating barrel just with your finger you can quickly wrap and curl the hair
  • Drybar curling iron significantly curls your hair faster than the ordinary curling irons
  • Set the temperature according to the thickness and length of your hair to achieve the best curls
  • Create kinkier spirals by curling smaller section while for bigger waves take wider sections

Safety features and other attributes

Drybar curling iron automatically shuts down after 30 minutes and prevents fire hazard due to melting or damage caused by the over-heating of the device itself


The price range is above 150 and below $200 so the Drybar is not the most economic curling iron

However, if you are a serious curly hair fanatic and wish to curl your hair frequently then you should invest in this curling iron for the professional and flawless result at home

Final evaluation:

After considering neutrally from the following angles like hair care, design, mechanical, technical and functional aspects as well as safety features and the price, we conclude that Dryber curling irons are the Best Digital Nano-Ionic Curling Irons Suitable for All Hair Types

You can count on it for flawless performance! The Drybar curling irons will not let you down and give you perfect curls every single time without damaging your hair

The Drybar curling iron reviews according to the models available

Given below are the different models of the Drybar curling irons and their features briefly

Product NameFeaturesColor & WeightTemperature
Drybar 3 Day Bender
1Inch barrel
  • Negative ionic technology and Far infra-red heat

  • Patented rotating barrel

  • Supporting clamp to hold the hair in place

  • High torque DC motor

  • Lightweight and easy to use

  • Durable

  • Suitable for all hair types

  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty
  • Buttercup yellow Color

  • 1 lbs. approx
Drybar 3 Day Bender 1.25 Inches barrel
  • Negative ionic technology and Far infra-red heat

  • Patented rotating barrel

  • Supporting clamp to hold the hair in place

  • High torque DC motor

  • Lightweight and easy to use

  • Durable

  • Suitable for all hair types

  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty
  • Buttercup yellow Color

  • 1.2 lbs. approx
Drybar The Wrap Party Hair Styling Wand
  • Negative ionic technology and Far infra-red heat

  • High torque DC motor

  • Lightweight and easy to use

  • Durable

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Buttercup yellow Color

  • 1.6 lbs.

Recommended Drybar curling iron from our experts

We highly recommend the official curling iron of the Drybar, Drybar 3day bender as the Best Nano-Ionic Digital Curling Iron for All Hair Types.

Best Nano-Ionic Digital Curling Iron for All Hair Types: Drybar 3day bender

Drybar 3day Bender

Drybar 3 day bender is not just adorable but capable of handling all types of hair creating lasting, bouncy and gorgeous curls every single time.

The lightweight high torque DC motor reaches up to 440°F/226°C quickly and helps to create long-lasting curls on the most stubborn and thick to pin-straight silky hair

If your hair is already damaged or you are afraid of curling using heat then relax. Drybar 3 day bender is built with the nano-ionic technology and FAR infra-red heat that will not cause harm to your hair

The nano-ionic material infused in the barrel releases health promoting negative ions. These negative ions break the water on your wet hair into tinier particles

These water particles then penetrate through the cuticles and make the hair shaft supple and hydrated

The FAR infrared heat molds the hair from within sealing the cuticles trapping the moisture inside creating long-lasting curls on any type of hair making it healthier and shinier

Another attractive feature of the Drybar 3 Day Bender is the digital temperature control

This doesn’t keep you guessing about how hot your curling iron is thus you get even, uniform result and salon posh look every single time and not the tacky and done-at-home look that we all dread

Once you figure out the best suitable temperature for your hair, you will always get the same uniform perfect result in seconds and that is from the comfort and convenience of your home hassle-free!

Drybar 3day Bender – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Not recommended Drybar curling wand from our experts

We don’t recommend the Drybar Party Wrap wand as it is a bit trickier to handle than the curling iron. For instance, the barrel doesn’t rotate to wrap hair quickly

It doesn’t have a clamp either to securely hold longer and thicker hair thus we don’t suggest it, especially for a novice.

If you are a wand user already and you are experienced in curling hair with a clamp-less tong then you may buy it


Drybar assures quality and voluminous hair fast without damage! It’s reliable, user-friendly and one of the most well-reputed digital curling irons of 2020 suitable for all hair types

The flawless result will uplift your mood and turn your average hair days into great hair days with compliments after compliments

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