How to convert a single voltage curling iron to a dual voltage curling iron?

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Do you love traveling? Do you have two or more homes? Then you are right on the day! Traveling cannot stop your hair to be in style. Not anymore! Toning with the voltage of your traveling destination is not possible? Days are passed when you needed to leave your favorite curling irons at home because of these reasons.

Today, most of the curling iron brands offer you scores of irons that support dual voltage. And if your curling iron doesn’t, you do not need to be offended. Now, with the help of a voltage converter, you can convert the voltage into whatever voltage you want.

Single Voltage or Dual Voltage

Before you prepare to buy any voltage converter, know what it is. In this whole world, you will only get two kinds of voltage.

  • Single Voltage: 110-120v
  • Dual Voltage:    220-240v

The USA and Canada are the countries of 110-120v single voltage and there are other countries like Australia and other European countries that have a dual voltage of 220-240. Only, North America has a voltage range of 110-125v. If you are from any American country then traveling to any European country may require you dual voltage or worldwide voltage. This is where we are going to use a Voltage Converter or Voltage Transformer.

Adapters or Voltage Converters

People often mislead that adapters (often called WATT CONVERTER) and voltage converters are the same. No! Note that, Adapters and Converters are two dissimilar equipment and they do a different job for you. To provide you clear guidance, we are explaining these two to clarify all sorts of perplexities.

At the outset, we will let you know about adapters. It is a need of every traveler and if you travel you should purchase this to keep pace with different regions. An adapter is just an appliance that will help you to plug your device into the electrical socket. The adapters have nothing to do with changing electrical output or voltage of any country.  As we know, many countries have devices of the two-prong plug that fits in the two-prong socket. Others have three-prong plug sockets (with an additional round or rectangular prong.) The shape three-prong sockets vary from country to country. The adapter is just to aid you in plugging the device.

Note: Countries bearing the same voltage may have variation in their sockets. It is better to keep a set of adapters that will go for every country.

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Let us talk about Converters. Generally, travelers are familiar with the term Voltage Converter. This is what changes or alters your voltage. This is considered to be a heavy device. With the help of a voltage converter, if you visit any country out of the USA then you can still use your devices that you use at your home. As the USA has a voltage of 110-120v, the converter changes the voltage and makes the voltage suitable for your device. Being a dual-voltage-country, ff any country has a voltage of 220-240v, the converter will convert the voltage into 220-240v to go with your device.

Note: Always use a converter with an adapter (if needed) and know about how much voltage your curling iron can hold. The other thing you got to know is, if you want the same outcome that you use to have at home by using a converter then it may disappoint you a little. Converters work above average but not that perfect.  

Directives and Instructions

Why compromising in being beautiful? No need to buy new curling irons for your travel destination. All you need is to convert the voltage and go with your home-favorite curling iron. Follow our tips from tip to toe to have the ideal curls you always had.

  • Initially, know about your own country. The voltage and socket settings are the really important stuff. Usually, American countries have a voltage of 110-110v
  • Secondly, know about the country where you are traveling. Collect information about their voltage and their socket shape perfectly. You only need a voltage converter if you are visiting a country that has a dual voltage of 220-240v.
  • Accumulate information about your curling iron. Identify it has any feature of dual voltage or not. If it already has a feature of dual voltage then you will only need an adapter that fits in the socket of your desired country. If not, then you can buy a converter for using it out of the USA.
  • Before using any converter, learn from the manufacturer, if it has the power to take 220v or not (follow the device instruction label.) If not then don’t try to use a converter, it’ll destroy your device.
  • You are ready to go! Insert the plug of your curling iron into the back part of the converter. If the converter’s plug fits into the socket of the foreign country then insert the plug into the socket. It not, then use the required adapter with your converter’s plug to plug it into the socket. You’re done! Switch on the converter and your curling iron and use it as you want!

By following these guidelines you can use your curling iron anywhere in this world. We will recommend you to select
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