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The term Big Curls belongs to the curling family yet it is the modernized or styled form of basic traditional curls. Big curls reoffer to the idea of lying somewhere in between the curls and the waves. These curls are quite in big in size than the regular curls we witness. Present visual media has been overwhelmed with this trendy hairstyle. From the dazzling red carpets to an on the go party, stars have been witnessed to adopt this hairstyle every now and then. Recent covers of some leading magazines such as Allure and Elle has been witnessed to flaunt big curls. Stars like Gigi Hadid, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Gisele Bundchen, Bella Hadid, Brooklyn Decker, Selena Gomez, Blake Lively and much more have been seen to rock the lavishing events with this luscious hairstyle. With this article, you will receive an all in all information about big curls and suggested curling gadget as per the requirements.

What are Big Curls?

This hairstyle is actually an evolved form of curls or you can simply note it as soft curls. This hairstyle comes with a visual of the idea of a firm and big S-shaped curls” or I shall rather say waves that have the length of 1″ to 2″. It is a kind of hairstyle, which is both curly and messy but also not too curly or too messy. This hairstyle is neither a curly nor a straight clan belonging rather it belongs to the wavy criteria. This very hairstyle is originated from curls and is moderated into loose curls that are neither wavy nor curly rather it is just an S-shaped bigger sized curl. At a glance big curls are

  • Big and firm S-shaped loose Curls
  • Originated from curls and got moderated
  • Lies somewhere in between waves and curls

Let us analysis if your hairs are Big curls friendly or not

Every hairstyle demands some definite feature to come out as the best one. While adapting big curls you must be aware of whether your hairs or facial shape is big curls friendly or not. A wrong pick can lead you to an almost fashion blunder. Whether you may go for big curls or not depends on these aspects stated below:

Hair Density

  • As usual thick hairs appear magnificent styled with luscious big curls. However, due to the larger length of these curls, big curls add volume to hairs. Extra- thick hairs may sometimes appear to be a bit unkempt or messy.
  • Fine hairs demand hairstyles that add volume to hairs so that they come out as a bit thicker. In this case, big curls are the perfect hairstyle to suit for fine hairs as it adds volume to hairs.

Hair Length

  • Big Curl is a hairstyle that demands apparently long or extra- long hairs to hold these larger sized curls. Usually, Big Curls are the curls with a big length and this specific length demands long hairs.
  • Big curls look gorgeous on medium length. According to me, for medium length or shoulder length hairs, Big Curls is the best pick as medium length hairs carry Big Curls the best.
  • Shorthairs are not suitable for Big Curls. If you will style your short hairs with Big Curls, there is a certain possibility of witnessing no effect on your looks. However, short thick hairs sometimes look good with big curls. However, short thin hairs apparently turn out to be a disaster in big curls.

Facial Shape

Round and oval shaped face is perfect for Big Curls. It covers your face and your extra chin gets invisible. However, the heart-shaped and the diamond-shaped faces are not as appealing as the round or oval-shaped for Big Curls.

Diversity of Big Curls

This soft curly hairstyle has piles of flexibilities but not all the type will come out as the soothing one. They are:

  • Full Big Curls
  • Lower Big Curls
  • Tight Big Curls
  • Beachy Big Curls
  • Ombre Big Curls
  • Old Hollywood Big Curls
  • Loose Big Curls
  • Big Bouncy Curls

For more information on the types of big curls, you can go through the “Curling Irons for different types of big curls”.

Ultimate Curling Iron Guideline for Big Curls

Curling Iron For Big Curls

1. Choosing the Right Curling Iron Type

Curling iron type is very important when you are up to styling your hair. For certain types of curls, you may need certain types of a curling iron. There are different types of curling irons are prevailing in the market such as marcel irons, cylindrical irons, conical irons, tapered irons, bubble irons and much more. But to create big curls you will need specific curling irons for better results. Here you go with the suggested curling irons for big curls:

Tapered Curling Iron:

Tapered curling irons are the most versatile type of curling iron. This curling iron is just perfect for creating big curls. While using the tapered barrel user may use the narrow part of the barrel to achieve the best look.

Conical Curling Iron:

A conical curling iron works great with big curls. This type of barrels creates flawless big curls. While creating big curls users should use the narrow part of the barrels to maintain the tightness of curls.

If the above two types are not available in the market, then you can use the following types as an alternative.

Marcel Curling Iron:

Marcel curling irons are the best for holding the curls in right place and to create the more versatile type of curls. Marcel curling irons can be used to create perfect big curls. It holds the curls in right place.

Note: For beginners, marcel curling irons are highly prohibited. Only experts may use a marcel curling iron.

Cylindrical Curling Iron:

Besides this curling irons, you can pick cylindrical or regular curling irons for creating any type of curls. Regular cylindrical curling irons are considered as the universal curling iron that can go with every type of curls and waves. So, if you are out of stock of the recommended curling irons, you can pick any of the regular curling irons to create big curls.

2. Choosing the Right Temperature Range

All the other features can be considered as the secondary ones but the primary feature that actually ensures the best curling is temperature. The way a moderate temperature assures the finest curls for the longest time being the same way it protects hairs from being damaged. Curling irons with the temperature range of 250F to 430F are perfect for creating eye-catching Big Curls.

3. Choosing the Right Barrel Sizes

Big Curls demand relatively wide barrels. These curls are bigger in size and usually, they demand the largest sizes of barrels. Barrel sizes from 1″ to 2″ are just perfect for Big Curls but the ideal barrel length is 1.5″.

4. Choosing the Right Angle

Horizontal holding creates bigger curls.

You have to make up your mind about the type of Big Curls you want. There are some basic individual requirements that must be followed when you are up to buying a curling iron. I have shortlisted some brands which may meet up with these features. At first, let us go through the initial information about them and later we will survey a table and will come to a conclusion on which product is appropriate for the individual types.

HairstyleBig Curls
Suggested Curling Iron typeSuggestedTapered Curling Iron, Conical Curling Iron
AlternativeMarcel Curling Iron, Cylindrical Curling Iron
Suggested Temperature RangeModerate: 250F to 430F
Suggested Barrel Sizes 1" to 2"
Suggested Angle for GripHorizontal

Our Proposed Best Individual Curling Irons for Big Curls

Hot Tools 2″ Gold Plated Salon Curling Iron – Best for Lower Big Curls and Loose Big Curls

Hot Tools 2" Gold Plated Salon Curling Iron

Why Should You Buy Hot Tools 2″ Gold Plated Salon Curling Iron/Wand?

This curling iron has ensured all the mandatory features for Lower and Loose Big Curls. Again the Gold plated barrels that can tolerate the highest heat without being damaged along with the temperature range (Up to 410F) has made this curling iron irreplaceable for Lower and Loose Big Curls. If you do not want to change the curling iron very often, you may choose this one, as Gold coated barrels are highly durable.

Curling Iron type:  Lower and Loose big curls need cylindrical barrels. This curling iron is cylindrical curling iron.

Temperature Range: Lower Big Curls need 220F – 380F temperature range and Loose Big curls need 250F – 390F. This curling iron has a temperature range that is 0F to 410F.

Barrel Size: Lower and Loose big curls need 2-inch sized barrels. Hot Tools 2″ Gold Plated Salon Curling Iron has a 2-inch barrel.


  • One year warranty
  • Extremely Durable


  • Gold Barrels Often get very hot

At a Glance:

HairstylesLower Big CurlsLoose Big Curls
Curling Iron TypeCylindrical Curling Iron
Temperature220F - 380F250F - 390F
Barrel Size:2 inch
Suggested ProductHot Tools 2" Gold Plated Salon Curling Iron

Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, the Cone- Best for Ombre Big Curls

Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron

Why should you buy Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, The Cone?

This curling iron is the best in the market for its professional like work efficient. Besides, it accomplishes all the necessary features that are needed for Ombre Big Curls. Among some significant high techno features the Innovative, Therma Tru(Tm) Ceramic Technology makes your styling process way easier and faster. Therefore, girls who are always on the go may go for this baby.

Curling Iron Type: Ombre Big Curls need a conical barrel and our proposed curling iron is a conical curling iron.

Temperature Range: Ombre Big Curls need a moderate temperature of around 0F to 380F and our proposed product has the extract temperature range of 0F to 380F.

Barrel size: We need 1″ barrel to create perfect Ombre Big curls and Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron has 1″ barrel diameter.


  • Barrel Material: Ceramic
  • swivel cord: 9 feet


  • Expensive

At a Glance:

HairstyleOmbre Big Curls
Curling Iron TypeConical
Temperature0F to 380F
Barrel Size1 inch
Suggested ProductSultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, The Cone

T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand- Best for Beachy big Curls and Full Big Curls

T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand

Why should you buy T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand?

Along with all the necessary features for Beachy and Full Big Curls, this supreme curling iron has the most commendable techno aspects in the market. You will never find a curling apart from this one using rocket science. Again, the Temperature Range (260F- 410F) and Tapered Barrel Length (1.25″) is appropriate for Beachy and Full Big Curls.

Curling Iron type:  Beachy and Full big curls need Tapered barrels. This curling iron has tapered barrel along with cylindrical barrels.

Temperature Range: Beachy Big Curls need 260F – 400F temperature range and Full Big curls need 230F – 390F. This curling iron has a temperature range that is from 260F to 410F.

Barrel Size:  Beachy and Full big curls need 1.25-inch sized barrels. T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand has a 1.25″ tapered barrel.


  • Tourmaline Ceramic Barrel Material: This crystal-born silicate material broods 20 times extra moisture sealing ions that lock the moisture in roots and smooth hairs along with a silky volume.
  • T3 SoftAire Technology
  • T3 Single Pass Technology
  • T3 Gyroscopic Technology
  • Auto Rotation Technology
  • Auto shut off
  • Five Heat Settings


  • Expensive

At a Glance:

HairstylesBeachy Big CurlsFull Big Curls
Curling Iron TypeTapered Curling Iron

260F- 400F260F- 400F
Barrel Size:1.25 inch
Suggested ProductT3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand

HOT TOOLS 1182 Marcel Curling Iron – Best for Tight Big Curls, Old Hollywood Big Curls, and Big Bouncy Curls

HOT TOOLS 1182 Marcel Curling Iron

Why should you buy HOT TOOLS 1182 Marcel Curling Iron?

This extraordinary curling iron has nutrient and conditioning barrel infused with Gold has added extreme hair nourishing values.

Curling Iron type:  Tight, Old Hollywood Big Curls and big bouncy curls need a marcel curling iron to hold the curls in right place. Our suggested curling iron is the Marcel curling iron.

Temperature Range: Tight Big Curls need 250F – 390F temperature range and Old Hollywood Big curls need 250F – 400F and big bouncy curls need 300F- 400F temperature range. This curling iron has a temperature range that is from up to 0F to 430F.

Barrel Size:  Tight, Old Hollywood Big Curls and big bouncy curls need 1.5-inch sized barrels. HOT TOOLS 1182 Marcel Curling Iron, Gold/Black has a 1.5″ tapered barrel.


  • Heat Rheostat Technology
  • 30 Multiple Heat Settings
  • Dual Voltage
  • On/Off Switch
  • Tangle Free Swivel Cord


  • Gold barrels sometimes become very hot

At a Glance:

HairstylesTight Big CurlsOld Hollywood Big CurlsBig Bouncy Curls
Curling Iron TypeMarcel Curling Iron
Temperature250F- 3900F250F - 400F300F- 400F
Barrel Size:1.5 inch1.5 inch1.5 inch
Suggested ProductHOT TOOLS 1182 Marcel Curling Iron, Gold/Black, 1 1/2 Inch

At a Glance the Appropriate Curling Irons For Different Types of Big Curls

Suggested ProductsTypes of Big Curls
Hot Tools 2" Gold Plated Salon Curling IronLower Big Curls and Loose Big Curls
Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, The ConeOmbre Big Curls
T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling WandBeachy big Curls
Full Big Curls
HOT TOOLS 1182 Marcel Curling IronTight Big Curls
Old Hollywood Big Curls
Big Bouncy Curls

Why I Won’t Suggest Interchangeable Curling Iron For Big Curls?

Interchangeable Curling Iron
Big Curls have an immense diversity in its classification. Therefore, there are individual products to cover each type of curls. However, sometimes it becomes hectic and at the same time expensive to buy three or four products. In that case, it would be economical if I could suggest any of the interchangeable curling irons. But the blunder appears here, despite doing a subtle analysis I got to know that none of the interchangeable curling irons are applicable for meeting the requirements of the big curls. As per my research, the leading brands that have launched interchangeable curling iron are PARWIN PRO, Howitt, xtava, NexGadget, Zealite, Irresistible Me, Ohuhu and so on. But the problem is all the brands fail to launch barrel size above 1.25″ and the alignment of the required barrel type. In short, the basic limitations are:

  • No available barrel above 1.25″
  • No available alignment of required barrel type.

Due to these valid limitations, I am not going to suggest any of the interchangeable curling iron for Big Curls.


Big Curls has reached the highest epitome of fame and glam values in present times. I can feel the urge of women to adopt this hairstyle to rock their look. This very hairstyle can be worn as both in a simple manner and in a glamorous way. From your day-to-day life to hard party, big curl is a hairstyle that will enhance your beauty to an extent. And to create the perfect big curls you need to know the A to Z of this hairstyle and required gadget as per the different categories.

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