3 Best Tourmaline Curling Irons 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

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Women love to style their hair differently. Lots of styling tools can help you to pick any style at home.

Hair curling is one of the easiest ways to style women’s hair and make a different look for a short time. One can curl their hair quickly by using Curling Iron according to their hair type. You will get various kinds of technologies in the market while searching for a curling iron. Tourmaline Curling Iron is one of the well-known technologies for hair curling.

What is Tourmaline Technology?

Tourmalines are the only resource of negative ions and far-infrared heats of natural mineral on earth that generates electricity. This negative ions and heats are useful for hair. Some styling tools like the dryer, wand, iron, etc. in the cosmetic industry are adequate to style your hair quickly with Tourmaline Technology if it suits your hair type.

Tourmaline Curling Iron

We know that which hair curling iron emits negative ions most and also generates infrared heats, it is sufficient for hair styling. Tourmaline Curling Iron also does the same. It produces negative ions and heats which protect the hair cuticles, locks the hair moisture and gives your hair an extra smooth and shiny look.

Why Tourmaline Curling Iron is better technology than others?

Like Ceramic Curling Iron, Tourmaline hair curling iron also emits negatives ions and generates far-infrared heats. But the amount of benefits are larger than ceramic. It reduces hair damages more than a ceramic curling iron. And also, it lacks the natural moisture of the hair and make your coarse, thick hair more frizz-free and makes hair smooth than a ceramic curling iron does.

Some metal curling irons (e.g. Aluminium) make less efficient results which can damage the hair most because of their less advanced technology. Their iron surfaces are also not smooth than a tourmaline curling iron.

Tourmaline curling irons are also lighter than other technologies, and So using tourmaline is an excellent choice to create soft shiny curls without chipping hairs into the curling irons like other less expensive technologies.

Best for:

  • Standard to Medium-thick coarse hair
  • Damaged, Frizzy Hair
  • Usual use

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Benefits of Tourmaline Curling Iron

  • Tourmaline makes the iron surface extremely smooth that hair does not stick and generates elegant curls.
  • Negatives ions take perfect care of your hair cuticles.
  • Tourmaline seals the natural moisture of the hair that helps to reduce hair damage.
  • Tourmaline Curling Iron makes thick hair frizz-free that hair gets extra softness.
  • Create longer-lasting curls with perfect effect.
  • Tourmaline curling iron has the professional qualities that one can get saloon curls at home.
  • Makes curls faster that saves time.

Things to Consider

  • Tourmaline curling irons are a little bit costly than other technologies.
  • Infuse with other technologies only for better performance on curly and frizzy hairs.

Few effects you should look for in a Best Curling Iron

Verify some things before buying your Best Curling Iron. Here they are—

  • The perfect size of the barrel to make curls
  • Quality of the iron materials
  • Heat settings according to hair types
  • User-friendly or not
  • Working capabilities

Recommended Curling Irons

Tourmaline hair styling tools infused with other different materials like Ceramic for best results. It’s really difficult to find the pure tourmaline curling iron. Here is given some good curling irons according to their good features and performance.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic 1-1/2-Inch Curling Iron

With the benefits of powerful tourmaline ceramic technology and highly even heat distribution, this curling iron has a superb quality of performance which makes it a popular curling iron among massive users. It protects hair from damages and also gives hair an extra healthy shininess.

About the Product


  • Reduces hot spots and frizzes or healthy hair
  • For long-lasting curls, it generates 400°F highest heats
  • Added even ceramic surface for finest performance
  • Multiple heat settings
  • automatic shut off
  • Inexpensive price
  • Secure handy cover
  • Extended Swivel chord
  • Price: $19.97
  • Five years warranty


  • The position of on/off switch is not good
  • It gets too hot that the user should be careful before place it while using

Infiniti Pro by Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron; 1 1/2-inch – Check Current Prices On Amazon

XTAVA Professional 5-in-1 Curling Iron – Hair Curler – Curls (Black)

With five different curling barrels, this curling iron offers maximum versatile curls from beach wave to stiff curls.

About the Product


  • Ceramic Tourmaline Technology for even sparkly curls.
  • 8 feet long cord
  • Auto shut-off function
  • Portable Curling Iron
  • Dual Voltage Capability
  • Get the desired temperature quickly
  • Cool down fairly
  • Price: $39


  • No cool touch tip
  • No heat resistive gloves
  • Does not have heat adjustment

XTAVA Professional 5-in-1 Curling Iron – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Bed Head Bh318 Curli Pops Tourmaline Ceramic Tapered Curling Iron, 1 Inch, Pink

This curling iron generates even heats that help to create tight to loose curls. Its tourmaline ceramic technology gives hair an extra smooth shine and also protects from hair damages.

About the Product


  • The Tapered Barrel creates free to tight curls from top to bottom of the hair
  • It creates frizz-free and sparkly curling styles
  • Secure hand glove
  • Indicator light with On/off switch
  • Tangle-free cord
  • Price: $19.05


  • Comparatively, this iron takes time to get hot
  • Curls do not last for a long time

Bed Head Bh318 Curli Pops Tourmaline Ceramic Tapered Curling Iron – Check Current Prices On Amazon

All three products are nice to use for hair curling. But the first one will be more beneficial. It comes at an inexpensive price with high heat settings and best working performance.


One can enhance their hairstyles with curls by using different curling irons. But if you have a thick and coarse hair and want to make a curly hairstyle, it will be helpful for you to select a perfect Tourmaline Curling Iron. This article will help you to think about some things that will provide you a good assumption about curling irons. So select your Best Ceramic Tourmaline Iron according to your hair type!