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Sultra is an internationally recognized haircare brand that is known for its global acceptance by the celebrities and hair experts. This chic brand offers all in all hair products that are beyond the mainstream. Sultra has been manufacturing different types of posh hair products such as shampoo, hairspray, blow dryers, and flat irons and last but not the least curling irons. However, this brand has received an acknowledgment for all the products but it is precisely praised for its amazing line of outstanding curling irons that flaunt some exclusive shaped barrel that is never seen in the trade market before. This brand comes with oval and gripped cone-shaped barrels that are the latest edition in curling iron territory. These differently shaped barrels perform dual facilities and cover maximum types of hairstyling. Recently the Vogue magazine campaign was associated with this brand’s curling gadgets. Winning of 2014, Curling Tool Editor’s Pick Award has added extra limb light to its stardom.

Analytical Assessment: Why should you Buy Sultra Curling Irons?

An analytical unbiased overview is mandatory when you are up to buying a product as it gives your purchase a rational shot. Let us go through the critical overview of Sultra Curling Iron products:

Analytical Assessment Of Sultra Curling Iron

Mechanical Viewpoints:

Barrel Material:

A good barrel material can be proved as nutritious for your hairs; on the contrary, a bad barrel material may lead your hairs to split ends and damage. Sultra curling irons flaunt ceramic barrels, which has recently achieved much fame for its nutritive values. Ceramic barrels get hot faster thus; it fastens your hair curling process. Again, ceramic is a gemstone that discharges negative ions and these negative ions fight back against positive ions, which are considered as the most valid reason behind hair damaging. Negative ions keep hairs hydrated by locking the moisture in the hair follicles. Moreover, ceramic barrels provide an even heat system which is the main factor behind hair health. Negative ions also ensure infrared technology that keeps the hairs silky, smooth and super soft.

Temperature Range:

Temperature range is the key feature to determine the curls’ quality and durability. According to some, dependable studies hairs, demand for moderate temperature and moderate temperature can also perform every kind of curls from beachy waves to spiral ones. Sultra curling irons feature a moderate temperature of 380F. This temperature is so sober that it does not harm your hairs rather it is extremely suitable for color-treated, damp and damaged hairs. This 380F temperature is okay for your hair tolerance. With this moderate temperature, constant heating will not cause hair damage. Therefore, everyday hair styling is on with Sultra Curling Gadgets.

Exclusive Barrel flexibility:

This brand has featured an amazing range of barrel sizes. However, this brand produces a limited edition of curling irons but it has so many flexible barrels that it covers almost every type of styles. Barrel sizes are important to determine your curl type. If you like short curls, you will need a barrel somewhere holding the size of .75″. Again, if you need bigger curls, you may stick to 1.5inches barrels. Sultra products have some unique sized barrels along with some larger than life barrel related features. Let us put a glance over the exceptionality of barrels:

Oval Shaped Barrel:

This unique addition is the latest one. Sultra has come with an oval-shaped barrel curling iron to give you a more luscious and admirable look. This oval-shaped barrel makes fuller curls and adds super volume to it. This unique feature has been introduced considering the girls with thin and fine hairs. This barrel has a relatively wide surface than rod-shaped barrels and thus it makes hairs curly in a perfect manner.

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Cone Shaped Barrel:

Sultra has curling iron with exclusive cone-shaped barrels. These barrels have special manufacturing. This kind of barrels is chunky at the top and quite thinner at the bottom. These barrels ensure two in one facility. You can use both the bottom and top part according to your needs. Tapered barrels are mostly of 1 inch.

Gripper Barrels:

Sultra product works on ensuring hair health and making the whole styling process way easier. Thus, it has featured a gripper barrel that has never been seen before. Gripper barrels have grippers on them that work like clamps and hold the hairs perfectly with the barrel surface. However, clamps hold hairs with nearly half of the barrels but grippers hold them with the full surface. Therefore, grippers are somewhere a modernized and easy to use a form of clamps.

Reverse Cone

Sultra has a product with a reverse cone barrel. This unique shape of the barrel has mastered holding hairs perfectly. Due to the right contact of barrel surface and hairs, it comes out as perfect curls.

Overall Assessment:

Sultra curling irons have excelled all the categories of mechanical aspects. Nutritive barrel material, moderate and hair health-friendly temperature range along with an immense barrel diversity made the mechanical features strong.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Outstanding, 5/5

Technical Viewpoints:

Technical Viewpoints Of Sultra Curling Iron

Therma Tru(Tm) Ceramic Technology:

This technology refers to an inner chipset that ensures creating curls without damaging hairs. This ultra-technology creates maximum negative ions that work for boosting up hair health. Negative ions also enhance the rapid growth of being shot of ceramic. However, along with heating the barrels, these ions also keep the hairs hydrated and make them damage-free. Negative ions protect hairs and make them shiny, silky and smooth. This technology also reduces hair-burning risks due to the evenly heated barrels.

Multiple Heat Settings:

This technology is a heat maintenance technology that adjusts the temperature according to the user’s needs. This technology is an amazing one as it ensures our desired curls and plays an important role in hair health too. The users can simply determine the temperature according to their hair and curl type. Sultra products have five heat settings multiple technologies that help to determine the temperature. If you feel like the temperature is getting hotter, you may just adjust the temperature with this technology. This technology prevents hair burning by enabling the users to adjust the temperature according to their needs.

Dual Voltage:

Sultra Curling irons have a world voltage system that supports every country of this globe. This international product gives you the chance to carry your curling gadget with you while traveling due to this amazing feature.

Overall Assessment:

Sultra curling irons have all the basic technical aspects. Still, it lacks some high tech features as the other brands within this high price range are using some kind of rocket science in their techno aspects. Therefore, there are many scopes to enhance this outlook.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Average, 3.5/5

Functional Viewpoints:

Hairstyles Of Sultra Curling Iron

These curling irons produce multiple styles of curls such as Defined Curls, Mermaid Curls, Uniform Spiral Curls, Beachy Waves, Natural Waves, Textured Waves, Loose Curls, Tousled Curls, Glam Waves, Full-bodied Waves, Flipped Ends, Volume Curls with Bends, Voluminous waves, loose waves, Blowout Waves, Ombre Curls, Spiral Curls, Neat Beachy Curls, and Kinky Curls.

Overall Assessment:

The variety in barrel sizes has enabled the curling irons to promise luscious curls that are enough to hold everyone’s eye on you. These curling gadgets keep it up with trendy professional red carpet look at its best.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Fantastic, 5/5

Design Viewpoints:

  • Classy color
  • Lucid External Appearance

These curling gadgets come with black the color that defines the adjectives classy or sophisticated. This sleek color looks extremely stylish and vibrant. These curling irons not only make gorgeous curls but also manage to look beautiful. These products are something you must boast about outlooks.

These gadgets have lucid directions inscribed in the body thus; the users may not get any kind of confusions. The clear on/off switch inscribed in the front part of the body gives clear-cut directions to the users. No chunky designs, nothing like old traditional things but these curling irons have set the trend of their own.

Overall Assessment:

Sultra curling irons look so gorgeous that they can hold anyone’s eye on them. Basic materials, unusual designs, sleek colors have made these products so beautiful to look at.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Elegant, 4.5/5

Safety Viewpoints:

  • Safety Gloves
  • Auto Shut off Technology
  • Swivel Cord

Sultra curling irons are reported to get very hot and so there occur risks of hand burning. However, all the curling irons Sultra come with a safety glove so that your hands remain secured.

Auto shut off technology is a technology that shuts the machine off after a certain period of not using. This feature prevents many unwanted accidents such as explosion and excessive heating.

All the Sultra products have 9ft swivel cord that keeps the users away from the plug point and reduces the chance of direct contact with the electricity.

Overall Assessment:

These curling irons have some strong safety features that are impressive. However, these gadgets demand some extra charge but there is no compromise with safety.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Amazing, 5/5

Hair Care Viewpoints:

Heat Technology Of Sultra Curling Iron

  • Even-Heat Technology
  • Infrared Technology

Sultra products come with the ceramic barrels that remain evenly heated throughout the barrel. Therefore, you may not find any kind of cool trips in the barrel surface. This feature minimizes the risks of hair burning and helps to prevent hair damage. Even heat technology also ensures perfect curls from tips to roots.

The infrared technology is the latest addition to these curling irons. This technology boosts the shining particles from the hair roots and makes hair look shiny, silky and smooth. This technology also reduces hair damaging and is a complete solution to split ends.

Overall Assessment:

This brand does not compromise on hair health. Also, this one feature is enough to make your purchase I guess.

Sectional Comment and Ratings: Professional like, 4.5/5

Price and Warranty:

Price and Warranty Details Of Sultra Curling Iron

Sultra products claim some extra money than the regular curling wands but these products worth the extra charge. All the high-class features and amazing external appearance will surely cost something extra.

These products promise two years guarantee but the purchase should be from an authorized retailer.

Best For:

  • Sultra curling irons produce celebs like glam waves. Girls who are more interested in glam waves and red carpet like looks, these curling irons are meant for them.
  • None of the curling products has clamps, just wrap your hairs around the rod and you are good to go. Therefore, people who cannot afford to waste so much time in styling Sultra should be their savior.


  • Not all the Sultra curling irons have multiple heat settings technology. This may appear as a threat to hair health.
  • Sultra curling irons are quite expensive.

Sultra Curling Iron Introduction:

Sultra has a limited range of curling irons yet this brand covers almost every type of hairstyling. Let us put a glance over the curling gadgets those Sultra manufacturers:

Product NameBarrel MaterialBarrel Size
Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, 1-InchCeramicCylindrical, 1-Inch
Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, 1-1/2-InchCeramicCylindrical, 1-1/2-Inch
Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, The ConeCeramicCone Shaped 3/ 4" to 1 inch
Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, Oval ShapedCeramicOval shaped
Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, 3/4-InchCeramicCylindrical, 3/4 inch
Sultra the bombshell reverse cone curling iron reviewsCeramic TourmalineReverse Cone, 1inch

Suggested Curling Irons:

  • Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, Cylindrical, 1-Inch
  • Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, The Cone
  • Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, Oval Shaped

Why should you buy Sultra the Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, 1-Inch?

Sultra the Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, 1-Inch

Suggested for: Every Type of Hair

This 1-inch curling iron has the most idea diameter that can produce a medium length of curls. However, the amazing fact about this curling gadget is it suits every hair type. The curls that it creates go well with short, long and medium length hairs. Again, both thin and thick hairs look good in those curls.

Achievable Curls: Defined Curls, Mermaid Curls, Uniform Spiral Curls, Beachy Waves, Natural Waves, Textured Waves, Loose Curls, Tousled Curls, Glam Waves, Full-bodied Waves, Flipped Ends, Volume Curls with Bends.

Sultra the Bombshell Rod Curling Iron 1-Inch – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Why should you buy Sultra the Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, The Cone?

Sultra the Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, The Cone

Suggested for: Short, Medium, Shoulder Length, Straight, Curly and Semi curly Hairs

This cone-shaped barrel curling iron is a multitasker. With the barrel, a size that ranges from .75″ to 1″ offers the users a massive variation in styling. It can create both short and medium-sized curls. Again, with high-temperature settings using the top side of the barrels, you can have authentic soft spiral-like curls. This curling iron adds volume to your hair thus thin hairs are benefitted.

Achievable Curls: Voluminous waves, loose waves, Blowout Waves, Ombre Curls, Spiral Curls, Neat Beachy Curls, and Kinky Curls

Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, The Cone – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Why should you buy Sultra the Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, Oval Shaped?

Sultra the Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, Oval Shaped

Suggested for: Long, Thin and Straight Hairs

This oval-shaped barrel curling iron is the newest thing that has ever happened in the curling iron market. This kind of barrel creates fuller curls that appear as perfect. The extra surfaced barrel has extra possibilities to enhance the curls’ beauty. This kind of barrel produces longer curls and suits long hairs the best. Again, it adds volume to the hairs.

Achievable Curls: Loose waves, S-shaped waves, Beachy waves

Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, Oval Shaped – Check Current Prices On Amazon


Sultra does not believe in manufacturing many, rather it believes in being the limited best. It produces limited products and all the products worth your purchase. However, these three products are beatable and the best in the Sultra family.

Summary Of Sultra Curling Iron Reviews:

Sweeties, say goodbye to the bad hair days and embrace erogenous curls with Sultra curling irons. Sultra with its splendid edition of curling irons infused with some overwhelming features and functions has created a milestone in hairdos and hair trends. This product is all you want to produce your mermaid curls and to reset your hairs like Victoria’s Secret angels.

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