Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron Review

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Did Getting bored with your hairstyle? Been thinking of trying out something new but cannot work out a schedule yet with your stylist? Well, to get you rid of your tensions comes the Bombshell.

Yes, Sultra the Bombshell is a clipless curling iron that has been manufactured in the latest technologies and has the solutions for all the probable problems in getting shiny and natural-looking curls.
The same everyday look has been found as a primary reason for causing frustration and fatigue in our hectic life. We are all busy from rushing to the early 8 am meetings to meet up deadlines, catching the bus to work and to attending parties after work or school.

Amidst all these the ladies do not get much chance to get organized or change their looks in between. To make their touch up the process in a busy schedule easier and less troublesome, Sultra the Bombshell clipless curling iron is the best solution for their hair. This curling iron has created a revolution in the world of beauty and style. It is also known as the “wonder wand” in the fashion world.

Property NameDescription
Barrel Size1 inch clipless barrel
MaterialThermaTru ceramic technology
Best suited Hair TypeFine, thin as well as thick hair
Best suited Hair LengthSuits to short, medium hair length
Best suited Hair StyleGreat for medium and loose curves
SpecialtyGenerates voluminous and shiny curls


Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron

Picture: Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron

Innovative ThermaTru Ceramic Technologies

The Bombshell has the latest ThermaTru Ceramic Technologies. This technology contributes to succulent bubbly and shiny curls. The voluminous curls created by it provide a natural look to the hair.

A healthier option for hair

Sultra protects hair cuticles and locks in moisture to shields hair from excessive heat. It is a comparatively healthier option for hair because it does not burn or damage hair and most importantly does not leave crease line on hair. Crease lines make the hair look dry and damp and take away the natural look of the curls.

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Able to provide even and constant heat up to 3600 F

It provides a consistent and even 3600F heat throughout the cord. It comes with a 9 ft, no tangle swivel cord. Often these cords are responsible for hair tangling while curling and not getting the expected result. Sultra the Bombshell is free of that risk.

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It mends hair by its Japanese Kyocera Technology

It also mends hair by not leaving the crease line all over the hair. The bombshell works from the root of the hair to the tip. By doing this it makes sure that the hair gets proper nourishment. The Bombshell styles the hair with far-infrared rays. This clipless curling iron is perfect for color-treated dry or damaged hair.

Dual voltage

It has dual voltage and runs in Universal voltage mechanism.

Automatic shut off mechanism

The Bombshell has an auto shut off mechanism for safety purposes. It is a new feature added to the clipless curling irons to prevent burn-in face and hand. When the curling iron reaches a certain temperature, it shuts down automatically. This feature has been added to prevent excess heating up and therefore causing an accident.

It is lightweight and durable

It has proven to be durable and lightweight. For this reason, the users do not get exhausted while curling their hair. This particular feature helps the users to carry it everywhere with them.

Heat resistance

The Bombshell is heat-resistant. Therefore, it does not electrocute. That is a major risk that the users can cross off the list.


The Bombshell saves lots of time in heating up as well as getting the hairdo. Usually, curling irons tend to take quite an amount of time in heating up.


Sultra the Bombshell has a warranty of 2 years. The warranty duration is more than most of the products of its same range.

Inclusion of complimentary items

Sultra comes with an iron pad and a stylish hand glove for heat resistance and convenience of use. That way the user does not have to look for a safe spot to rest the clipless curling iron during curling and can rest the iron on the pad. The hand glove is for the safety of the hand and to save them from getting burnt because this curling iron heats up quickly.

Individual summary review of Sultra the Bombshell clipless curling iron goes as follow:


Heat control issues

This clipless curling iron has built-in the latest technology. These technologies enable them to heat up quickly. It can also be a concern for beginners. There have been cases where the beginners burnt themselves while using this iron.

Technological default

Since the newest technologies are being employed in Sultra the Bombshell clipless curling iron, it also leaves than with the possibility of being the victim of any technological mismatch. It is well known to everyone that there are due chances of technical default in case of new technologies. So the buyers have to comply with the risk factors attached to it.

Summary of Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron
  • Overall Rating by Author - 9.1/10

Final Verdict

Be the style statement of the hour and get yourself one Bombshell. Nowadays curling irons are a must beauty tool to possess because gone those days where you would rush to salons to curl your hair for a party or meeting. Today’s fashionable generation is a “does it all” generation. They want everything quick and ready at hand.

Buy a Sultra the Bombshell clipless curling iron with two years warranty. You are sure to have a charismatic change in your look and healthy solution for your regular hair styling.

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