T3 Twirl Convertible Curling Iron Review

T3 Twirl Convertible Curling Iron
T3 has always been the dominating brand of this decade for launching a bunch of sophisticated curling irons loaded with the up to date properties, features, and incredible work efficiency. Nevertheless, there is darkness behind every dazzling substance. T3 is not an exception of this lethal truth, has also produced some products that might not have been able to keep pace with the modernized curling irons. T3 twirl Convertible was launched with the usual higher expectations and was anticipated to convey the same glory but unfortunately, this product failed to nail the optimism. Some fundamental famines such as temperature range and some techno aspects have made this 1.25″ curling gadget an underrated one.

Negative Aspects:

Technical Point of View:

  • Absence of Gyroscopic Technology
  • Absence of Auto Rotation Technology

Maximum of the T3 products have an inner sensor chip that can detect user’s hand movement and sets the barrels according to that. T3 Convertible Curling Iron lacks this hi- tech feature and this particular deficiency denotes this as an archaic version. Because of the scarcity of this feature, Twirl Convertible creates complex while using.

Unfortunately, T3 Twirl Convertible lacks the latest auto rotation technologies. According to the price range, T3 twirl Convertible should surely feature this technology as most of the leading brands now a day assure this feature. Therefore, T3 Twirl convertible remains a manual gadget and demands more of your physical efforts.

Mechanical Point of View:

  • Lower Temperature Range

This is the most vigorous criteria that lag this product behind. Temperature is the key aspect of the perfect styling and there is a saying that the higher the temperature is the better your curls may appear. However, T3 Twirl Convertible possesses a lower actually we should mention the lowest and useless temperature range of 127F- 210F. It is quite impossible to create waves let alone curling. Despite having loads of adjustable barrels, this temperature issue creates a hurdle to its way of generating luscious and various styles of curls. Even this lower temperature range does not allow the T3 single pass technology to work perfectly and creates uneven heat.

Functional Point of View:

  • Imperfect Interchangeable Feature
  • Less durability of curls

While using this product, the customer may face obstacles while adjusting the barrels as the interchangeable is imperfect and does not work properly. Therefore sometimes while curling the barrels may be felt to be a bit loose from the bottom and thus creates an extreme disturbance while curling.

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The lower temperature creates curls for a shorter period. The curls may last for 2 to 3 hours but not more than that.

Safety Point of View:

  • No Digital Temperature Clock
  • Have no Clamps

T3 Twirl Convertible is not inscribed with any digital temperature clock to determine the temperature according to users need. This deficiency does not let the users measure and control the temperature.

Almost all the leading curling gadgets, in fact, other curling irons of T3 except the Twirl Convertible have clamps to hold the hairs to create more textured curls. However, Twirl Convertible does not provide its users with this facility.

Hair Care Point of View:

  • Uneven Heat

The lower temperature range does not allow the T3 single pass technology to work properly and creates uneven heat through the barrel. Therefore, you will surely face sectional hair damage and damp hair.


  • Expensive

Despite lacking so many vital features, this product claims a sky-high amount. The extraordinary charges are very unfair to spend for this ordinary gadget.

Creditable Aspects:

  • World Voltage
  • Ceramic Tourmaline Barrel Material
  • Durability

T3 Twirl Convertible features dual or world voltage that means you can use this product from every nook and cranny of this world.

Ceramic and Tourmaline Technology ensures ultimate hair care and makes the hairs shiny, silky and smooth.

However, this product lacks the latest features but it has a better durability option. This product may run for a long time.


Graphical Overview Of T3 Twirl Convertible Curling Iron
According to the sectional ratings, this product earns an average of 2.5 as an overall rating. It is clear that this product lacks the modernized features and therefore it would be an utmost foolish to buy this product. Rather you can go for T3 Twirl 360 Curling Iron within the same price range along with all the features that T3 twirl convertible lacks.

T3 Twirl Convertible Curling Iron
T3 Twirl Convertible Hair Styling Curling Iron

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  • Mechanical Point of View
  • Functional Point of View
  • Hair Care Point of View
  • Safety Point of View
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According to the overall rating, this product isn't perfect for hairstyle. For safe and damage free hairstyle you can try T3 Twirl 360 Curling Iron.

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