Best Curling Iron for Fine/Thin Hair Buyer’s Guide – 2018

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Girls love to curl their hair not only to change the look of their hair but also the personality as personality relates with hair style and look. A girl who has thin or fine hair is more conscious about her hair because her hair amount is not so well. It is easy to curl but also easy to be damaged. It requires more care and attention. One doesn’t want her hair damages as it would be more eye-catching. Curling thin hair makes it bouncy and looks thicker. So selecting best curling iron for thin hair is very sensitive to have a more fashionable look.

Features of Best Curling Iron for Thin Hair

The curling iron is crucial hair styling tool. It is hard to find out which curling iron and which process are suitable for one’s hair. The owner of thin hair must consider following facts while choosing curling iron.

Plate Material

The user should check the handle and the plate material of curling iron. The plate must be made of ceramic or tourmaline that transfers heat in a very sensitive way for damage free curl. Ceramic iron scatters the heat evenly over the thin hair. Tourmaline iron realizes the heat smoothly that makes the cuticle down and locks the moisture.

Barrel Size

Spiral, tight curl require small barrel. Tighter ringlets need 0.75 to one-inch barrel. Big barrel is for creating attractive wavy and loose curls which has one to two inches in diameter. It mainly depends on user choice. In general, thin hair requires an inch barrel curl machine.

Temperature Setting & Heating

To curl thin, fine and fragile hair you need to use low heat, around 200 degrees to avoid burning or damaging hair. So iron must have adjustable heat to set lower temperature. If you have wavy and coarse hair then set 200 to 300 degrees. The display must show and control the degree of temperature (Fahrenheit). While curling the hair, please notice the result of the heat and set the temperature.

There are some secondary factors which should also be counted while purchasing curling iron. Like maximum and minimum temperature, automatic shut off, digital display Protectiveective shield, a length of cord.

Homework for Thin Hair

Now some general tricks are used for curling machine to make thin hair more noticeable. Before curling thin hair, one needs to take some preparation. It includes how prepared thin hair is for curling and handle the iron.

  • Hair must be washed out with a lightweight shampoo that will give a chunky look. Then conditioning hair only ends not in the roots. Always try to use the shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for thin hair.
  • Thin hair should use heat protected that sprays the damp hair from root to ends. Apply them lightly. Also, can use heavy lotion, that can provide moisture  your all over hair as protection from damage. Blow dry hair upside down with your hands until hair is completely dry. Do not curl hair when it is wet.
  • Always careful about the plugin of the iron machine.
  • Keep a balance distance from iron to safe head skin and fingers.

Curling Tricks for Thin Hair

Bouncy and Tight Curl

All over the hair is dividing and clipping hair into the convenient section. Try to grab one-inch section and comb through it. Now take the curling iron and hold tightly hair at the end and roll up until the full section covers the barrel. Hold the iron machine for 10-15 seconds. Until entire hair is curled, keep doing the same with every section. Finally, get finger combing curl and to keep it for a long time finish it with using hairspray.

After curling the realizing section ‘s hard to manage, roll it up with fingers and lock it with a duckbill clip.

Loose and Wavy Curl

For flowing wavy curl selecting hair and clipping dry hay hair into manageable section grab 2 inches hair and comb through it. Hold up the section and mist with light hairspray to create lift. Now warp the hair in a spiral manner around the barrel, pointing the iron downward slowly. Let hair heat it irons around 10-15 second. Complete all sections and finish wavy hair by using hairspray.

For more glam, natural, soft wavy brush (use wide tooth comb) it and shake out the curls with hand.

Available Best Curling Iron for Thin Hair

In a market, a lot of curling irons exist. To get a good curling iron one has to select most useful and worthy iron and invest wisely. Considering durability, price, performance, versatility, safety and convenience, help and support there are brands that have got high customers’ satisfaction. Brand selection will vary according to clients need.

Generally Use

Infiniti Pro by Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron 1/2 inchConair Infiniti professional nano tourmaline ceramic curling iron is another favorite brand for fine hair user. It heats up easily and adjusts the temperature with around 200 degrees. It has ceramic emits ions that avoid frizz. It has a price around $20 and this price is the most reasonable for general or household purpose.
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Professionally Use

Sedu Revolution 1 Inch Clipless Curling Iron

Picture: Sedu Revolution 1 Inch Clipless Curling Iron

Sedu Revolution Clipless curling iron is most durable curling iron according to customer reviews. The clip of Revolution clipless curling iron can leave dents in hair especially with sensitive fine hair. It has two models Sedu Revolution 1” clipless curling iron and Sedu Revolution 1½ clipless curling iron. Most of the professionals prefer this curling iron for thin hair. It has a price around $120. It is also available in stores and online.
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