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Hot Tools is a very well known name in the world of curling iron. The quality service within reasonable price is the factor of the large market share of Hot Tools. It is one of the demandable curling brands for women. Hot Tools offers 38 types of different curling iron according to material, barrel size & length, and styling. Mainly they have categorized their iron as per usability and material. They make curling iron for both professional and general. Hot Tools has a lot of product for every kind of hair and curling hairstyle. The curling iron of Hot Tools is maintaining a standard to stay in the beauty industry. It is also most renowned brand because of high customer satisfaction. Customers give reviews about Hot Tools which are very positive. Analyzing the reviews summary about customer feedback has been provided here.

For Professional Curling


  • 24k gold plated barrel for extra smooth curl
  • Extra-long cool tip and heavy duty, long-life heating element
  • Highest 430° F with Variable heat settings with built-in rheostat control
  • Quick heat up Technology and Powerful spring clamp
  • Pulse auto heat controls sense heat loss and regenerates heat instantly for nonstop curling with consistent quality.
  • Soft grip for comfortable handling
  • Maintaining expert quality to provide perfect tips of curl

Option 1: To get high quality and smooth curl professional prefer to use facilitate and premium curling iron. That’s why Hot Tools comes with Hot Tools Professional 1110 Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control, Mega 1-1/4″. This curling iron is mainly made for loose vast and wavy curls. Girls with long hair prefer more this curl. It is the best selling curling iron of Hot Tools according to Market.

Option 2: To make full curl and waves Hot Tools makes Hot Tools 1” Professional curling iron (Model 1181). Hot Tools claims it is one of their best-selling professional models.

Option 3: The updated model of 1181 is known as Hot Tools 1” Salon Curling Iron (Model HT1181XL). The extra barrel makes this curling iron more user-friendly especially for long hair. Girls like it more for quick heating and large barrel to make hair curly rapidly.

These professional curling is being also used hugely by the general customer as they get this professional tool in affordable price.

For General Curling

Girls love to make curling hair as it gives them different and beautiful stylish look. For day to day curling, Hot Tools offers general, easy processing and rapid curling. There are three types of curling iron made by three different types of material with some special qualities.

Healthy Hair

There are total four types of NanoCeramic iron hair. But “Hot Tools HTBW1852 Curly-Q Tapered Nanoceramic Curling Iron” is more demandable and efficient. Because-

  • Nano ceramic barrel has an extra smooth surface for extra shiny and less damaging curl. It is better for thin/fine hair.
  • 1-1/4” inch barrel helps to make all types of curling.

Gorgeous Hair

There are four types of curling iron made by titanium barrel with different sizes. Among them, Hot Tools Pink Titanium Curling Iron 1” is the most demandable in the market. Especially teenage and young customer are being attracted by this pinkish design.

  • Titanium is a hardcore way to stop frizz and static electricity before it starts. It gives you highest heat. Titanium gets in, gets out and leaves your hair with a silky texture like never before.
  • It gives you highest 450° F. It has instant recovery. The irons maintain maximum heat, curl after curl.
  • Titanium products might be better suited for very thick course hair. Best for occasional use.

Regular Use

Girls who use a curling iron every day are more conscious about health of hair then style because there is a chance of damaging hair. Hot Tools gives ten different irons that made by lightest material tourmaline. It has ¾” to 2” barrel size to make any curl. Hot Tools tourmaline curling iron 1” is being sold more.

  • Tourmaline reduces frizz and gives long lasting curling. It helps hair to receive less damage, need fewer products, and to get red carpet worthy shine. It is best for damaged hair and also recommended for the regular user.
  • Extra Hold-Constant high heat means all curls are formed at the same temperature, providing long-lasting, consistent hold.

There is some negative feedback that customer give to Hot Tools.

  • The name, model, and barrel size are different in various sites.
  • The durability of the curling iron is suspected.

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