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From the very beginning of time hair has been the most attractive part of a woman’s body. Perfect hair makes her beautiful beyond imagination. When the hairstyle is on point, confidence is at its best. A perfectly done hairstyle makes her gorgeous and boosts her confidence at the same time.

When you need to give your hair a perfect style you got to make sure you are using a perfect product. A perfect hair product will aid in the process. It will help you to give the best shape you want.

While stylizing your hair, you might straighten it, make it wavy or sometimes make it curly. Each style has its beauty. Forgiving your hair a perfect curl a curling iron is a must.

There are many curling irons available in the market. But which one works the best?

No worries ma’am. Here we are to suggest the best curling iron for your lovely hair.

This world-class curling iron from Hot Tools has so many amazing features that would blow your mind. This product would surely help you to give your hair the desired curl and keep your hair healthy and perfect at the same time.

Property nameDescription
Barrel size2 inch
Material24k gold platted
Best suited hair typeAny
Best suited hair lengthLong hair
Best suited hair styleGentle and relaxed wave.
SpecialtyGold plated, pulse technology, two way use.

The features of this magnificent product are –

24k gold plated barrel –

Hot Tools - Super tool 2 inchThis product comes with a gold plated barrel. This awesome technology spreads the heat evenly all over the barrel. And for this, there is no chance to face a hot spot problem. This awesome gold plated barrel system makes sure your hair gets proper heat on every point. For this, the hair gets the perfect curl.

There remains no hotspot problem. For this technology hair, curling has become comfortable and safe. This system ensures a beautiful and long-lasting curl. It also makes sure fast heat up and instant heat recovery. By providing high heat, even heat up and long-lasting curl this iron has become popular among the users. So, you should try this out.

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Pulse technology –

This product comes with pulse technology. It is a unique system quickly diagnoses heat loss and restores it to the heating surface. For this excellent system, your hair styling time will be significantly reduced. This technology increases hold and also improves shine due to improved cuticle closure.

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High heat –

This impressive Iron ensures high and fast heating facility. This iron heats up to 430F which is very helpful for curling your hair. If you have thick unruly hair, then it is a blessing to you. No matter how your hair type is, this extreme heating system makes it curly within a very short time. This iron has ten variable heat settings with built-in rheostat control which is great to use. Using this iron you will have the facility of high heat and evenly heat barrel.

Extra-long barrel

“ Extra” is always excellent. This iron comes with an extra-long barrel. Its extra-long styling surface allows you to curl more hair at a time. The longer ensures better curl and the curling process is done within a very short period. This extra-long barrel gives you the easiness to curl more hair, and it’s comfortable to use.

Wand use

This iron gives you the facility of wand use. For this, just wrap your hair around the outside of the barrel and flipper to make beachy, wavy curls.

Long cord and long thumb grip

While using an iron who would like to stay bothered with short cords and face problem with short thumb grip?

I am sure no one would like. And for this reason, 8 feet long professional swivel cord, and an extra-long thumb grip has been used in this iron which ensures easy movement during the use and also the safety from being hurt by the hot surface.

Powerful spring clamp-

While using a curling iron much pressure is given on the spring clamp. For this often the clamp stops working, and that is annoying. Isn’t it?

For this Hot, Tools uses a super-powerful spring clamp on this product to ensure problem-free satisfying results. This spring clamp wouldn’t cause any problems after curls and curls.

Also straightens

This iron not only curls your hair but also straightens. So, if you are in a mood of straight hair then you don’t need to look for another object this iron will work to curl your hair.

Two extra easy to replace springs-

Your curling cannot be disrupted in any way. If the spring of your iron stops working no need to worry. This iron comes with two extra easy to replace springs which adds relaxation while using this. Any problem? Just replace the spring and enjoy curling your hair.

These are the best sides of this iron. But as blessing comes with few demerits this iron has some cons.

It’s better to know about the problems before using this.

Cons are –


This iron weighs 1.6 pounds approximately. For this after using this for a long time, your hand might hurt. This bulky iron cannot be easily handled for the extra weight.


Security for a long time is always excellent. But it doesn’t come with everything. This iron comes with a one-year warranty. As you won’t buy an iron more often, it’s okay to want a warranty for a long time. So if you prefer a long time warranty, this product might disappoint you.

Burns hair and melts plastic tip

Anything in the world would cause you to harm if not handled properly. As this iron has high heat facility, this should be handled properly. Otherwise, this might burn your hair and at very high heat, it might even melt the tip.

Summary of Hot Tools – Super tool 2" Curling Iron
  • Overall Rating by Author - 8.4/10

Final Verdict

These features make this iron a market leading one. These features are greatly helpful to give your hair a perfect and smooth curl. So buying this iron would be a great idea.

Happy curling! Cheers!

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