Hot Tools Professional 1102 Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control Review

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There are numerous brands of the curling iron that you may find hard to select the perfect curler to get the curl you always dreamt of. I also got confused like everyone else while I searched for a curler. You need to consider several factors before buying a curling iron rather you will not be able to make your curling dream come true. Hot Tools Professional 1102 Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control, Big Bumper 1 ½” inch, also known as Hot Tools Big Bumper Spring Curling Iron, 1 ½ inch, is a product that worth giving a try for voluminous curls in long hair. I present here some advantages and disadvantages I found in Hot Tools Big Bumper Spring Curling Iron, 1 ½” inch that might help you a lot to decide about it.

Property NameDescription
Barrel Size1 1/2 inch
MaterialGold plated
Best suited Hair TypeThick to coarse hair
Best suited Hair LengthLong hair
Best suited Hair StyleVoluminous curl
Specialty24k gold-plated barrel best suited for above type of hair

Advantages of Hot Tools Professional 1102 Curling Iron

Hot Tools Professional 1102 Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control

Image: Hot Tools Professional 1102 Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control

24K gold-plated barrel

At the very beginning, you need to decide what type of material of the iron will suit your hair. Your hair type will say what kind of equipment is the way to go. Thick and coarse hair is a difficult-to-curl type of hair. This type of hair requires a tool that can produce a lot amount of heat. The gold plated barrel of this tool generates heat high enough to curl any unmanageable hair.

Pulse Technology:

This technology has added new dimensions to curling hair and becomes easier. It helps to heat the iron fast and hold the heat for a longer period. As you have already known heat is a key factor, you will not certainly pick any curling tool that results in heat deficiency. Pulse technology empowers this curling iron to win the heart of many customers ranging from newbies to professionals. It takes an amazingly short amount of time and stays hot.

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Variable heat settings:

No one wants to damage her hair while curling it. This curler has multi-heat settings (ten heat levels) that give you the option to choose from. Be cautious and always go for low temperature if you think your hair is damaged. It has built-in rheostat control which will remember your heat settings.

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Soft-Grip™ textured handle:

You will certainly want anything for curling your hair that is comfortable to hold in your hand. If it is not comfortable to hold on to, you might be in danger. Keeping that in mind, the manufacturer has added soft-grip texture in its handle. This handle will not only comfort you but also contribute to efficient hair styling.

Two replacement springs:

Spring is a paramount component of this curling iron. Without this thing, you will not be able to curl your hair resulting in a disgusting experience. You will not have any chance to get disgruntled because you will get two replacement springs with this curling iron. Springs might get broken. Replace it instantly and keep curling your hair.


Thick to Coarse hair needs more temperature than thin hair does. Otherwise, your hair will not hold the curl. This tool produces temperature up to 430° F (220° C). However, check your hair health first to try this hot curler in your hair. You are recommended to avoid high heat levels of this tool in thin, damaged hair.

Powerful spring clamp:

The powerful spring clamp of this curling iron makes this tool draw the concentration of all types of customers. You will be able to curl your hair comfortably because you will get a full grip on the hair.

Fast heat-up:

How much time does this iron take to heat up? It is a frequently asked question by potential buyers. This curler heats up in actually shot time. This tool takes about 30 seconds to heat up.

Heavy-duty long-life heating element:

Does this curling last long? It is a common question the customers have back in their minds. It is so as this tool gets hot and it’s so natural that the temperature can be damaging to the iron. You do not need to worry because this curling iron consists of a heavy-duty long-life heating element.

Foldaway safety stand:

This curling iron has got Foldaway safety stand. During curling, you must put the iron somewhere. This stand will ensure that the heat does not do any damages to the surface of the table or any damages to the place you put it on.

Extra-long cool tip:

You need to be extra cautious if you do not want to get your fingers in touch with around 400° F hot barrel of the curler. You will find an extra-long cool tip in this curler that will save your fingers from dangers you are afraid of.

8-ft. heavy-duty tangle-proof swivel cord:

This tool contains a long cord which is 8 feet long. This long cord will help you to move freely in any comfortable place while curling your hair. The cord is also tangle-proof.

Disadvantages of Hot Tools Professional 1102 Curling Iron

This tool has some cons too that you might consider having so many advantageous features. The disadvantages of this curler are as under:

  • One-Year Warranty: One-year warranty is a limited privilege for the users. It does not provide the customers with enough safeguards.
  • On / Off switch: This curler does not have auto on/off switch. Auto on/off switch might be more convenient for the users.
Summary of Hot Tools Professional 1102 Curling Iron
  • Overall Rating by Author - 8.9/10

Final Verdict

Having long thick hair is a gift. Many women are having thin hair always desire for it. Curling irons added new fashions to the hair of all types and sizes. Get the proper curling iron which best match the properties of your hair and show the world around you that you care for your hair like nothing else.

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