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We have used, analyzed, researched and compared all the Conair curling irons before we determine the best Conair Curling Iron for thin/fine hair, thick hair and for traveling based on their heat, speed, technology, material, price point and most importantly, the quality of curls and waves they result in. In each section, we have chosen one Conair curling tool that we thought was best and also compared it with its market competitors to validate our choice.

This review article will act as a guide to help you find the best Conair Curling Iron according to your hair type and length; therefore, continue reading as we discuss various Conair curling machines for you:

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A Quick Overview of Conair Curling Irons

We have created this section to give you a quick glimpse of the Conair curling irons that we have suggested in each different category so that you know which part to read first to find the best curler according to your hairs concerns.

Name of the Curling IronsBest forMaterialsHeat SettingsAvailable Sizes
Infiniti Pro By Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Curling IronFine/thin hairsNano Tourmaline CeramicHigh and Low (5 different heat settings)
  • ¾ inch (19mm)
  • 1-inch (25mm)
  • 1 ¼ inch (32mm)
  • 1 ½ inch (38mm)
Conair Infiniti pro Rose Gold Titanium Curling IronThick hairsTitaniumHigh and Low (30 different heat settings)
  • 1-inch (25mm)
  • 1 ¼ inch (32mm)
  • 1 ½ inch (38mm)
  • 1 ¼ inch
  • ¾ inch (32mm-19mm) Conical barrel
Travel Smart by Conair Ceramic Curling IronTravelTourmaline CeramicHigh and Low (30 different heat settings)1-inch (25mm)

A short summary of Conair Corporation

Conair logo

One of the global leaders in the manufacture and distribution of personal care, grooming, health and beauty products, Conair Corporation was founded in 1959 by Julian Rizzuto and Leandro Rizzuto as a small hair care and hair appliance company that is determined to provide the best tools and appliances through adopting new technologies and innovative ideas.

Throughout the year, with its contemporary products and commitments towards the customers, Conair has now evolved into a 2+billion dollar company that has its business spread all over the globe.

Market Competitors of Conair curling irons

Conair is not the only brand that manufactures fabulous curling irons in the market; there are other several brands that also produce some extraordinary curling tools and impose severe competition to Conair. Some of Conair’s strong market contenders are Revlon, Remington, Babyliss PRO, Sultra, BERTA, and Hot Tools.

Prominent features of Conair curling irons

There are several reasons that made Conair curling irons one of the most loved and popular curling tools today. Below we have analyzed and discussed all the prominent features of Conair curling irons that helped these tools to become truly world-class and an instant fan-favorite:

Incredible build-up

Conair is not known for compromising quality; they constructed each of their curling tools with the latest technologies, supreme craftsmanship and absolute precision. Conair also used different precious materials in their barrels to suit every type of users out there. This fine combination of technologies and materials ensures that every one of Conair’s curling iron provides outstanding service to its users and also last for generations to come.

Curling iron models incorporate different heating technology for versatility

To suit every type of hairs, from thick to thin and fine, Conair installs different heating technologies in its curling irons. The heating mechanisms that Conair incorporates in their curling tools are:

  • Ionic technology
  • Infrared emission

Both of these technologies are extremely beneficial for hairs and Conair uses either or both in its curling irons to provide salon like silky, smooth hairs to its customers.

Conair offers varieties of barrel material to choose from

For versatility and to offer a curling iron suitable for every individual hair type, Conair constructed the barrels of its curling irons with several different materials. The most common materials that Conair uses are :

  • Ceramic
  • Tourmaline
  • Tourmaline Ceramic
  • Titanium
  • Chromium
  • Copper

The curling irons have a maximum temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit

To curl the “hard-to-style” hair easily and effortlessly, and also to provide high heat to the tresses to cut down curling time by several notches, many of the Conair curlers come with a maximum heat setting of 400 degrees Fahrenheit to make styling much enjoyable without causing any harm.

Comes with maximum 30 different heat settings to choose from

Each hair type is different and so does their requirements; to curl your tresses perfectly without even burning them, Conair incorporated different heat/temperature settings to give you the freedom to choose the right amount of heat that would style your hairs perfectly and quickly without exposing them to any damage.

Offers a very wide range of curling irons

To make sure that every potential customer finds a curling iron suitable for their hair type and length, Conair produces and markets a very wide variety of curling tools in the market so that users can enjoy an array of choices while shopping for a hair curler.

Some of the models that Conair markets are:

  • The DOUBLE CERAMIC™ Curling Iron
  • The CONAIR® INSTANT HEAT Curling Iron

Each model come with different size and shape for different hairstyles

Different size and shape of Conair curling iron

With one size and one shape you cannot create all types of curls and waves in your hair and knowing this fact very well, Conair produces different size (3/4, 1, 1 ¼ and 1 ½ inches) and shapes (cylindrical, conical, spiral) of each model of its various curling irons so that the users can choose the barrel according to their styling needs.

Auto shutoff feature makes the curlers super secure

For Conair, it’s always “safety first” and that’s why to keep yourself secure and your house from burning down, all the Conair curling tools comes with auto shutoff feature that shuts down the machine after 60 minutes of un-attendance.

Non-slip grip and cool tip ensures the safety of the user

Conair not only made the ergonomically designed handles of its curling tools super comfortable but at the same time making sure that the users don’t suffer any accidental burns by incorporating a cool tip and making the handle non-slip so that the consumer can use the curler worry-free.

The swivel cord feature provides easy handling and easy storage

Swivel cord of Conair curling iron

Cords are bound to get tangled and knotted; to save their customers from the disappointment of tangled cords, Conair added swivel ends to the cords of its curling irons so that, aside from a tangle-free experience, the users can also enjoy easy handling as well as easy storage.

All the models come with an instruction manual

To enlighten users about all the details about the curling irons and how to use them more conveniently, Conair included a detailed instruction manual with all the curling tools they manufacture; from the components they use to the different safety measures a user must follow, every information is described in the manual for the customers.

Affordable price range

Conair always tries to provide the best tool at the most competitive price tag and that’s why all the Conair curling irons are priced affordably (most of them are under $50 dollars) so that everyone can buy their curlers and they can enjoy a competitive advantage over their market contenders.

Conair offers maximum 5 years of Limited Warranty period

To assure customers about their unparalleled customer service and the exceptional durability of their curling irons, Conair provides a maximum of 5 years of Limited Warranty for their curling irons during which they will replace and/or repair the machine in case of any misfortunate occurrence.

Aside from different curling irons, Conair also manufactures curling wands and curler machines

Curling wand and curler machine of Conair curling iron

Conair didn’t restrict its customer’s choice by only manufacturing curling irons; rather it produces different curling wands as well as curler machines so that the users can choose their suitable curler from a variety of curling tools.

Most of the Curling irons come with Dual voltage feature

Conair wanted to make their curling tools truly international and that’s why almost all the irons incorporate a dual-voltage feature that makes them suitable for using outside the USA also.

Few negative aspects of Conair curling irons

Conair curling irons are not always comprised of only amazing features; these curling tools also have some major drawbacks and we have listed them below so that you don’t feel cheated after buying a curler from Conair:

  • The curlers don’t come with a very long cord: Unlike many of its strong market contenders, the Conair curling irons come with a maximum 5-inch long cord that doesn’t let the user move freely during styling sessions. Long cords ensure flexibility and thus Conair should pay attention in improving this feature.
  • The Turbo Heat® feature is not incorporated in all the models: The Turbo Heat® button is incorporated so that it can boost up the heat of the barrel instantly to curl “difficult-to-style” spots effortlessly; even though many of their curling tools come with this fantastic feature, Conair didn’t install this Turbo Heat feature to all its models for easy styling process.
  • Conair doesn’t offer any 2-inch barrels: Conair offers a great variety of barrel sizes to its customers, but none of the curling iron models have a 2-inch sized barrel that can be used to create large curls and waves in long tresses.
  • All the models don’t come with a heat-resistant thermal glove: We have stated earlier that a thermal glove can protect your hands from burning down due to the high heat of a curling iron, but to everyone’s dismay, Conair didn’t include a heat-resistant thermal glove with all its curling iron models to ensure the safety of its users.
  • Conair discontinued manufacturing many popular curling irons: Previously, Conair had a huge variety of curling irons and machine that were immensely popular and fan favorite, but over time they have discontinued manufacturing some of these tools, like the Hype Hair by Conair Instant Ultra-Hot Curling Iron and the Infiniti by Conair YOU Style curling iron/hair straightener combo unit causing slight customers disappointment.
  • No support service after the warranty period: Once the warranty is over, Conair won’t provide you with further customer care services; this policy causes a lot of dissatisfactions among users.

Our recommended Conair curling irons

There are several different types, textures, and lengths of hairs, and keeping in mind about these differences, Conair manufactures several different models of curling irons so that every customer finds a curling tool that can style their tresses perfectly. All the curling irons are not suitable for every type of hairs; a tool that can curl fine hair locks perfectly won’t produce the same result in thick tresses. Therefore, we have categorized hair types and suggested Conair hair curling irons in accordance so that you have a clear idea about which to buy for your specific hair type.

Recommended Conair curling iron for thin/fine hairs

Infiniti Pro By Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron

Infiniti Pro By Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron

Ceramic constructed and coated barrels are great for fine hairs, but an advanced state of ceramic coating is even better and that’s why we have picked this INFINITI PRO Tourmaline Ceramic as the best curling iron for thin/fine hair locks because it uses an advanced ceramic coating over a tourmaline barrel that can style your delicate tresses with much precision and care.

The tourmaline ceramic coating brings out the best of both the materials and heats the barrel to an extent that can curl and wave fine hairs perfectly but won’t burn them. Moreover, the ionic generator placed inside the tourmaline barrel teams up with the advanced ceramic coating and emits plenty of negative ions to the tresses to lock in moisture and nourishment, make the hairs frizz-free and result in silky, shiny, salon-quality curls.

Another reason for choosing this curling iron over others is that Conair made sure that everyone, with every hair length from short to long, can use this tool to create luxurious curls and waves in their fine hair by manufacturing different barrel sizes for this curling machine; from a ¾ inch, 1, 1 ¼ and 1 ½ inch tourmaline ceramic barrel, you can choose any one size suitable for your hair length to create the curls of your choice.

To justify our selection even better, we have compared this Tourmaline Ceramic curling tool with some of its strong market competitors so that you have a clear understanding of our selection.

PropertiesInfiniti Pro By Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Curling IronBaByliss PRO® Nano Titanium MiraCurl® SteamTech™ Professional Curl MachineTru Beauty 1 Inch Curling Iron
Technology: Ionic, Steam technologyIonic technologySteam technologyIonic technology
Material: CeramicNano tourmaline ceramicNano TitaniumCeramic
Heat Settings: LowHigh and low (5 heat settings)High and low (3 heat settings)High and low (Multiple heat settings)
Available Sizes4 different sizes1 size1 size
Suitable for short fine hairs: Barrel of 1-inch or less diameterYesNoYes
Suitable for long fine hairs: Barrel of more than 1-inch diameterYesYesNo
Price RangeLess than $50 DollarsMore than $100 DollarsLess than $50 Dollars

Even though all the hair curlers we have compared above have similar technology, configurations, and components, we recommended the INFINITI PRO Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron for very solid reasons; the Nano titanium barrel of the Babyliss PRO Curl Machine imposes high risk of burning delicate fine hairs while the Tru Beauty curling iron doesn’t offer any barrels to style long tresses.

Additional features of the Infiniti Pro By Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron

  • The barrel is equipped to provide from 285°F to maximum 400°F of heat
  • The 5 different LED heat settings assure easy temperature control
  • Offers extreme curl control of maximum 24 hours, even in the most humid environment
  • The auto-off feature makes the curler incredibly safe and secure
  • 30-second quick heat-up process for quick styling
  • Comes with a protective heat shield to ensure maximum safety of the user
  • Backed up by 5-years Limited Warranty period

Aside from this INFINITI PRO Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron, Conair also manufactures other curling tools that are amazing for fine/thin hair locks, like the DOUBLE CERAMIC™ CURLING IRON and the Conair Curling Iron Infiniti Evolution with Rotating Clip.

Infiniti Pro By Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Recommended Conair curling iron for thick hairs

Conair Infiniti pro Rose Gold Titanium Curling Iron

Conair Infiniti Pro Rose Gold Titanium Curling Iron

The rose gold titanium barrel not only heats up super-fast with a high amount of heat for easy styling but also protects thick hairs like no other material and that’s the reason we have chosen this Infiniti pro Rose Gold Titanium Curling Iron for thick hair locks over other Conair hair curlers; the sleek titanium barrel uses an advanced heating technology to heat up to maximum 400°F and then spread this heat evenly to each hair strands to curl them from inside out for long-lasting results. Interestingly, such high amount of heat doesn’t cause any harm to hair because of the ionic technology adopted by this tool; the negative ions protect hairs from burning and hot spots while making them silky, smooth and manageable.

Additionally, like many of Conair’s other curling iron models, this Rose Gold Titanium curler is also available in 4 different barrel sizes ranging from 1-inch, 1 ¼ inch to 1 ½ inch and a conical barrel of 1 ¼ – ¾ inch with which you can create different types of curls and waves in both long and short thick tresses.

Below we have compared this curling iron with few of other Conair curling tool models so that you find it easy to understand the logic behind our suggestion.

PropertiesConair Infiniti pro Rose Gold Titanium Curling IronInfiniti Pro By Conair Rainbow Titanium Curling IronInfiniti Pro By Conair Curl Secret 2
Technology: Ionic, Infrared emissionIonic technology
And Infrared emission
Ionic technologyIonic technology
Material: Tourmaline, TitaniumTitaniumTitaniumTitanium ceramic
Heat Settings: HighHigh and low (30 heat settings)High and low (20 heat settings)High (2 heat settings)
Available Sizes4 different sizes1 size2 sizes (interchangeable)
Suitable for short fine hairs: Barrel of 1-inch or less diameterYesYesNo
Suitable for long fine hairs: Barrel of more than 1-inch diameterYesNoYes
Price RangeLess than $50 DollarsLess than $50 DollarsMore than $50 Dollars

All the above-compared models from Conair comes with similar technology and construction material, but we have picked the Rose Gold Titanium curler over the RAINBOW TITANIUM CURLING IRON and the Curl Secret 2 (automatically pulls in hair for curling) because these curlers are not suitable for all thick hair lengths and can only style either long or short locks.

Additional features of the Conair Infiniti Pro Rose Gold Titanium Curling Iron

  • 30-seconds instant heat-up reduces waiting time
  • Auto-off and cool tip ensures safety and security of the user
  • Comes with a red indicator light for ease of use
  • Soft, non-slip handle assures safe, comfortable grip
  • The swivel cord provides tangle-free storage of the machine
  • Conair provides 5 years Limited Warranty for this curling tool

Conair Infiniti Pro Rose Gold Titanium Curling Iron – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Recommended travel-friendly Conair curling iron

Travel Smart by Conair Ceramic Curling Iron

Travel Smart By Conair Ceramic Curling Iron

The reason we have picked this Travel Smart curling tool as the best Conair travel curler is that of its size, weight, and dual voltage feature; the dual voltage ensures that this tool can also be used worldwide without having to carry any extra voltage converter.

Moreover, the material, technology, and the 400-degree ultra-high heat makes this curling tool suitable for both fine and thick hair locks; you don’t have to worry about burning your tresses while on vacation or trip because of the ionic technology of this travel curler that promises to protect hairs from heat and result in silky, smooth manageable locks.

For a better understanding of our choice, below we have compiled and compared this Travel Smart curling iron with few of its market competitors:

PropertiesTravel Smart by Conair Ceramic Curling IronBERTA Mini Hair CurlerBEQOOL Curling Iron Hair Curler
TechnologyIonic TechnologyPTC Heating Technology And Ionic TechnologyDouble PTC Heating Technology
MaterialTourmaline CeramicTourmaline CeramicCeramic
Heat SettingsHigh and low (30 heat settings)Low (Multiple heat settings)High and low (5 heat settings)
Dual VoltageYesNoYes
Available sizes1 size1 size1 size
Weight: Preferably not more than 1 pound0.80 Pounds0.44 Pounds1.2 pounds

From the above comparison, it is very much clear that even after having similar materials and heating methods, we didn’t choose the BERTA Mini Hair Curler and the BEQOOL Curling Iron because of weight and dual voltage feature.

Additional features of the Travel Smart by Conair Ceramic Curling Iron

  • Includes uniform heat recovery system for even temperature distribution
  • Designed to provide maximum styling flexibility to its users
  • 30 seconds instant heat up for more convenience
  • Comes with a heat-resistant thermal glove for additional safety

Beside this Travel Smart curler, Conair also produces other curlers that you can carry while traveling; one such curler is the ThermaCell by Conair Compact Curling Iron that doesn’t require any battery or electricity to operate. The reason this didn’t end up being the best is that because it has a barrel of a ¾ inch which is not suitable for either thick or fine long hair locks. But if you have short hairs, this could be a choice for you.

Travel Smart by Conair Ceramic Curling Iron – Check Current Prices On Amazon

The Conair Curling Irons that we don’t recommend

We have mentioned before that the Conair curling iron line consists of a variety of models and while almost all of them are committed to delivering outstanding services, there are few that couldn’t prove to be amazing. Read below because we have listed those few curlers that we do not suggest.

Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron

This Instant Heat curling tool has a Patented Euro design and comes in different barrel sizes to curl both short and long hairs; this tool possesses all the characteristics of a great curling iron, but for the following reason we didn’t recommend this curler to the users:

The barrel of this tool is constructed and coated with multi-elements which include Chromium and coppers, both of which are bad for any types of hairs; while copper gets extremely hot and can burn even thick hairs, chromium releases positive ions that clog the hair cuticles and fail to maintain the moisture, hence damage hairs super quickly.

Infiniti Pro By Conair Secret Wave

The Secret Wave is one of the most futuristic and revolutionary curling machine introduced by Conair to style hairs. But even after having some amazing features, we didn’t suggest this curler because:

  • This curling tool was specially designed to create only waves; you cannot style your hairs with different types of curls using this tool.
  • At 2.4 pounds, this machine is quite heavy and can cause uncomfortableness in your hands.
  • Even though this is not a huge drawback, but the Secret Wave is expensive compared to other Conair curling tools.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Platinum Curling Iron

The reasons for not picking this Platinum Curling Iron as one of our best because:

  • The name of this curling iron might create confusion; its barrel is made from titanium but the name suggests that it has a Platinum
  • Even though this tool has a titanium barrel, it is not suitable to curl thick hairs because of its temperature level (maximum temperature 356°F).
  • This machine is heavier than any other Conair curling irons.

Where to find Conair curling iron replacement parts?

Conair curling irons are super durable and it’s not every day that you have to buy replacement parts for them; but very rarely, some parts may break off and you might want to repair it without throwing the iron altogether. Below we have discussed some of the parts and components that are likely to fall off and their importance in a curler machine.


Spring replacement parts of Conair curling iron

The spring in the clamp of the curling iron helps to hold the hairs tightly in place for effortless curling and when these spring breaks, curling hairs might become difficult. Most curling tool manufacturers do not market replacement parts, and hence it’s quite hard to find replacement springs for your curling iron.

Butane refill cartridges

Butane refill cartridges replacement parts of Conair curling iron

When you have a ThermaCell Compact Curling iron, only then you have to think about butane refill cartridges; the butane cartridges are small gas canisters that are specially designed to provide power to the Conair ThermaCell hair styling tools because these tools neither use electricity nor battery to operate properly. One cartridge should last up to 3 months of normal use.

Butane Refill Cartridges – Check Current Prices On Amazon


Conair curling irons deliver the care and result in they promise; with their innovative ideas, latest advanced technologies and affordable price point, you will never feel deceived after buying a curling tool from this brand. Conair hair irons set a benchmark by delivering customized curls and waves, and not damaging the tresses while doing so.

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