ThermaCell by Conair Compact Curling Iron Review

I am a late-night sleeper, and it usually happens that I wake up late in the morning. I get very midget time to get ready myself after having the children ready. It was hard to move for office with a melancholy look, and I was thinking about an unplug curling iron.

Well, I went on for searching a curling iron which would curl my hair without having plug into power hole then I found Conair Thermacell compact curling iron. It’s a curling iron with no plugs or batteries, fast heating up system reaches professional curling temperature quickly. You can use a curling iron or styling brush, replace thermacell butane gas cartridge, also get a nice safe travel case.

ThermaCell By Conair Compact Curling Iron Specification

Product NameThermaCell By Conair Compact Curling Iron
Product ColorSilver color barrel with purple-white shaded handle
Barrel Size5/8”
Best Suited Hair LengthShort and medium
Best Suited Hair TypeThin/Fine hair
Best Suited Hair StyleVintage curl
Overall Product Size1.8 x 9.8 x 4.5 inches
Weight8 ounces
Voltage System/LimitNo voltage needed
Plug-in system (US/Europe)No plug-in needed
Chord lengthNo cord needed
Heating TemperatureNo temperature setting
Why you should buy this product?

  • No plug, no cord, no battery

  • Travel friendly

  • Rechargeable butane gas cartridge

  • Reasonable price

  • Very light in weight

  • Easy to manage

  • Style anytime, anywhere

  • No converter, no adopter needed

  • Barrel get hot enough like regular curling iron

Negative issues of the product

  • Cartridge’s fuel could be vanish anytime

  • Extra cartridge ins not allowed in flight

  • Not effective on very thick healthy hair

  • No heat settings

Additional Equipment

  • User guide

  • Included one cartridge

  • Travel/storage case

ThermaCell by Conair Compact Curling Iron

ThermaCell by Conair Compact Curling Iron

About the Product

  • No plugs or batteries
  • Fast heat-up reaches professional curling temperature quickly
  • Use a curling iron or styling brush
  • Replaceable thermacell butane gas cartridge
  • Also included: storage/travel case


This iron can heat up early without any power cord though I was a little bit confused but it really could. Most remarkably within or less than one minute, it picks up the ideal heat as needed. Already I have few curling wands with and without plug which take more time than that.

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Conair Thermacell Cordless Curling Iron does not have the irritation of demanding batteries now and then. This model runs on a tiny butane cartridge that lumps into the bottom of the wand which is replaceable. Wherever you want to use it, this cordless feature with a thermacell power system gives you the full support. You are already late for a meeting, but you need to look gorgeous just curl your hair even in your car within a few minutes.


This product comes with most women’s favorite color – pink. I love the coordination of Conair thermacell cordless curling iron and its case. The case is also pink. I become lovesick with this pinkish hot iron. This pink case confirms the safety of a hot iron when you’re on the go. I like this one.



You can use this curling iron everywhere you want you don’t need to cost any right to use because this is a full-sized wand with thermacell power cartridge. Away from that, I heat up super quickly like a flash. Sometimes I feel like it’s a magic, but it gets as hot as most regular-sized irons that are superb.

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This replaceable thermacell butane gas cartridge lasts for months. Losing all energy in the thermacell within the months is hard. Yes! Not 24 hours, not seven days. Over the months! It takes more than 30 days to end up all charges. It will last more if you do not use it regularly.


Turn it off! Switch off the curling iron after using it on your hair. Otherwise, the hard truth is iron like this cartridge powered, their battery will die. We all know movable power has to be transformed. Though it is easy to change the battery you have to do it a lot if you forget to turn off the curling iron before you keeping it packed. I remember I often forgot to turn off my wall powered iron so as these portable irons which are tough to evoke to disabled.


Though the pack of the curling iron or some other places the information says it’s a full-sized iron, truly it’s marginally bit smaller than a standard 3/4 inch iron, which means you will get little curls. Even I don’t have any problem with little curls if it not repeatedly takes to curl it all. So if you are looking for hazier style or larger curls, this iron is not for you may be.


In few reviews, I read that some users complained about it, and I find out unless you have healthy hair, this thermacell curling iron is not for you. Sometimes I feel it will take a whole day to work with thick locks may be the reason it doesn’t get hot enough. It is also not capable of giving the rough look on your hair which you always wanted to get. But if you have the beautiful hair you will get the look you want might not work for everyone.


Sometimes it happens that your curling iron’s ability is vanishing quickly enough because of your power home. Try to replace the power cartridge before doing anything else if it happens to your curling iron. Also, recheck the iron if a renowned cartridge brand doesn’t work well perhaps you get a bad metal. I read all the comments about it and found this problem is not that extensive, but I felt cautious to note it as it may become a foremost problem in your case.


You can complain about the usual curling irons which are found in the market but about it, it’s more than hard to complain about its price. Nonetheless, it has some of the weaknesses, but the amazing part of the curling iron is it costs only less than $18. So how can you complain about it which cost less than lunch out for two people? This cordless curling iron probably the most user-friendly iron for regular users ranked top than other portable iron.

Summary of ThermaCell by Conair Compact Curling Iron
  • Overall Rating by Author - 9.4/10

Final Verdict

If you consider both price and quality, then you can buy this curling iron.

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