Travel Smart by Conair MiniPro 1 Inch Ceramic Curling Iron Review

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Today I am very jubilant because there is nothing that stands between my profession and hobby. I need to travel a lot to fulfill my job responsibilities. I had to pay visits to many countries in the USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia. I like to style my hair in different ways. At first, I love to straighten my hair. It became very familiar. What I wanted is to stand out in the crowd. So, I decided to curl my hair, and this worked. Every male and female around me got amazed looking at my lovely curly hair. Some of the girls got jealous. I did not work out for long because I had numerous meetings around the world. It was quite difficult for me to carry a big heavy curler with me always. I got frustrated. Even I thought about switching my job because I will curl my hair whatever it takes. Lately, all my depression turned into happiness. I do not have to change my job, and it is not at the cost of my hobby, curling my hair. Travel Smart by Conair MiniPro 1” Ceramic Curling Iron made all these good things happen to me.

Property NameDescription
Barrel Size1 inch
Best Suited Hair TypeThick and coarse hair
Best Suited Hair LengthAny Length
Best Suited Hair StyleLoose curls
SpecialtyTravel smart, ceramic curler, travel pouch

Features of this so nice product are presented below in detail:

Ceramic technology


Image: Travel Smart by Conair MiniPro Ceramic Curling Iron Review

Travel Smart by Conair MiniPro is a ceramic-based curling iron. This product will provide all the superior benefits of ceramic technology while you are on travel. Benefits you are going to get from this curler are highlighted below:

  • You are going to travel with this curler. So, you would like something that does not add so much weight to your luggage. This curling iron being ceramic barrel weighs little. Thus, you can travel with this product so comfortably.
  • If dirt or filth gets accumulated on the barrel of the curler, it will find it in your hair. The dirt gets transferred on your hair while curling hair. Ceramic barrel prevents dirt or filth from getting on the barrel. As you wipe the barrel off, it gets thoroughly clean. Consequently, your hair remains clean and healthy.
  • The curler gets so very hot. It is so natural that you face the sticking. If your choice is Travel Smart by Conair MiniPro 1” Ceramic Curling Iron, sticking hair around the barrel of the curler will not dare to come to you. Smooth barrel of this curler will work best to solve this type of weird problem.
  • This curler will retain moisture and keep your hair damage-free because it releases far-infrared heat. You cannot even imagine this feature in the cheap material curlers.
  • You will find extra soft, smooth, and shiny hair after using this ceramic-based curler.
  • This curler will balance its positive ions by delivering negative ions into your hair. Your hair got positive ions from being exposed to direct sunlight, environmental pollution, etc. After using this iron, you will feel the real difference in your hair health.
  • While curling your hair, you wrap a section of your hair around the barrel. The curler must be evenly hot. If not, your hair will be damaged. Make sure that you get the balanced temperature from your curler. As you are going to buy one of these ceramic barrel curlers, you do not have to worry about anything like this issue.
  • The barrel heats up in a balanced There is not even a chance that your hair gets damaged from overheating of a particular part of the barrel.
  • Just imagine that how disgusting it would be if your curls do not hold for a longer period. If you do not use an efficient curler having the best material barrel, your curling labor will go in vain. The ceramic barrel of the product under review will give you long-lasting curls.
  • Even regular use of this ceramic barrel product will take care of your hair.

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30-Second Instant heat-up

This tool heats in the shortest possible time. Can you imagine its only 30 seconds? Yes, it’s true, and I test it up. It saves me a lot of time because I do not need to wait for the curlier to get hot before starting the curling.

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High heat setting

I have the hardest to curl hair. I tried many irons in my hair. But only the high heat curlers suited me. The curler I am referring to you has the high-temperature level that can help you tame the unruliest types of hair.

Worldwide dual voltage

You are going to travel with this product around the world. But you might already know the difference in the voltage system between many countries. This product has a worldwide dual voltage system to address this issue.

Travel pouch

You are choosing this product for traveling so a carrier will serve your purpose the most. Yes, you will need a travel bag with this curler. This pouch is Hard side Polycarbonate, which has got some benefits too like durable, lightweight, heat resistant, etc.

Cons of this product:

  • Not suitable for thin hair.
  • Not suitable for long hair.
Summary of Travel Smart by Conair MiniPro 1 Inch Ceramic Curling Iron
  • Overall Rating by Author - 7.3/10

Final Verdict

Its tiny, lightweight ceramic based curling iron is my priority as my curling companion during travel. It convinced me, and I recommend you this product because I am so confident that this will solve out every curling problem you are currently facing during traveling.

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