Orni Ibant

I have passed my whole life researching ways to solve hair problems, on exploring different types of hairstyles and different methods for nourishing-caring hair. That makes me a hair expert today.

Hello there everyone. I am Orni Ibant, Experienced Hair Stylist at Sandys Beauty Salon. I reside in Charlotte, North Carolina with my husband and two sons.

Orni Ibant

Orni Ibant

I have always been a confident and ambitious woman. Since my very childhood, I have always been an active girl. I had a clear idea about what to do in my life. Every hour of my day was nicely planned. And people often got astonished to see such a well planned little girl.

When I was a child, I saw my mother and sisters sitting in their room and taking care of their hair. They used different methods. Sometimes they put on curling clips to curl their hair. Sometimes they used different hair tonics on hair. I found it pretty much enjoyable and when my mom came to dress my hair after I had finished my shower it was an exciting moment for me.

I also liked visiting salons with my elder sisters. The vibe of that place somewhat attracted me. I wondered how happy the barber is, and I dreamt of being a barber someday. Now it makes me happy that I turned out to be a hair expert finally. Collecting magazines on hairstyles of celebs turned into my hobby. I tried to apply some of those hairstyles on myself.

After finishing my school, I got into college. There I met a friend name, Rosy. We had so much in common. Among which love for hairstyle and hair care was one. So we both decided to join courses on hair care and hairstyling. We did so. After completing different courses and workshops on this interesting topic, both of us could feel our love and natural skill at hair styling. We also had the privilege to know a lot about the method and science of hair care and ways to find hair problem solutions.

By this time, my college life was over. Rosy left us and moved to New York. I was left with my skills and a big dream to be a hairstylist.

I started a beauty parlor in my town. And thus, the journey began. As I had an excellent skill in hairstyling and caring hair my name got famous among the customers. I used different formulas and made various hair care tonics. These tonics cured various hair problems. In the meantime, I started stylizing customer’s hair according to their face’s shape and their age. The customers seemed to be greatly satisfied with it.

In the meantime, I started reading and gaining practical knowledge on different hair styling devices. That grew an interest in writing on various products. I started writing too. I wrote blogs about different hair styling products like curling irons, wands, dryers and also on various hair related problems with solutions.

Today I am living a life which I always dreamt of. Being a hair expert gives me pleasure. Especially, when my clients leave the parlor with proper satisfaction and when my readers write on comments on how much my blogs helped them to overcome hair problems.

Stay with “My Curling Iron Team“.

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